What's in your BENTO ?

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What's in your BENTO ? (LUNCHBOX)

Recently, I've been packing lunch for school because for a straight seven to five day I don't get a chance to actually go to the cafeteria, swipe my card, get lunch, and eat. xD So the possibilities of what I should take to school to eat have greatly increased.

It's a bit exciting because I've asked my mom for a ten-dollar weekly allowance for grocery for my lunches and now I want to make all sorts of different types of a food just for the fun (I have a cooking hobby, yes xD)

Anyhow. I've started with fun japanese stuff to put in my bento <3 Stuffed Onigiri, Tamagoyaki, Fruit&Mochi. Last week, I tried Greek Salads and vegetable wraps & they came out pretty good. My favourite was a mixture of cheese, tomatoes, onions, and shredded chicken wrapped in spinach leaves and lightly baked. Grilled salmon tastes good if you make your spicy pasta sauce-style sort-of-like-chilli and slice the salmon into it.

I love making cute lunches for myself & friends, and fancy, formal looking things for when we have guests or something.

What's in your lunch box?

Do you make lunch based on healthyness or dietary needs?

Do you use whatevers in the fridge or go out to get particular stuff?
MKy FAVORITE all time lunch setup is usually Soup + Sammich or Soup + Salad.

Like tomato soup with a grilled cheese.

Chicken soup with a lunchmeat sammich.

Clam Chowder with a nice greek salad. :3

Then there is my Perfect Sub Sammich with Potato Chips and a glass of milk. >> I put every kind of thin sliced deli meat I can find, with three different cheeses (I like Provolone, Swiss and Pepperjack), Banana Peppers, Shredded Lettuce, Salt, Pepper, Oregano, with generous douching of oil and vinegar. :D Sometimes a lil dijon mustard too. Usually the deli meat is pastrami, roast beef, chicken, turkey, and ham. Occasionally with some corned beef or salami.

Oooor when I JUST want a salad, I'll do mixed greens with croutons, bacon bits, some finely chopped ham, shredder carrot, smidgen of chedder cheese, crumble crackers and ranch dressing. >>
When I get the chance: chicken flavored ramen. Melon flavored ramune.

Or I make my favorite pasta dishes and have rootbeer...

Come to think of it.... I eat too much all the time to have meals..... just slot them into snacks and bigger snacks.
I suck at packing a lunch. I live on my own, so when I do pack a lunch it usually is the same thing for the whole week. For example, I made a mass amount of butter chicken last week and got to enjoy it ALL week long. I also had garlic naan bread to go with it... I stunk up the WHOLE office.

Today I packed the last bit of butter chicken. Kind of sick of it, but tonight I will find something for the week to eat.

I like Diana's idea of soup and a sandwich! But my sammy's are not even close to as amazing as the ones she described. >.>;''
Two roast beef and horseradish sauce sandwiches, plus a double twix bar.


Well for tonight, I've got a nice bit of Thai noodle with some peanut sesame glaze with cooked chicken, and some sliced pickles. Probably wash it down with water like I usually do.
When I get home I make pink sauce and pasta! I love making it, but it's one of those dishes that makes you feel lonely if you eat it by yourself....