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  1. It was late, about 9. People were just showing up for the party, it was the end of the year. The prom for Foreweather high had begun. It was being held in a large mansion just outside the city. The house was surrounded by many trees and fields. It was large, even for a mansion, and limos were parked all around the drive. Music could be heard from inside and the kids began to show up. Well they weren't really kids anymore. 17 and 18, still not legal to drink. But it's not like that would really stop them.

    Leo had decided to get share a ride with some of his mates. About 4 of them, but obviously more were at the prom. After all his whole year would be there. After they picked up the last person they made there way to the prom location. Leo was wearing a burgundy shirt with a black blazer and tie. His hair was kinda messy and he looked like he had just woken up. But he usually looked like that, he seemed rather lazy on the outside. But the boy was very active. However he was also rather blunt, and would show his emotions clearly. His blue eyes shone in the darkness of the limbo. (http://33.media.tumblr.com/2747f66cc6125a9023a9b38800bb7ce9/tumblr_inline_mzs636UnQi1s6cp9z.png) "So, is everyone ready for the night?" he asked laughing a little as he looked at the other 3 in the limbo with him.​
  2. Sarah smirked with her two best friends, Claudia and Merida were staring at all the hot boys as she had gotten out of the car. Tonight was the night to get wild, go crazy, be remembered for something as you say your goodbyes to the high school.

    As Sarahs best friends were fixing their hair and dress, Sarah just walked inside...she never cared about what she looked like but when she opened those doors, everyone stared.

    (This is Sarah)

    (This is her dress)
  3. http://41.media.tumblr.com/37aa521a38cf4c990ecb00ddb73df9d8/tumblr_nbi8yxx31h1sht44po1_500.png

    Sienna stood by the entrance of the prom, watching all the people. She was waiting until she saw at least SOMEONE she recognized. She had only been there half of the year due to her moving from her home in Pennsylvania to here. She only made a handful of friends due to only spending a small amount of time. She sighed. And she promised herself not to drink until she had someone to drink with. It wasn't the way she wanted, to be alone. So she waited
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  4. The guys talked for a bit until they arrived at the location. It was definitely a fancy building. They all got out of the limbo, all dressed nicely in their suits. Leo grinned playfully as he watched people walking inside. This was going to be fun, he thought to himself. Once he got inside he could see everyone had already began forming small groups. Music was playing in the background and everyone was talking. There was a buffet full of food at one side of the area, along with drinks. The guys stood near the entrance for a second, looking around at the prom.
  5. tumblr_mbrfddQnrT1rvei0ao1_500_large.png
    Artemis loved prom. Such a lead up, and people made prom how good they thought it should be. The one time of the school year where you could get plastered and not be pegged by anyone. Girls, friends, alcohol, flashing lights, and repetitive music. Fucking A.

    He hopped out of the limo with Leo. "One rule, I'm not helping you if you get so drunk you can't stand up." He nudges Leo's arm playfully as the small group stood at the entrance. Out the corner of his eye he saw a familiar stunning brunette. He strolls over hands behind his back and looking up at the sky while whistling. He stops in front of Sienna and rocks back and forth from his heels to his toes playfully. "You're alone? This is suprising!" Artemis smiles at her and raises his arms up for a hug. The first day Sienna arrived here, Artemis wanted to know her. She was grade A friendship material. She just had a way to make him happy. "Come on! Let's go get shit faced!" he says with a huge grin.
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  6. "don't worry, I can hold my drinks" Leo said back to one of his friends, Artemis. "any way I don't plan on getting wasted" he sighed. Although Leo didn't mind alcohol he wasn't one to drink lots, he was to cautious about his body to be the one to get so drunk.

    The boy watched as one friend had already branched off to a girl. Leo would have probably done the same, if he didn't see the food first. He was know for his large appetit and couldn't resist getting a bite to eat. Leo made his way over to the open buffet.
  7. Sienna tilted Her head at Artemis. "Ookay." She smiled and returned the hug though it was still a little awkward for her. Hugs weren't a norm for her from where she came from. Her friends were all for it though. She knew Artemis, and even considered him a friend.
    She though for a moment, about how the night may go if she drank this early. But by now, she was on board with it.
    "Meh, screw it, Why not?" She said with a smirk, and started to walk to Artemis's side.
  8. "Well... You act like you'd hardly known me..." He pouts sarcastically. A lot of people thought that Artmeis was... Gay. He wasn't, but he sure as hell had the stereotypical personality of a homosexual man. He loved it. He had alot of friends and acquaintances because of this. Some kind of guilt thing... "Oooh! What do you want to drink first?! Shots perhaps?" He was extremely expressive and hopped a little out of excitement.
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  9. "Sorry, I'm not all that experienced when it comes to parties. And the ones I've been to were more tame. But to be honest, this is awesome." She said, realizing some of what was happening around them. She marveled a bit, but then snapped back to reality when Artemis asked about shots. She smiled slyly. "I'm good at shots."
  10. "Bet you I'd be better!" He winks at her. Artemis had some crazy alcohol tolerance, mainly because he was allowed to drink since he was 16. He mainly drank wine... But he could do anything that had an alcohol content. "Anyway, let's get you inside, get you some liquid courage, and we'll go from there!" He smiles cheerfully. Artemis thought Sienna was adorable. She got embarrassed and awkward easily. It was cute.
  11. "You're probably right." She said and rubbed the back of her head. She hadn't been drinking for too long, but she got used to it quickly. When she drank, even if she attempted to abstain a bit, she drank a lot.
    "Sounds like an idea." She smiled, and picked up the shot glass she had received, and downed it. Her face strained for a second, but then became more relaxed. she put the glass down. "I'm going to need more. yes. yup. totally."
  12. Artmeis had rushed inside with her, drinking was a serious matter of course. He watched her take her shot and smiled slightly. Grabbing his own glass he put it to his lips and downed it quickly. His eye twitched and the corner of his mouth came up a bit. But he was still going. "Let's try four for now... So we still have plenty of room for the rest of the night!" He smiles at her, hoping she'd continue... Not like it'd stop him though. He downs his second shot and shakes his head from side to side quickly, dramatically, and out of sarcasm.
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  13. "Sounds good to me." Sienna replied. She closed her eyes and took another shot. She smiled wickedy and scrunched her face up, trying to match Artemis's ridiculousness. She let out a relieving sigh.
    "I bet there are some pretty neat drinks at this party. Saving some room would be a smart idea." She took another shot, and laughed a bit.
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  14. Downing the next two shots quickly and looking as over the top as he could while doing so, Artemis looked over at Sienna with a warm smile. "Just don't be stupid about what you drink... Some stuff they make at parties is hell. It's what happens when a person who can't mix drinks worth a damn, mixes a drink." He laughs quietly. He couldn't help but looking Sienna up and down quickly, she had a nice dress on... And nice eyes... And... This was getting creepy. "So! What is it that you'd like to do now?" He was hoping for some kind of slow song... But in all honesty he was having fun right now.
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  15. "I dunno, who else is here?" Sienna said. she remembered seeing Artemis enter with others. She downed her final shot and smiled.
    "Ill try to be careful." she winked.
  16. "As far as i know, only Leo is here. I've already forgotten who else was with us..." He scratches his head looking annoyed. Before he can speak, some weird looking guy walks up to him. "Hey Arty... You wanna pop some with me man..?" The guy was clearly out of it and he had a bag of... "Ecstasy? Are you god damn serious? Don't call me Arty anymore... Ever... As for the ecstasy..." His English accent showing itself a bit. He looks to Sienna as if wanting her to choose. Hoping for her to get a solid word in.
  17. https://36.media.tumblr.com/32a0010f6fc0915d137659e2076696dd/tumblr_np3kl4jUR41rl8894o1_540.png

    Karena stood in front of the entrance, waiting for her friends to come. Well, not friends per-say. More like acquaintances. Due to her family's high social status, it made Karena fairly hard to approach. Especially with all the high-end alternative fashion her family buys for her, but she still liked to call anyone who'd be willing to talk to her semi-regularly her friend anyways. 'Maybe they already went in? I was fashionably late after all.' she thought. After some consideration she thought it'd be best to go in and try to mingle with her peers, and perhaps have a drink or two.

    She went inside and looked at all the teens. There were a lot. 'I should prob's get that drink now.' She power walked to the nearest source of alcohol and gulped down a shot. 'If I'm ever going to walk the steps of a socialite like my parents I should really get rid of this anxiety problem. Without the help of booze for once. Ah, I suck at this. And I stick out like a sore thumb too.....' she thought as she mentally berated herself. 'I wish I had someone to talk to, maybe that would help.'
  18. "You can if you want. If needed I can keep an eye on you." Sienna replied, with a slight smile. She wasn't totally sure how this one worked, because the health classes she had briefly talked about the drugs and alcohol unit for like, a paragraph per type of Drug. At that moment she wasn't sure if it was a hallucinogen, inhalant, depressant, or stimulant so she was curious.
  19. Artmeis was suprised that she was totally calm about this. "No thanks. Get out of my line of sight." He says to the druggy. "Anyway..." He looks over to Sienna, and slightly behind her. There was anothet person he knew. All alone... Why did everyone come here alone?! He hugs her from behind. Hoping she'd know who it was before punching him. Well they were long time friends right..? "Karena! How are you darling!?" Artemis made alot of friends who were girls. He never knew why. But he just did.
  20. Sienna watched as Artemis pretty much flew across the room to tackle someone else. She turned as he zoomed by her. It sort of startled her, then realized who he was going to 'Ohh, its karena. Someone I know. Ish.' She thought. Though her parents were popular socialites and she seemed to have high standards, she was pretty nice. They had worked on an art project for the school a few weeks ago with a handful of other students. In Sienna's opinion, it turned out well. It was put on display at the entrance.
    Sienna approached Karena and Artemis, still smiling. "Hi karena."
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