What's in your BENTO ?

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  1. "That doesn't mean I can't tough things out."
  2. "I said I would hold my tongue, but I don't exactly like my father either."
  3. "You're right. All I know ia what I've seen."
  4. "Yes, and?"
  5. woohoooooooooooo

    I hate this world :D
  6. ...Wait! What about Erika? She was going to arrive after Raven.
  7. Tyler Haak

    Tyler watched inside the merged body of her cohorts. Together, they launched enough of an attack to obliterate any enemies that might have come across them. No one stood a chance against this monster they became. There was no one who could have survived that, right? Of course not. The three were pulled into some sort of mental chamber and so they could convene and discuss the current situation with each other. Otto’s question was responded to positively by Tyler at least, who nodded in agreement that they should split up. There was really no reason to take this massive beast back into the building which was a much more confined space.

    “I would agree that we should lose this form and move separately.” Tyler said so, but she really wasn’t so sure how to do so. Being drawn in to the beast was easy, the fire and the monster’s consciousness did all the work. Separating from it was an entirely different subject. This form was all-consuming, it demanded all of you and was incredibly attractive in itself. This power was attractive. The draw was overwhelming. “I don’t know how to let go of this form.” She admitted, clenching and relaxing her fist to test the sensation of feeling like her skin was being pulled in to the other two.