Whatcha readin'?

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  1. So!

    I'm in a reading sort of mood, and I'm going to assume that all of you members of a roleplaying site are in a reading sort of mood too! Summer is a great time to start a new book [or, if you're like me, a new several]. Forget those college reading lists and kick back with a fresh novel instead!

    Disclaimer: I'm not to blame when you fail at school this fall. Stop listening to my advice.


    I want to know what you're reading! Or, if you're not reading anything, what book have you read recently that was SO good that you simply have to share it with others??

    Bonus points for Fantasy books! :3
  2. So you don't want me to talk about my study book, "Know Your Fats: The Complete Primer for Understanding the Nutrition of Fats, Oils, and Cholesterol" by Mary G. Enig, Ph.D?

    Fiiiiine, I'm planning in getting my hands on the first Game of Throwns books and I'll probably borrow one of Mercades Lackey's Elemental Masters books too. Just need to get to the library sometime soon. You know?
  3. Many people aren't aware that Stephen King wrote a series of Fantasy books which I finish reading. The Dark Tower has had a growing cult following since he started it in the 70s. I highly recommend these books as they are unlike anything I have ever read in the genre. Stephen King even makes a cameo appearance in the series. There's about eight of them; great marathon read for the summer.

    If your interested, pick up the first book Gunslinger and give her a read through.
  4. I love the Dark Tower series :3 Stephen King actually lives very close to me. His house is kind of creepy looking - black iron fence with pointy tips and gargoyles O_o Brick house though xD

    And, Ocha, the Game of Thrones books are excellent! I just downloaded the first season of the show to watch ^^
  5. Aw man, I'm all over a few books. I'm in the middle of Clockwork Prince, by Cassandra Clare, I finished Pet Sematary, by Stephen King (Cried at one point, then was terrified for the rest of the book) And I'm trying to read a book called Bed Bugs by... Not sure who O.o, but it's a little boring :/

    And, even though I'm "getting too old for these" I'm planning on re-reading the whole series of the Warrior cat books ^^;
  6. You're never too old for books!!

    I regularly shop the teen section xD
  7. I wanna read Stephen King's new deal, but more than that this bookl called 'Escape from camp 14'

    Just gotta actually purchase them...someday, maybe.
  8. Or download them illegally!

    -totally did not say that-

  9. I never have illegally downloaded ANYTHING in mah LIFE. o wo
    It scares me. :D

    I am reading The Rum Diary right now. <3 Diaries? You all know what I speak of. <3

  10. I am currently reading a lot of fanfiction, even though I have a thousand and one books I should be catching up with. I plan on reading some of Isaac Asimov's works, probably his Robot series. I am currently reading a Battletech book from the Dark Age series, but I have to start again because I dropped it in the favour of online fiction, which is a Very Bad Thing.
  11. Sweet! ^^
  12. Currently re-reading the Five Fingers, Good Omens, Dragons Of A Vanished Moon, and lastly, The Book of Five Rings.
  13. I've never heard of those but they sound really interesting! I'm rereading some Naomi Novik right now ^^
  14. I'm in the middle of a Harry Potter re-read right now. ^^ I'm also planning on re-reading Good Omens, the Underland Chronicles and the Hobbit and reading the Lord of the Rings, the Hunger Games trilogy, His Dark Materials, A Song of Fire and Ice series and a whole bunch of others... I've got a lot of free time on my hands right now
  15. I just finished reading The Black Order and I'm still kind of in love with the book. No seriously. Other people should read this. It made me tingle. Quantum theory with evolution and some action? Yes. A thousand times yes.

    I need to decide whether I'm going to look for the Game of Thrones books or The King's Bastard. Leaning toward the latter, since I will one day get around to watching Game of Thrones. One day.
  16. Just finished the first book of the night angels trilogy, so far pretty good.
  17. Oh I have that trilogy - Love it!
  18. Just started a Dance with Dragons. I love how fast-paced the books are without action and fights everywhere! I've really enjoyed the series and I'll be sad to have to wait until the next book is out.
  19. I've been recently reading the Eragon books. I finished the first one when I was in high school and I've been working on the second right now. However I haven't really taken any of my time to read more
  20. Speaking of Stephen King, I just finished re-reading Misery and Pet Semetary. Two of my old favorites that will never do me wrong. <3 Haha, and now after a conversation with my roommate about my disliking of the series TrueBlood but my love for the Sookie Stackhouse series, I think I'm going to pick up with those books where I left off in high school. I have quite a ways to go.

    Other than that lately it's been reading any articles about vet med that I can find at work. Gotta love that monthly 'My dog ate WHAT?' contest. :P