What's good this Valentines Day?

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  1. There's a howling gale, icy rain and the occasional spit of sleet, so no romantic couples will be blocking up the campus like they did last year. The promenade where all the love-y dovey couples usually go is closed due to the recent amount of storms and the threat of flooding again. The university I attend is handing out rolos and loveheart sweets to all confirmed singletons. My lab partner won a box of chocolates and she's promised to share them with me today. My favourite restaurant in town is offering free food to all blood donors. Both of Ben and Jerry's peanut butter ice creams are half price in one of the shops near my apartment today.

    It's a good day today for this black-clad singleton, so what's good with you're Valentines Day, Iwaku?

    *points at banner* Please play nicely. Positive vibes only please, i.e, no killing exes, ect.
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  2. Well I managed to stack my classes all T/Th this semester, and the weather was bad enough to close the campus yesterday. I suppose for right now the best thing about Valentine's Day is that it is the second of a five-day weekend for me. Time to kick back, relax, and procrastinate on getting work done for another two or three days.
  3. I actually just started a relationship. So, its a pretty interesting Valentine's Day this year. Sure, it isn't looking to be anything overly interesting, but, it is definitely better than last years. Honestly, I wish I could do more than I will be able to, but, that's okay. Really, the change of pace is good enough for me.
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  4. After a horrible talk with my mother,
    I took a looooonnnggg and warm shower,
    and left the house for some tea
    at a local tea shop.
    With journal and pen in hand,
    I spent the afternoon surrounded by
    couples and bouquets
    and not once was I jealous,
    or depressed,
    or missing someone,
    or hating.

    Today, I think I grew up.
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  5. @Mistress - That reminds me of a realization I had last year regarding Thanksgiving and Christmas. I asked a few people if it was weird that I was more excited that year about eating Thanksgiving dinner than I was about opening presents on Christmas. They just laughed and said "welcome to being an adult."
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  6. Hahahahaha!
    It's kinda bittersweet, too.
    Saying goodbye to childhood,
    and welcoming the wisdom of adults.
  7. It can be, but there's nothing saying you can't take child-like fun and excitement and temper it with mature wisdom. :) Or would you be livening up mature wisdom with child-like fun? It's one of those. XD
  8. Uhm.
    Weather over here is fine and sunny. o.o But snow is starting to blow around outside, it seems.
    I just woke up, so, yay kind of sleeping in. <3
    I plan on making an awesome pillow/blanket fort today and cooking yummy foods.

    One thing I noticed, I'm surprised there are no Valentine's Day movies coming out today! It is Friday, perfect movie theatre day! But, it could be the recession that's slowly getting better. So.. I dunno..~
  9. My Valentine's Day is kind of bitter sweet, honestly. I've been dating this boy for almost three years and we had plans for Valentine's Day, then I found out last night that his mom decided that he's not allowed to come see me anymore. Not because of me, because of one of the friends I live with. But still, I've gone from seeing him once a week to not being able to see him at all. :( I sent him a sweet little Valentine's Day message at midnight, and he sent me one. <3 He's promised me that as soon as he can pay for the gas he'll come get me and we'll go somewhere for dinner or something. So, I have no problems with Valentine's Day, this just happens to be a sad one for me.
  10. Oh, I hadn't seen it that way.
    I think I meant leaving behind the innocent,
    burden-free ways of childhood
    for a responsibility-filled adult life.

    But, I do plan to keep my child-like fun!
    If I didn't, then I wouldn't be here in Iwaku.
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  11. I'm getting a heart-shaped pizza with my man tonight. Now that's something exciting.
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  12. From Papa John's?

    I used to work there. For far too long.
  13. I hope that today will be a good inspiration for a happy story that I am writing. Besides that, today has been a quiet, uneventful day just the way I like it with plenty of time to relax, and with great anticipation for Diana's chat RP.
  14. I'm just glad Asmo made this thread just for me so I could enjoy banning people for Valentine's Day. <3
  15. Wouldn't this fall under the same criteria for the ban though? :P *watches the thread implode from the division-by-zero*
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