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  1. Iris had always preferred the internet and fiction to reality, college was a bore and what little fiends she had were always far too busy for her most of the time. The 19 year old didn't mind of course, she liked staying in and playing on computer games, chatting to the people in the chat room. Recently she have started talking to this guy, he was rather witting and funny but weometuing about him reminded her of one of the 'bad boy' thug guys that always caused trouble in class.

    After a long day of lessons Iris was more than happy to just relax in to her computer chair and log in to her favourite online sifi game, it was fun and the classes were interesting, Iris was a mythic using which was basically a mage and she preferred to use the elements spells. The teenb grinned as logged on and checked to see who else was in her area and if anyone wanted to join her 'who wants to go and kick some ass? I need to level up'
  2. Alexander had just got off of work in the bookstore right near an arcade. He took off his shoes when he entered his apartment putting then on the rack. His shiba-inu puppy comes to the door greeting it's master with a bark. The 21 year old chuckled picking up the pup slowly walking over to the kitchen to change the water and food down after putting his puppy down. Alex decided to relax a little a play some of his online games so he goes over to his room sitting down in his computer chair. He slipped on his gaming headset over his head snug then opened up the game letting it boot up since he hasn't been on a few days there was an update that needed to install.

    After it was finished he typed in his username and password then arrived at the place he loggged off last which was the town hall. His character was a medium hair lengthed male with broad shoulders and carries a plasma sword and a dagger on his back the name that hovered over the character was 'Chrome' There were many merchants and players talking nearby he could see on the chat bar. He decided to reply to the person that wanted to level grind and started sending a message to her 'I'll help you level up?"
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  3. Iris smiled when she got the reply, she turned her character around to face the guy 'Great! I'd really appreciated it! Let me just update nmy armor' she quickly typed before changing what she wore, her hair was bright red and long like her own but inseat of just dark brown eyes her character had bright red ones she had gotten as a bounus when she joined the site. After putting on her upgraded stuff she grinned 'ready to go kick ass?'
  4. Tyler sighed as he closed the door to his room and turned to face it. It was pretty messy, but his computer desk was impeccably clean, as he never set anything on it due to being scared of anything harming the computer he had bought with his own money. He trudged through the room, stepping all over the littered clothes on his floor and opening up a bag of chips and setting it on the floor next to his chair. Looking at his clock, he noticed he had come home early from school today... another hour to play! He grinned and wasted no time booting up his desktop and going online.

    As he waited, he pushed back his messy blonde hair from his hazelnut-colored eyes and brushed his freckled cheek. If you were to look at him in his casual clothing, lanky body, and that childish face, you'd say he was young, maybe 15? But no, he was actually a 20-year-old bachelor with a decent job as a lunch-lady(lunch-man?) at the closest High School to where he lived. His friends all called him "Short-Stuff" and he always blushed and always brushed it off.

    When he finally logged into the game, he was able to check his character, which was a Cleric. He saw his multiple healing spells and felt ready to group up with some others and beat on some bad guys! When he came out of his inventory screen, he saw a Mage declare something along the lines of beating on some bad guys. He got next to her and typed out,
    Yeah let's go beat some monster butt!
    He eagerly awaited her response, seeing some other person respond as well. They could all go together! He barely contained his squeal of excitement, then sobered up. He wasn't allowed to act like a nonsensical teen anymore.
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  5. Iris gave a small air punch of victory as another person popped up wanting to join 'heck yes! The more the merrier! I was thinking of going after the worm boss, the one that looked like a really big hut from star wars. That sound ok?'
  6. Alexander updated his armor and weapons walking over to the girl and the guy then made a victory gesture with the click of his mouse chuckling softly. "That sounds great that should give us lots of loot and exp points."
  7. Julie moved the stack of folded laundry off the couch, and into an empty blue laundry basket. Quinn had not put them away before bed, which was typical of her only son. The girls were always more responsible with their chores. Getting settled, she pulled the lap desk out from under the sofa and setup her laptop on it. Not waning to wake up the children or bug her sleeping husband, Julie slipped on a pair of headphones before logging into her favourite pastime.

    Her character, a taller woman with a great axe as her weapon, loaded up in the main lobby. Her long green hair was tied up in a pony tail and braid and the name 'Katidid' hovered over her head. She was currently wearing her battle armour having not changed from her last mission. She was considering what she wanted to do this evening when she saw the message for a party going after the worm boss. She hadn't done the mission yet, and figured she would ask if the group needed a tank.

    Julie moved her character over to the group that was forming. "Do yall, need a tank in this party?" She asked, via the world chat.
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  8. Ty-bomb, or as he was called in-game, turned towards the newcomer and copied the gal in saying, "The more the merrier!" Smiling, he thought about the worm quest and decidedly made his spell-deck to some buffs and mostly healing spells. He imitated the victory gesture and said, "All set! Ready to go, guys?"
  9. Iris couldnt believe how fast she had gotten people to join up! It normally took a good few hours before someone wanted to help 'how we gonna play it? Katidid, how about you charge in first since you're the tank and then I'll send in some frost creatures to cover you before the others join you?'
  10. Colette, also known as ClearVictory in-game, stood before the entrance to the "Crystal Cave". She had reached the worm boss yesterday, but couldn't beat it alone. Most of her online friends lived in a different time zone, so she could only play with them on the weekends. She had leveled up some more, and now that she's was back home from school she was ready to try again.
    Her character is a fencer, preferring light armor and agility. Her character looked to be about her age, 17, but she always tells others that she's 18 in hopes they will treat her more like an adult.
  11. "Watch out though I hear that the worm boss calls out his little worm minions to protect him. We will need some people to hold them off while others attack the boss" Chrome grinned talking through the chat. He adds more of left over skill points over to strength and speed then waited for the others to get ready. He starts talking to his other friends in another window while drinking his cup of tea.
  12. Katidid looked over their little group, "I don't mind doing the major damage to the boss, but Chrome is right." She turned her character on screen so she was facing him a bit more. "We need to make sure his wormlings are distracted." As the group discussed what the strategy would be before going to the Crystal Cave, Katidid set about adjusting her attacks and items to be of the most use on the quest. She had heard the worm was weaker to fire attacks over the other elementals and that his weakest point was a spot on his head. Luckily she had picked up a new Augmentation of Fire for her Axe just a couple days ago so she installed it.

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  13. Ty-Bomb watches them chat amongst themselves and does a "Hello?" action with his character, and types out, "And I'll be the healer for the group, and when you guys get injured, I'll cast a healing spell on you. I've also got some buffs that last for a long while, like increased defense. I'm not that good with fighting though, so I'm gonna hang around back..." He chuckled nervously IRL, and waited to see if they would want to leave or not.
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    Iris grinned at her small band of team mates "well I could distract the wormlings with some firelings and frost bugs then kill them from long rang. That way I'll won't be in close combat and be able to send combat spells and boots yto whoever needs them!" She suggested, it had been a while since she have been so pumped up about the game
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    Julie nodded at the computer as she read what her party was planning. Then she made a pointing gesture with Katidid in the direction of the Crystal Cave. They couldn't just stand around all evening if they wanted to beat the Worm Boss before everyone had to get back to their daily lives. "Sounds like we have a plan. We should get going since we do still have to make it though the spawns in the Crystal Cave prior to the boss fight." Without waiting for the others to respond, Katidid began walking off toward the mission site.
  16. Ty-bomb did a nodding gesture, to show Katidid that he agreed with her, but hesitated in following her... then shook his head and ran after her, hoping the others would have a right mind to follow them too.
  17. Chrome followed the party over to the Crystal caves low level spawns started to appear on the way there. He got out his sword sliced then in half. It disappeared with a noob like clothing appear in it's spot for loot.
  18. ClearVictory noticed a few players heading toward the Crystal Caves, where she stood at the entrance. Pherhaps I could join them? She thought.

    "Hello!" She typed, and made her character wave, "Are you guys a party? I was just about to head in, may I join you all?"

    She hoped they would let her join, as she knew she couldn't do it alone. They all looked to be around her level as well, level 20, so she figured she could take on the worm boss with their help.

    "I'm working on maxing my agility and skills, so I'm pretty fast!" She boasted, trying to convince them to let her into the group. Her speed and agility were quite high, making her fast and nimble on the battle field, but because of that her defense and attack were a bit low. That wasn't all that bad though, as usually she could avoid attacks, and she could hit more in a short amount of time because of her speed.
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  19. ((Just jump in, we are about to enter the Crystal Cave))

    Katidid looked at the character waving from the front of the cave. She was on an equal level to most of the party, and was asking to join the group. Luckily for them, this mission didn't have a max party size, so there was always room for more. "Sure thing!" She responded and waves the new player over to the group. "The more the merrier. Plus, we could use someone with your skills." She then added ClearVictory to the party.

    Julie leaned back against the couch, stretching out before she had to get into battle mode. As the tank of the group, she knew that she would have to be near the front, which meant less time for her to relax between battles.
  20. Zoe ran into her room quickly, having just got back from classes. She was 18 and entered college right after high school, despite wanting to live a little in between. She quickly shut her door and threw her book bag on her bed then going to sit on her computer chair. The computer was already on, so she started up her favorite online game. Zoe logged on and watched as her character spawned the last place she was, in front of Crystal Cave. Zoe groaned as she remembered failing at the mission the last time she was on. The name 'Zero' was above her female character's head. Zero was a thief/assassin, so she was nimble and could sneak up behind enemies, enter dungeons as well as boss rooms with ease and unlock locked doors. Zoe saw as other characters were chatting about entering the cave. Quickly, Zoe's fingers raced across the keyboard. "Do you think you could possibly fit one more? I can help with unlocking doors and sneaking behind enemies, if that could be of any use to you guys. I can also set up traps and poison enemies." Zoe leaned back in her chair and waited for a response.