` What You See Is Not What You Get `

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    He didn't get it. He just couldn't comprehend why, out of all of the agents, they had chosen him to take part in this demeaning mission. Well, perhaps they decided on him because he looked as if he could blend well into the role and was endowed with the necessary aspects. But still.... He honestly wished he had never gotten into this in the first place. If he wasn't one of the agency's most credible agents, then maybe he would have escaped this particular task. Luck was not his ally today....or, perchance, it was. He had arrived to the interview approximately five minutes early, and the long skirt his bosses had forced him into was peculiarly more comfortable than his pants. Quite the disturbing revelation. Then again, it had better be with the constricting stuffed bra that clung relentlessly around his torso. 'This corset is killing me... How shall I kill those old geezers when I get back...?' he whispered both mentally and maliciously, still unaccustomed to the attire currently restricting his steady breathing. His bosses felt that the corset was needed, apparently.

    Kalen was already slender with a well-toned physique, but they had forced him into the corset in order to create the illusion of curves for increased authenticity. Kalen had merely assumed that they wanted to torture him though, all the while obtaining a good laugh out of it. He was about 5'11" in height--and of course, still growing--, so he made sure to wear faint heels in order to partially blame said height on the shoes. Though, any taller than an inch and he'd be stumbling down the halls later. Somehow, he appeared surprisingly natural playing as the role of a woman taller than average. In spite of all of his deemed qualifications for the special mission at hand, he was also the owner of countless drawbacks. For instance, Kalen was knowledgeable about the opposite sex in a scienticific sense, but he barely held any direct experience with them. As an agent, he simply didn't have the time to. Was that a trait that his bosses had expected him to learn quickly whilst living in the dorm? Sighing, Kalen took a seat across from the counselor's desk to initiate the interview.

    He possessed a peculiar talent that he didn't get to apply to his routine all that often, but for this mission, it would be rendered quite useful. Kalen was capable of imitating any sound that he perceived in a 'so similar that's it's kind of eery' way, whether it be the voice of a little girl or the sound of a dog barking. For the interview, he borrowed the voice of a young woman he had passed on the streets a short while ago. Well, 'rent out' for as long as he was on this mission. 'Alright. Maybe luck is on my side today. Who knows--they might end up hating me and if that were to happen, I wouldn't have to go through with the rest of this...' After musing once more, he focused his full attention on the interviewer. And several minutes later, Kalen was mentally cursing up a storm as he angrily headed towards the dormitory building. 'Damn, damn, daaaamn!! They loved me?!? How could they like me with how disinterested I sounded? And...! No, maybe I was too truthful with my actual credentials.' He had retained one final opportunity to slip out of this mess entirely, but he blew it by placing a portion of his outstanding credentials into the resume.

    He knew now that he had no one else to blame but himself...or did he? He could have sworn that he had brought the negative resume along with him. Did one of those geezers switch the resume when he wasn't watching? Upon reaching the dorm's entrance, the 20 year-old lad reluctantly trudged to his room while dragging the compact rolling suitcase behind him. It contained the majority of his female clothing and other various supplies even though the amount was insignificant in total. Kalen immediately dropped the black suitcase by his bed and walked up to the blank wall. His roommate hadn't arrived yet, and considering that he was still slightly fuming, he decided to endeavor in venting out most of his frustrations...with the wall. "This. Is. A. Load. Of. Shi--!" Within each pause, he had slammed his forehead into the wall as if he were attempting to knock out what little sense he had remaining. However, Kalen had bizarrely seized in his actions before a particularly colorful word escaped his mouth. Why? Because a female voice had intervened. Instantly, Kalen's steel-blue irises dilated. "Um, hello...?" the voice stated with uncertainty, nearly compelling Kalen to jump out of his skin.

    Hesitantly, Kalen swiveled his head to the young woman standing at the entrance of the large room. His lengthy silver hair mildly whipped him in the face subsequent to turning so swiftly. The girl held a much broader suitcase alongside her, in comparison to his own. "Er..." Kalen began awkwardly as he quickly recollected himself. "S-sorry about that--I was just...um..." he added, recalling to use the female voice he had borrowed from earlier. 'Damn, she probably already thinks I'm crazy... Not good.' he thought, irked at himself for standing out. "I'm Kalen. It's...nice to meet you! You're my...roommate, right?" he stated with the most sincerest smile etched into his features. Somehow, he had cleaned up his act in an instant. Must have been the agent nature kicking in. Though, his smile was a genuine one.