What're you looking forward to in 2015?

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    Wait, it's the 11th already!? FUUUUUUUU-

    Anyway, what kind of things that are in the pipeline for 2015 are you patiently crossing days on your calendar for?

    There's the obligatory Age of Ultron and Star Wars, of course:

    For me, there's the new Blind Guardian album, Beyond the Red Mirror:

    There's several new games, like Mighty No. 9:

    And more Dreamfall Chapters:

    And Overwatch, meaning I'll have something to play 'sides TF2. ._.

    And I wanna try out the Steam Controller, 'cause I might be able to play FPS games from the couch and not hate it! Yaaaay!
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  2. For me it'd have to be alllllll of the books that are being released. So excited for them!
  3. I am looking forward to many things:
    • Might No. 9 release in the spring
    • Ratchet and Clank the Movie
    • Moving back with my parents (I'll be saving monies and I love my mom and dad)
    • finding my own place near my parents
    • A full time job!
  4. Archer (already out), Game of Thrones, AntMan. Project Eternity?

    I would like to say 'fibre,' but that'd be a lie. More accurate is, 'Google kicking this shitty internet provides' asses and freeing us peasants.'
    Net Neutrality not dying, hopefully.

    Getting a math class requirement over with, that'll be awesome.
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  5. I'm still alive?

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  6. [​IMG]
    The only thing that matters
  7. Mainly just new seasons of shows I like. Game of Thrones and House of Cards spring to mind immediately.
    • About a week of travelling, Beijing being obligatory and still looking for a wildcard.
    • Booting up new projects back in my home country. Much as I've enjoyed China, I cannot recommend the workforce.
    • Non-Chinese food. Being able to have a sugar-less diet and cook and bake for myself again. Also good beer (I might try and brew some if I find the time).
    • Living in a new city.
    • Getting back into the dating game (and see how much I suck at it ~4 years later, this'll be hilarious)
    • Sports. Cause I've been a lazy fuck, but once my diet is sugarfree again I need to do something with all the excess energy.
    • Playing Smash 4... Which is totally going to kill my time to do anything else on this list.
    • Play a lot of pool.
    • Make own chocolate. This deserves it's own point.
    '15 might turn out pretty good.
  8. Going to Japan with some friends for two weeks this summer. Words cannot describe the excitement. :'D

    I'm highly anticipating actually getting my shit together and starting to work at uni. Not an official resolution, but on New Year's I realised I can't really waste the opportunity I have considering how much I'm paying to be here instead of going to uni for free in my own country.

    Moving out of halls and getting my own place at the beginning of next year. No more roommate.

    Getting involved with debating at uni. I was pretty good at it at high-school level, so I'm looking forward to getting back into it.
  9. Monster Hunter 4.
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  10. Enslaving Iwaku with my googly eyed avatars.

    I mean the new season of Game of Thrones...yes that.
  11. I look forward to ACEN 2015

    But I always look forward to ACEN.
  12. If I get all my ducks in a row, I will get my back piece tattoo started. I am already getting my armpit filled in with ink next month!

    Getting trimmed down to a toned body at the gym. I am putting that out there to confirm it. I got close in 2014. Now I want that result and to keep it.

    Four day march, 100 kilometer march in the Netherlands.

    To quit my second job.

    I can't wait to experience all of those this year. And much, much more.
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  14. Mother fucker.
  15. Oh, and I'm looking forward to continuing school and the massive fucking refund check I'm going to get from the IRS. :D And a shiny new GTX 970 to play all my games with.
  16. Orange is the New Black season 3.
    Attack on Titan season 2.

    Also looking forward to cats, puppies, success in sports, and to not fail tomorrow in Honor Band.
    And the most important thing is to get senpai to notice me.
  17. Moving! I'll finally be living with my husband again and close to my family.

    My 14th Wedding Anniversary is on Groundhog's day, and my husband and I have been together for 16 years this year.
  18. Aw that sounds like it's going to have big changes but greater outcomes, Nydanna! Congratulations, in advance.