What's the best thing you got for Christmas?

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  1. I think this would be a fun topic, self explanitory

    I got tickets to the upcoming Tarheels game against N. Kentucky
    my 2nd best gift was skullcandy Hesh Paul Frank headphones, so much bass
    and my 3rd favorite gift was a gigantic sketch book for graffiti :D

    Im interested, what'd you get?
  2. My bf and I have been together 3 years in January

    This is the first Christmas we've spent together, regardless of what I might open later, that's my gift :3
  3. Slippers and a flannel. I love the slippers to death, but I can't believe I'm actually saying clothes is the best thing I got....

    No really, any year I get to have a traditional joyful Christmas is a gift. O___O I love those days.
  5. If I absolutely have to choose I would say that the Wheel of Time graphic novels and Season 4 of Leverage were my top gifts.
    Though honestly I'm just glad to have time with my family :)
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  6. I got a nice looking hat! :3 I've had a hat fetish the last few months and so this is like woo! More hats!

    That and really really fattening food! :D
  7. Getting to spend Christmas with my mama alone in the morning was nice. And my Bailey pup. <3
    For both of them to have good health, that is the best gift to me.
  8. In my family, Christmas is handled a lot differently than your typical "wait all year, achieve gifts."

    You see, children receive presents up until they turn roughly 13-16 years old on my father's side. When you reach that age limit, to prevent the accidental buying of unwanted gifts, my grandparents graduate you to an adult. And like an adult, you get a cash sum instead of material wealth. It is typically anywhere between 40-120 dollars, depending on your needs and familial obligations (i.e. a lower sum if you have a job, and no family to support). Essentially they are giving you a universal gift card.

    Other than that, I never put in a wishlist with any of my family. I tell my aunts and my uncles on either side that they don't need to buy me anything. I'm perfectly content getting nothing, as I relish the chance of a good meal and a good time just seeing my relatives, which only gather to one place only a few times out of the year, and otherwise spread out around the United States.

    So, each Christmas, after we're done eating and children open their presents, my grandfather passes around small envelopes with cash to every adult in the room, typically patriarchs of the clan, and then the adult grandchildren, and so on and so forth.

    So I got 60 bucks this year. I am free to spend it on whatever I like, or even save it up for whatever insane reason.
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  9. Ummmm... I'm gonna say the little vacuum cleaner I bought with a gift card my grandma gave me. We really needed a vacuum. :I
  10. Getting to be home on christmas and spend it with my boyfriend. Generally with my family we never really celebrate Christmas on Christmas day. Usually we open presents and have family get together s 1-2 days before. So I had a nice 'christmas' with them prior to the 25th. Then I flew home on Christmas Day and got to spend the day with my boyfriend goofing off and opening presents :) so that was my favorite gift.

    Close second was from my boyfriend....he got me the opal-set ring that I'd spotted at the mall a few weeks ago o__o i wasn't expecting him to get it because it was sooo expensive (i'm talking nice ring from a nice jewelry shop) so I was all happy AND he found me a little crystal tiger figurine ^^ best boyfriend EVER
  11. Every Christmas I have more than a few friends who enjoy spending the holidays with me, plus family and my own little clan. They do this because they care about me and in a universe where nothing has to be nice to you, I think that's pretty damn good. My favorite gift is the love of family and friends.

    I am well aware of how cheesy that sounds, but I often don't ask for anything or I tell people to take care of themselves so they can keep being happy and that will make me happy. Besides, I buy shit all the damn time.
  12. Dune by Frank Herbert. And a lot of new notebooks to write in.
  13. The day of Christmas was a little lackluster for us as we were both sick but the dinner was excellent and for me, knowing that everyone ate all the food I brought and wanted more? That was awesome. Pretty soon me and Kehv will be hosting Christmas dinner for the family and the secrets of the turkey will be passed down to me from his great Aunt. The best thing is feeling confident in my cooking skills and my growing ability to feed a small army and to gauge exactly how much food I need to cook.

    (Also I got a new drawing tablet and a super awesome handmade pendant from a friend and a Time Turner!)
  14. I got a whole bunch of goodies.

    I got a laptop and cookware.
  15. That Red Wings sweater I'm wearing in the picture thread? That was my gift to me. I love me so much for buying it. :3