What's for dinner?

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  1. What did you have for dinner today?

    I had a chicken quesadilla wrap and an apple :)
  2. Two burritos smothered in cheese.
  3. Chicken strips and curly fries.
  4. A burrito and a burger (left-overs from last night and the night before).
  5. Chicken & cheese enchiladas with sour cream sauce, plus leftover rice & lentil loaf. Two Thin Mints for dessert.
    Tomorrow, however, is pizza night because HEB gives a two dollar discount on Wednesdays.
  6. Tonight is homemade eggrolls with sweet chilli sauce and rice.
  7. Pizza.
  8. Tonight I made a little dish I liked to call a Taco Bake, more affectionately referred to as the majestic Taco Cake. With the right tools and time, so too can you!

    All you need is -

    The Items (open)
    1 Glass or Baking Friendly Bowl
    Tortillas Small enough to fit snugly inside the b
    Ground Beef

    Taco Seasoning
    Sour Cream
    Potatoes (I'm 1/3rd Irish don't judge me 8U)
    Hot Sauce
    Lime Juice

    The How-To (open)

    Now, this recipe is easy peasy, but you don't wanna do any lemon squeezy-ing...maybe a bit of lime if you're feeling jaunty, but apart from that you won't need any rhyming citruses' for making this. XDc

    The Easy Way (open)
    Now, if you wanna do this the easy way, first comes the preparation. Take everything from the optional list that you're going to use and portion them out in the amounts you're planning on using; tacos are a build as you go kinda food, so you can pretty much pick and choose with that. Next you want to take a pan and put it on the stove over medium heat, drop a little olive oil in it, and throw in your ground beef to brown it up and add salt to your personal preference until the meat is nice and cooked*.

    From there, you put your ground beef on a plate covered with a few paper towels to absorb the excess juice, and then you start the actual building of the Taco Cake, which is the easiest part of this entire recipe. All you do is put a tortilla on the bottom of your bake-able bowl, pile it up with the ground beef and whatever fixings you've chosen, and then add another tortilla on top of it. Rinse, lather, and repeat until you've reached the top of the bowl, and then you place that bad boy in the oven at 325°. The timing on this varies from oven to oven, but the easiest overall way is to check it every ten minutes to see if the top tortilla has become nice and browned; once you see that, you're ready to pull it out. Let it cool for at least 10 minutes, and then have at your freshly baked Taco Cake!

    *A good way to tell if you're good is if the meat is surrounded in its own juices.

    The Delicious Way (open)

    Now, if you're looking at this, you want to add a little more spice to your Taco Cake, and hopefully these quick additions will help! This is just how I do things, so if you're feeling creative or just generally have better ideas, feel free to modify this as you see fit~ Now, when it comes to my own personal Taco Bake, I obviously handle things just a little bit different, starting with the beef. While its in the pan browning, I add a little pepper to the salt to give the meat just a little kick and when the juices start to flow, I throw in a little flour to thicken it, making a sauce for the meat to absorb to which I add just a touch of lime juice for a little tang on the back end. Towards the end of the meat's cooking, I add in finely chopped onions and let them not only absorb the flavors of the meat sauce, but also let them get nice and crispy before I put the ground beef finally to the side.

    Next, I chop up some potatoes into chunks roughly the size of my thumb nail and put them in a bowl so I can sprinkle them with a little water. Then I coat them in some flour, salt, and pepper before tossing them in the same pan* I used for the ground beef and lightly fry them with olive oil to get them nice and crispy for a nice crunch.

    With the potatoes out of the way, I turn to the cheese so I can turn it into a rich cheddar sauce I can pour on my taco cake, what cake is complete without the icing after all? XDc How I go about this is I get a small pot and put in two tablespoons of butter, once they're melted, I add in two tablespoons of flour to make the starting roux. Then I add 1 cup of milk, season it with salt and pepper to taste, and then toss in as much grated cheddar cheese as I feel the serving size is going to need...its cheese, we're allowed to get a little crazy with our cheese, especially if its going on tacos. From there, I keep the heat on medium and stir that cheese into the mixture until it melts, and after a few minutes I have a nice, rich, and delicious cheese sauce...which I then add hot sauce too, because I like that kick while the sharpness of the cheddar works to mute the screaming mouth fire death.

    From there, everything works the same as in the easy way. I put a tortilla on the bottom of my bowl, I put all my fixings on top, put a tortilla on top of that, and then build my way up until satisfied. The cooking time should still be roughly the same, this way just requires a little extra prepwork for some extra flavor is all~

    *I don't really clean it, I wanna get all that leftover flavor after all~

    With all that in mind, hopefully you too can enjoy this wonderfully fun dish...just don't stack the cake too high, you don't want it to fall over in the over... >_>
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  9. Ardei Umpluti with Fasole Batuta and some Alivenci.
  10. Tonight was Chiftele with Friganele and Armandine.
    Can not WAIT for Leftovers tomorrow.
  11. Chicken Katsu, French Fries, and Rice. Not a bad combo.
  12. Subway!
  13. Cascaval Pane with Mimosa Eggs and Coltunasi.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Yummy pork chop with potatoes and seasoned, roasted veggies!
  15. Chicken parm sandwiches.
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  16. Ciulama with Salata de icre and Gogosi.
  17. Cocolosi, Fasole cu carnati, Ostropel, Pilaf with Chiftele, Frigarui, Mititei, Parjoale, Covrigi, Lipie, Fasole batuta, Mimosa eggs, Salata de boeuf, Taramasalata, Bors de burechiuse, Ciorba de perisoare, Alivenci, Amandine, Coltunasi, and Cornulete. It was such a big day yesterday. Turned 22 years old and ended up having the whole Family over.
  18. Tonight, I am making slow cooked bbq ribs with loaded twice baked potatoes on the side. Mmmm.
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  19. I am probably having miso with silken tofu for dinner tonight and pistachio ice cream for dessert.
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  20. Beef Satay and mash potatoes.

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