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  1. What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time, what would you ask them, what you warn them about, and if you go into the future what would you like to know?
  2. My main thing that I would tell myself back then would be that it will get better. To put down the pills and trust your family to eventually believe what happened. Don't lose hope and don't trust easy...basically I would tell myself to be more careful and to believe that it will get better.
  3. I don't think I'd tell myself anything really. I wouldn't want to change how my life is now. As for the future, the only thing I'd want to know is how my kids turn out. If they go on to do what they talk about doing now, or if they find other paths.
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  4. Your idea of what an adult is, it's complete bogus.
    What you're imitating is someone whose so focused on career success and not offending people that you don't even have a sense of self.
    What do you think of _______?
    Basically I'd be getting an outside perspective of what I thought about certain issues and people.
    Could help me see past views in a new light, and/or better spot some issues I had with myself.

    Mainly the shit other people used to get the "Gwazi's a Shit starter" complaints from, but were also too lazy to ever explain the issues specifically.
    So I could actually understand it rather than simply knowing "This person is annoyed".
    If I gave a warning I'm risking myself missing the issue entirely.

    And if I do that, I lose out on the lesson I gain from it.
    Do I ever get married and have kids?
    What Career do I get into so I know what to go back to school for already?
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  5. what would you ask them

    how come I didn't spend more time with my mother, and brother and sister and why does my brother hate me so much. Also why was it so hard for me to make friends

    what you warn them about,

    about losing one of my bestest friends forever and having to deal with the struggles of finding new friends. Also to keep calm when it comes to roleplaying and don't quit because of something someone had said or that you were really pissed at.

    what would you like to know?

    hmm I would want to know what my career will be like, will me and my brother ever get along, and what happens to me in terms of my health.
  6. Go straight for cocaine.
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  7. I would just try to worry less, beyond that, I would not tell myself anything.
  8. Ask: What did you think of business class? Because you're investing into a little start up called Facebook and <insert massive company now that wasn't around ten years ago>.

    Warn: Fuck Becky like no tomorrow, all the crazy shit you'll want to do later in life simply won't happen. But ditch her like dead weight once she meets David and never look back. Also she gets fucking obese and becomes a whore. Oh, and quit pulling out of her. She's infertile anyway. Hue.

    Future: Do I still put up with my wife's bullshit and am I at least happy?
  9. Stay the fuck in school.

    Don't stay with her, she ends up breaking your heart.

    How were episodes VIII and IX?
  10. Nothing. I saw The Butterfly Effect. Fuck that.
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  11. I would tell myself to get ready for the worst times of my life and not shut myself away so much. I would also say not to take a single thing for granted and start preparing for hard times. I'd ask myself "Why are you such an escapist?" As for the future, I'd like to know if I'm prosperous and finally stable (especially in terms of money)!
  12. I want to go back in time to like one day ago so I can make out with myself.

    Otherwise, I would visit my Freshman self and point out the twit who stole my ipod. All I'd tell me is "Bust her."
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  13. What would I tell myself if I could go back in time? Quite VCE chinese at all fucking costs, even if it means doing it behind your parent's back. It's not worth doing since no matter how hard you try, you still suck shit at it and not improving.

    What would I warn myself about? Nothing's worse than having shit flinged at you for not getting into a prestigious school that you weren't even gonna go to even if you did get the invitation.

    What would I like to know? Am I still there?
  14. I'd basically warn myself of health problems coming down the road, how to avoid them, and to advise myself to consider a few different career paths, how to get over social anxiety and how to pursue relationships, to not get hung up on people and crushes, and to get out and experience things outside my comfort zone. I'd also smack myself for believing I had it all figured out and knew how to fix the world but the adults were too blind or greedy to see. Life ain't simple, shitheel.
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  15. *whispers* "Pssst. You have ADHD."

    Also: Don't worry so much about trying to solve your friends' problems. If you can't fix things and all you can do is offer them a shoulder to cry on, then just do that, wish them the best, and go back to worrying about your own problems -- the ones you do have a bit of control over.

    And speaking of friends: don't try so hard to hang onto old friends if they aren't doing you any good anymore, and don't think that you need to hang out with friends "fairly" by spending equal time with them. Just hang out with whoever makes you happy and whoever isn't seriously draining you. Better yet, you don't have to choose between struggling to hang on or losing them forever -- you can still be friends, just at a more comfortable distance. It's ok, it'll all work out.

    And lastly: keep drawing. You'll get better at it. Oh, and take more art classes in high school.

    ^ The first three would save me from the absurd amount of stress and anxiety I went through in high school. That last one's there as a confidence-booster. I didn't draw enough in my early/mid-teen years, and I nearly gave up on drawing altogether, deluding myself into thinking I had more potential in making art in Photoshop (ohohoh, ho, hoh.......). I'm getting better now, and it's been nice to see the improvement in recent years, but I regret all the lost time.
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  16. I would tell myself to think a lot more about what education to pick, and to pick something that's easy to get a job with. I would tell myself to think/worry a lot less, and act more. That might have spared me from years of suicidal depression. At the same time, now that things seem to be turning for the better I'm kind of glad for what I've gone through in a way because it made me who I am. I'd still tell her to think more about education though. I feel like I should warn her about some of the people she's going to meet, and there's going to be more than a few toxic ones, but at the same time this might change me too much. Maybe I'd be very vague about it. I'd probably tell her to find friends in online communities instead, considering how much better that turned out, like actually get into guild wars earlier. If I went into the future, I'd like to see if I got to see that wish come true and how long I lived.
  17. What would you tell yourself if you could go back in time: Calm the fuck down. You're fine. You'll be fine.


    what you warn them about: Don't watch the last five minutes of The Last Airbender. Just don't. ZUTARA FOREVER.

    and if you go into the future: OH GOD, YOU DEAD BITCH! D: YOU DEAD! WHAT HAPPENED BITCH?! WHAT HAPPENED!
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    I would show her this and watch her little brain explode.
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  19. Don't mess with the past. You're pretty much guaranteed a paradox. Even just warning my past self about it would create one. As for the future, I probably would contemplate all of existence if I actually found anyone to ask.
  20. Shhhhh just have fun with iiiiiiit...!!
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