Whatcha Driving?

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  1. What're you driving? What do you want to be driving?

    I'm in a 2000 dodge neon right now, but I want to trade it in soon; teenage cars start to be more trouble than they're worth =_=
  2. [​IMG]

    A 1986 Plymouth Conquest. A Japanese imported turbo drift car! And yes, of course it's a 5-speed stick-shift.

    This baby runs like a champ! Does doughnuts and gets sideways around corners, and I love it.
  3. [​IMG]

    This. This is my ride.

    It really bites though.
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  4. I share a 2003 Mazda 6 with my mom and I love it. Mazda's are great, only car make she drives, that's how good they are. Everything else is just terrible.
  5. Mazda's are awesome! They are great-handling little cars!

    I like the Mazda Miata, but I don't have enough money for it. :((((
  6. My mom drives a Chevy Malibu and I'll probably drive it after I get my permit. Too bad it a pain in the ass model. The engine is super complicated to work on -_-
  7. "What're you driving?"
    A quite unique automobile with a unique name, I'm driving Others Crazy.

    What do you want to be driving?
    Another unique automobile. I want to be driving A Knife into my Fickle Boss's Back To Las Vegas.
  8. I don't have my license, but my mom bought me a used cop car that she's greatly enjoying.
    2006 Ford Crown Vic, paint job intact but lights, sirens, etc. removed. Still scares the fuck out of people in traffic.
  9. A '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The gas mileage is awful, but when winter rolls around I get the last laugh. :P
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  10. A black Chevy silverado. So beefy.
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  11. a 2002 Nissan Sentra. It's a nice little car. Except the last three times I went to my cousins house, I had a tire go flat, blew up the radiator, and the wiring in the engine gave out...

    I don't go to my cousin's house anymore...
  12. Nothing! ...at the moment.

    I want to drive a bike so I can get through lanes quicker, travel overseas (and drive there) conviniently and keep my vehicle at home.

    But the prospect of my body protecting the motorcycle (instead of the other way round)... television always shows accidents with them too. It's like the industry doesn't even care to cover this up.

    "Hey, you want to drive a car (which costs a fortune) or a cycle (which costs a lifespan)? Pick your poison! :]]]." Err, neither, for now - I'm still waiting to gain the power of invunerability.
  13. Don't let Hollywood colour any opinion on vehicles; they're notorious for misrepresenting safety to make it look more exciting
  14. Interesting thread, I drive a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja with a 250 CC motor which has a limited top speed *waves fist in the air* Damn you, well atleast I can drive it giving my current age. :)

    I almost forgot @TeaRiverBridge don't let people lie to you, wearing the correct gear can save your life and your motorbikes life, but that means big bucks. I would recommend at first kevlar pants, a quality motorcycle helmet and jacket. The rest you can buy for further safety in the future, but safe some money at first motorcycles and their equipment/gear costs a hefty amount of money.
  15. @N0VA™ and @Minibit , tnks for the advice. I'll look into motorcycling gear, can't say I'm confident about it but at least I know there are people who drive them that haven't died yet (and are still able to type on a forum). The Lonely Roads, here I come!
  16. It's the way you drive more than what you're wearing. Defensive driving courses geared towards motorbikes would be an awesome idea, and if you still feel confident after that, go for it! ^^
  17. I don't have a car. Or a license, due to driving anxiety.

    Would a baby stroller count? Or a shopping cart? :P
  18. 2009 Honda Shadow
    I don't have my car license. Have no desire to get it.

  19. Vauxhall Insignia, registered last January. Costing me an arm and a leg on the finance & insurance but my God is it worth it.

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