What'd you have for lunch today?

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  1. I'm curious, okay?

    I had a greens salad with chicken, apples, tomatoes, and some Swiss cheese. Then I completely negated it with a club sandwich and coke zero :/
  2. Subway.
    Italian herbs and cheese bread with pepper-jack cheese. Spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, black olives, banana peppers and pickles glazed lightly with ranch dressing with a side of orange juice. Not the greatest lunch ever, but at least its decent for 'ya.
  3. I had breakfast for lunch. Got home from all of my classes at 1pm.

    Eggs - overeasy, Bacon - extra crispy, Biscuits - grape jelly.

    I was so happy. :3
  4. I made me a quesadilla using monterey jack cheese and a slice of ham. Of course, I also added liberal amounts of Tapatio sauce to the product afterwards.
  5. I'm gonna head over to a local deli that's been around for decades named Noreens and have their signature Godfather. Ham some other stuff lettuce tomatoes and home made dressing with daily made fresh potatoe salad.

    Hhnngghh. 20 minutes until lunch break.
  6. I didn't eat lunch today o.O No breakfast either... Just dinner which was pasta and sauce. Some days I'm hungry all day and eat like a ton, and other days I'm too lazy to get my butt out of the sofa and just feel disinterested in food until the moment when I realize I actually need to eat something to stay healthy. Today was the latter.
  7. chinese food
  8. Ramen, because it's cheap and I'm low on funds. Also because I'm lazy. I even went full lazy bastard mode and made it in the microwave instead of on the stove.
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  9. Some bagels. Slathered in butter.

    Later on I'm gonna try to finish off the pirogis I got though.
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  10. Right, the whole eating thing. I'll get around to it.
  11. I swear I'm reading your character now! Get something to eat, you can't write if you're dying of starvation! :ferret:
  12. I was going to have some lo mein for lunch but my dad said he was saving it for dinner time. I ended up having a sandwich with two slices of roast beef, ham, two layers of lettuce, and two layers of swiss cheese, eight crackers with muenster cheese, peach yogurt, and a cup of milk.
  13. I had honey butter Grands biscuits with vanilla chamomile tea. Odd lunch, but I'm hooked on those damn biscuits. @_@
  14. Technically, ramen with fish sticks.


    :| I'm poor, okay?!
  15. A Nutella and jet Puff sandwich. Well on my way to a sugar overload.
  16. Dude, bro, dude, dude, bro no. No no.

    Cream cheese on that shit.
  17. Cream Cheese is retardedly expensive out here. I can get four times as much butter at half the price and my inner child screams at me if I burn money like that.
  18. As a cheap dutchman, I can respect that.
  19. I had chinese food :D
  20. Nothing, I think? I keep losing track of days. I generally just have one meal a day, dinner, and maybe a snack in the wee hours of the morning.
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