What're you eating/drinking?

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  1. To those who snack while they scroll; what's on the menu?
  2. coffee
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  3. Spaghetti (I'm eating dinner right now)
  4. Celery. Because it takes more energy to eat then it gives. Also makes great crunches during dramatic scenes.
  5. Coffee ice cream!
  6. WATER. 8] ...with lemon juice.

    *Wins the award for most boring answer*
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  7. Coffee/tea xD. And as for food, depends on my mood.

    Pringles or something sweet definitely ;)
  8. Pizza :P Usually it's something light, but not today!
  9. Right now I've got me some Powerade. For reasons I don't even understand.
  10. homemade hummus
  11. I am not sure what happened, but I thought this said humans.
  12. That would be mean
  13. Brisk tea, lemon. It is more of a slush now since I let it sit in the freezer for so long. I like slushy drinks anyway.
  14. Saltines. Whyyy
  15. Mac 'n cheese with weinies, like a classy lady
  16. Cherry coke and chili doritos.
  17. Twix right now xD lol
  18. I want a twix D=

  19. - shares some with Mini- xD. They are actually Mini twix .. The smaller version, I got a pack of ten of them lol
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Thread Status:
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