What would people be surprised to find you listening to?

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  1. Do you have any music you like that many people who know you might be surprised to learn you like?

    My eldest sister was very pleasantly surprised to find Destiny's Child albums on my phone last road trip when it was my turn to DJ

    My other older sister said she "Wouldn't have figured me for a metalhead" when a couple of Black Sabbath's old songs came on last time she visited

    Nothing surprises my brother xD
  2. I'm not proud of it, but - The Partridge Family. I like metal (just like Black Sabbath) so, I think I'll keep my David Cassidy love a secret from friends and family.
  3. People are surprised I don't listen to music.
  4. The bulk of my musical tastes seem to surprise people who know me IRL. It seems less pronounced online, probably because I don't post pictures of myself. I'm a big, hairy dude and the inevitable musical taste assumption is that I'm into hard rock and heavy metal.

    In reality some of my favorite bands (Florence and the Machine, Metric) are indie rock and my metal preferences run toward female-fronted symphonic metal (Within Temptation, Epica). The majority of my music lately has been random single songs from various genres of electronic music from Youtube channels like SuicideSheep and Monstercat.

    The most surprising thing is probably the bits of straight up pop that I listen to. Sometimes I'm in the mood to listen to some Katy Perry, so I do it. Some (especially those who don't know me very well) would also be surprised that I listen to some J-Pop and Vocaloid music. I have no shame or guilt in my music choices. :D
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  5. Vaporwave and synthwave probably, but most likely because people have no idea what it is.

    Since I dress like a toned down hipster, classical music and DnB seem to surprise people more often than classical/indie rock and house music. But, honestly, the people that know me both IRL and online are aware my music tastes range far and wide. It's hard to surprise people when you play K-pop one day, and heavy metal the next.

  6. Spoiler
    lol fuck rap. Would play it just to get a reaction out of people.
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  7. My close friends, and people I talk to online know my musical tastes all over the place xD.

    Most people think I either like Metal, Rock, Indie, Electronica. So it surprises them when I put this on.

    Or this.

    Or this.
  8. Anything that isn't weird, obscure music not in English, apparently.
  9. J-Pop, J-Rock, K-Pop, K-Rock, Vocaloid, and Nightcore.

    I usually listen to classical music, or a soundtrack from a film and not really anything else, so when Someone finds out that I listen to one of the above, they're seriously surprised.
  10. Probably nothing lmao. We all know I listen to nearly every type of music.

    I guess people are thrown off when I'm jamming to something like this.

  11. A woman.


    *runs around the locker room naked, whipping people with towels and rubbing his dick on a smartphone while expressing his disappointment with sports teams*
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. E.L.O.

    My favorite bands are Blind Guardian and Alice 'n Chains, so E.L.O. tends to throw people off.
  14. Given that the majority of all music I listen to is Japanese pop music sung by completely fictional characters, I'd say yeah, the people I know would be pretty surprised.

    At least the people I know offline, online it's nothing new.
  15. Surprisingly, there's not enough on my iPod that's terribly unique or different from other stuff that already exists. About the closest thing that comes to being jarring other than the occasional (although semi-plentiful) video game soundtrack or those sea shanties from Assassin's Creed Black Flag, everything's pretty typical stuff, except for the more poppy stuff my girlfriend uploaded on my iPod. I usually skip over most of it, but for some reason that stupid Call Me Maybe song by Carly Rae Jepsin is something I usually sing along to and not unironically enjoy, which makes it hilarious when it goes from something like Suidakra or Amon Amarth and suddenly some bubbly happy pop shit comes up and acts uber jarring for anyone who happens to be listening to the iPod.
  16. Sometimes, if nobody's around, I listen to Lady Gaga.
  17. People are surprised when I mention that classical is among my favorites. It was played to me when I was a kid, and I still use it now when trying to concentrate.

    And then I go on to play EDM and smooth jazz.
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