What's the best job you ever had? The worst?

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    Working is a part of life! One way or another, we have to make ends meets. My question to you is, what's the best of these jobs you've ever had? What made it so great?

    ADDITIONALLY, what was the worst job you ever had? Why was it so awful!?

    And if you have it in you, story time! Tell some of the best work-place stories you have!
  2. Best: Working as an office assistant for a non-profit that preserved habitats. Saving the environment? Filing? Data collected? As little social interaction as possible!? Tax filing!? WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT? :D

    Worst: Working as a cashier for Cabela's.

    I... I don't need to explain myself in much depth. I'll get rage-y. Retail is shitty, so is pleasing conservative rednecks. >_>
  3. God I love your signature, Fluffy.

    Chocolate shop. Awesome coworkers whom I had a lot in common with, cold kitchen with three industrial-sized chocolate fountains, I got to help make stuff, my boss didn't mind if I smoked by the dumpster on my breaks because it made my customer service SO MUCH better...

    Gun store. Shit boss, shit customers, grown male coworkers thought it was OK to spit on the floor, rampant sexism, wasn't allowed to shoot the misbehaving kids...
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  4. Best job: The one I currently have, working as a part time freelance writer for a petitions site. Little stress - although I will say researching/writing the stuff I need can get depressing - work at home, flexible hours, and little interaction with my bosses or coworkers.

    Worst Job: Carl's Jr is probably the worst job out of the three food industry jobs I've held. Had a shitty shift lead who wouldn't do anything in the mornings and pissed everyone off, had a boss who didn't care how the employees felt about the shift lead, worked early mornings, bitchy customers, lots of stress. I ended up having panic attacks on the days when I had - and sometimes didn't have to - go to work. I'm talking tears, hyperventilating, rocking back and forth with my knees curled up panic attacks.
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