What Would You Like More Of in the Guild?

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What do you want to see more of in the Guild?

  1. Workshops on worldbuilding!

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  2. Resources. I love me some clicky links!

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  3. Examples of worlds.

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  4. Exercises. I really want to test my skill.

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  5. More fun stuff like mad libs.

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  6. More challenges! I want to show off!

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  7. Guides. Lots of guides.

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  8. Something else I shall tell you about in the thread here!

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  1. As the guild expands, we want to know what those who visit often want to see more of. So! What will help you with your world building the most?
  2. Workshops and exercises, especially regarding fantasy worlds would be really helpful, if it's possible in any way to have some sort of workshop for chosing races, how many is too many, how to make them unique and such things. If there are such workshops already I must have missed them:)
  3. I am totally bumping this topic cause I'd like to see what people's requests are! 8D
  4. I really love the resources! Clicking through the map ones led to me to some really awesome map tutorials to make a world for my roleplay! I loved that!

    & I am especially found of guides because not every has the same forte and guides are written from the perspective of writer to writer, making it easier for me to learn the skill required. And I can always come back to the guide when I'm stuck!

    Also, why is there so little interaction on the guides! I wish people would post questions and discuss how they used the guide or possible applications of it :( unless I'm the only one reading? :o