What would the chapter titles be for the various epochs in your life?

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I saw this question online and thought it to be interesting. It made me think pretty hard about titles, all the while bringing laughs and some frowns. Give it a try! :) Though most of you won't need to fill out the 'old age' option, but feel free to fill that out if you think you know already... Same with adulthood, which I would assume starts at 21 or so.

Early adulthood
Old age


1. Spawn of a Nerd and a Beauty (Because my Mom is/was absolutely gorgeous and my Dad is/was a nerd [also gorgeous]. Explains a lot to me now. o_o)

2. Strengthened and Scarred by Abuse (My abusive step-father left me a lot of emotional markings that my Mother has kissed. Both actions managed to make me strong...)

3. A Campus Called Suicide (Not gonna lie, high school was hell for me. XP If it wasn't such a big impact, I'd put a title involving mosh pits because I went to a ton of rock shows during this time...)

4. A Tall Flight of Stairs (I see the beginning of my new adult life as a bunch of stairs I've got to climb in order to meet my ultimate goals. Some are on steps, the bigger prize is on top. I began once I left my Mom's home.)

5. ??? I'm 19, 20 in February but I don't wanna name this until much later!

6. ??? Not old, contrary to the words of my friends when they point out my bad back and getting sick. D< Pshaw!

Now share yours with me. I know it's a challenge to sum up some parts of your life into ONE chapter, but that's part of the fun!
Infancy: The Children's Child
My parents were really young, and though they were married, they sooo weren't ready for kids. XD I'm pretty sure I was an accident.

Childhood: Ignorance Is Bliss
Those golden days where I didn't understand what all of the bad stuff really meant. t___t

Adolescence: Don't Dream It's Over
Tween and teen years, shit went downhill fast. .__.; A lot of the worst moments of my life happened between 8 and 17. But I kept the hope alive!

Early Adulthood: Perfect Self
I had two lives, my online life and my offline life. Striving to be that "perfect self" and the person I wanted to be and get out of a bad life!

Adulthood: From This Moment
My adulthood started a little rough, but from "this" moment life has improved and there is no where to go but up. :D

Old Age: No One Lives Forever
D: I'm gonna die one day.
Infancy: Mother's Love
My mother was young and unmarried when I was born, but she was fiercely determined not to give me up for adoption as was suggested and loved me more than I could ask of anyone.

Childhood: Crab Apples and Teddy Bears
Two of my favorite memories from childhood that encompass essentially the entirety; sitting in a crab apple tree with my best friend taking a bite, spitting it at my cousin, and dipping the exposed as well as very tart flesh into sugar and the ceremonial beheading of my best friend's twin's teddy bear.

Adolescence: Too Young To Be Old
All throughout my teenage years, people mistook my appearance and maturity for being older. This led to several mishaps, since in reality I was often much younger than was anticipated. I lost a lot of dates that way.

Adulthood: Luxuriant Dreams In Jagged Reality
I know life won't be easy, money already rules so much. There are bills to consider, plans to make, precautions to be taken but it will work out all right. Everything either works out in the end or you die, right?

Old Age: Aspiration's Threnody or Dream's Paean
Either my hopes in my youth have died or they've blossomed by then, yet by old age I will have essentially completed my short time given.
Infancy: Unleashed (Upon Mankind)

Childhood: Warfare Noise

Adolescence: Rising From The Hidden Spheres

Early Adulthood: Twisted Into Form

Adulthood: Dies Irae

Old age: Blood Fire Death