What would you give anything for?

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What would you choose to gain from giving something?

  1. All the Knowledge known to this Universe

  2. All the Strength

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  3. Friends

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  4. Family

  5. All the money in the world

  6. Wisdom (does not mean you are knowlegable)

  7. The world

  1. So, I was sitting listening to Krypteria's 'The Promise' and got around to thinking about what would I be so desperate to have to give up anything, including my soul (as deep as this question is).

    What would you give up anything to have or to keep?
  2. Nothing. Personally my soul is more important to me.
  3. Would rather have a bucket of KFC original recipe but all the knowledge known to the universe seems ok..

    As for trade for that... Isabellas would be a henchmen for what ever demi-god or mad scientist type thing for 1000 years.. after that they will go fishing!
  4. I'd give up my arm if it meant I could replace it with a robot arm. Becoming a cyborg is like, one of my dreams. Superpowers, too. There's so much I'd give to be able to Hulk Jump, or fly, or shoot laser beams, or--*slaps herself* Anyway, I wouldn't trade anything as precious as my own soul, my freedom, or my firstborn for such things. I couldn't.

    All the knowledge and strength in the world isn't important enough to me, either. I feel like with enough determination and hard work, I can gain as much as I want or need in those departments. Plus, it's more rewarding to know you've become stronger and smarter without cheating in any way. :]

    As for family, there's a lot I'd give for them. Especially my soon-to-be-born son and my husband-to-be. (I'm not engaged, but we'll marry someday~) They mean everything to me and I've always put them first. I've given up the familiarity and attachment I have to my old home for them, I've spent all my money on them, I've sacrificed things I've loved and had addictions to for them. They're things I wouldn't do for my mother and siblings for some reason, however I've given up quite a few big things for them, like moving out so my family can have more space and giving my mom hundreds of dollars for bills, instead of saving that money for school.

    I'll shut up now. >__> I guess I just like this topic and this really tasty hot chocolate put me in a creepy good mood...
  5. I am tied between choosing wisdom and knowledge, but if I absolutely had to choose, I would probably choose wisdom. After all, wisdom is harder to earn than knowledge, not to mention that knowledge does not always pay off in the end because one might not be wise enough to know how to use their knowledge. With wisdom, though, one can turn their other skills and even their own wisdom to whatever they want. I also associate wisdom with experience, not to mention that it comes with a slight bit of knowledge itself. So yes, wisdom is definitely the choice for me, although I would probably take my time in thinking my life through before making a choice.