What would you like to do in a future RP?

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  1. Have you an event or a line you'd like to use at some point in future RPs? Not currently in play or at least the idea did not spawn your current characters or RPs. Have you ever waited and waited for an RP event to come around to use your event or line idea?

    I was walking to my car and for whatever reason I was thinking how maggots can be used to eat away decaying fleshing, leaving behind the healthy tissue and thus preventing the death of a person with an infected wound, and how it would be interesting to use that in a non-historical or fantasy RP to see how all the other characters react to that.
  2. Interesting, though, Maybe you could just find the gene in your genetics that decides your regenerative properties and then just upscale it to be proportional to whatever job you want, such as if you are a soldier, you could potentially have their regeneration be much like a starfish's regeneration. If you look at it this way, I'm sure you would not need to carry maggots with you when your body would innately heal up a wound starting when the wound is first received and ending would depend on the wound itself. But, I digress since I'm not a specialist in that field.
  3. I just really like killing my characters off.
  4. And what does that teach the [BCOLOR=#ff0000]character [/BCOLOR]in the end?
  5. Not everything needs a lesson or a purpose. Some people just enjoy that sort of thing. I, for instance, can't really watch some animes, movies, or shows, if nobody dies in them. Even if I care for the character, the story has to make some form of logical sense and not be 100% ass-pulls to maintain status quo in a fanbase.

    Also, that idea of maggots seems like something a necromancer would do, when they'd just be so desensitized of death and disgusting things, that they'd do it without a second thought.

    As for me? I've never had the chance to use a blood mage, as long and hard as I've thought about it and how it would work out, logically. I've just never gotten a good opportunity to develop such a character.
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  6. My apologies in that case, I was merely asking a question, though it was my understanding that it was supposed to be a futuristic style role play idea, and I was attempting to give constructive feedback.
  7. No offense was taken, it was just an opinion, and I tend to be vulgar when I type. Letting thoughts flow freely, etc.
  8. Avoid war.
  9. Ah, I've never played a disabled character in just a realistic modern school setting with no embellishments, and I want to sometime in the future. It's a sort of weird situation, considering how much I research (and, well, live) illnesses and disabilities of all stripes, that such a standard-seeming scenario hasn't come up yet.
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  10. One day I want to play a blind or mute character. The problem with the mute character is I'd be at a loss of not knowing how to make big posts that don't end in charades of what my character is trying to convey.
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  11. I've played a mute before. Charades aren't all the character has available to them. There's sign language, morse code, or, in modern technology, digital assistants like your phone that can do the talking for you, or be used to send text messages, for complex responses to conversation. In fantasy settings with a lot of magic there could be telepathy, but that's a kind of intimate thing they couldn't do with just everyone. Magical artifacts could also work, and that's up to your imagination. Perhaps they could use enchanted parchment to translate their thoughts to text. There's always good old fashioned body language, facial expressions, and hand gestures for simple communication.
  12. Translations of sign language/signed english to text works so long as the other characters know how to understand it. An example would be something like "Lilian turned towards Natalie and quickly signed 'I'd like to leave now, if that's alright'", and using synonyms like gestured or conveyed helps to avoid saying signed all the time.

    You might have to read up a bit on how signing conveys tone in ways speech doesn't (For example, having larger, shakier signing when agitated, and having smaller signing if whispering or shy).

    But yeah, it's completely possible.
  13. I'd like to do a murder mystery roleplay, with clues and various possible murderers and lots of intrigue. It's almost impossible to do well via roleplay, I've found. /:
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  14. Well, its not the fact that there isn't alternatives. I just feel that if I were to make a mute character only to still be able to effectively talk to everyone to be a bit of a cop out. Like I would find it fun for people to try to figure out what exactly I'm saying, it would make the misunderstandings a bit more genuine.

    I guess the problem is I want to write out my actions, but I don't want them to be the meat of my posts for people to try to decode.
  15. This usually requires a GM who communicates with players individually, and not in a forum environment. It works best in PMs. It's hard work, especially on the organizer, but it can be done. You just need the right people.
  16. I know, because I've run one myself. The problem is that it requires the GM to be completely dedicated to running the roleplay, as there's enough to manage already. If it was to happen again, I'd want to be a part of it, not just running it from behind the scenes.
  17. I've played a blind character before, but she was a psychic so she got around things in some respect. I'd love to try it again with a character that just had to deal with the disability. O_O
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  18. I'd love to play a deaf person. Reasons should be obvious that it would be oblivious to you as you yell at it.
  19. I have tons and tons of ideas I'd love to use in a roleplay but haven't gotten around to. Probably won't ever get around to using most of them because I always come up with new things I wanna play so the list just keeps growing, but that's fine. There are a few character ideas that come to mind immediately.

    I want to play an intelligence vampire, a creature that drains people of their thoughts and memories and intellect for nourishment and leaves them brain dead.

    I want to play a sentient suit of armor (yes, inspired by Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist) that can't actually move on its own and needs someone (another player's character) to wear it to be able to do things. Maybe with the sentience coming from some kind of ghostly possession thing, and the ghost can leave it and move around but not really do anything because it's a ghost.

    I want to play a powerful wizard who has the personality of a cowardly and paranoid thief, all about secrecy and not trusting others and such. Probably gonna get to this one soon, since it could work in a lot of settings.

    I want to play a character with some screwed up mutation thing where they have high regenerative abilities, such that they can regrow limbs over a day or so, and their body adapts in weird ways when it does major structure regeneration. Say an arm gets cut off by a sword, so it grows back with a chitinous skin to ward off blades. A leg gets blown off by a grenade, so a new one grows back that is very dense and blast resistant. It'd be amusing and often useless because the resistant limb would grow back after the present danger that destroyed its predecessor is gone.

    I want to play a character that is a good guy and accidentally gets the soul or spirit or whatever of an average decent person stuck inside them or attached to them due to a fuck up that killed the unfortunate average chump, and of course the spirit would have to be able to talk to the person they're attached to, maybe also visible and/or audible to others depending on the world's rules for that kind of thing. I've seen plenty of things like this where it's a bad guy with evil spirits, or a clash between person and ghost alignment, but I've never seen anyone bother with average peasant getting bound in such a circumstance and I think it'd be neat to have it happen due to a good guy's mistake to add some moral weight and responsibility there.
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  20. Intersting stuff. However what I was really aiming for is not characters but events and one liners you'd like to see happen someday in some way.