What will happen next?

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What will happen next?


Two gangs, both consisting of the local school students, have controlled the city for a couple years now. The two gangs, however, fight constantly for supremacy over the entire city and to control the other gang. The one gang consists only of females, The Yasha; the other gang consists only of males, The Yatsu.

It is a new school year and those of major rankings in the two gangs with all the other students are moving to the new school recently built over the summer, however it just so happens to require all students live in dorms. Of course this wouldn't be bad if the dorms were separated by gender, however they are to be co-ed. One girl and one guy are assigned to a room and are required to attempt to get along. What does this mean for the two gangs that have sworn to defeat and conquer the other? Will one side break to the will of the other? Will this be a complete mess? Or will peace or a compromise finally be found between the two? Not likely but not impossible.
Walking into the dorms Ray wondered why they were coed. ( Uh guess they want more female male interactions.) He went to the person who was organizing the Dorms and asked Him what his dorm was. " Yeah whats my number mate?" Ray asked. " Room 65 down the hall up the stairs and it should be on the left." Said the organizer. " Okay. Thank you mate." Ray replied. With that he walked to his dorm room and was surprised to see a girl already in there. Sorta shocked Ray responds, " Hi you must be my dorm partner. By the way my names Ray, and yours is miss?" Ray didn't know if the Irish/Scottish accent he had done more harm then good.
Aamori walked into the light white reception and inhaled deeply.
another term of painful socializing... why Co-Ed this year? It's like they want another brawl.
She put on a smile and stepped forward to the man who was organizing the dorms, he looked kinda bored and Aamori rolled her eyes, why a teacher didn't do this she didn't know.
"Names Aamori, which room will I be in this year?" she didn't bother with her second name, she was the only Aamori in this school and she was hardly forgettable.
" 71 " the exasperated tone made her smile, he clearly didn't offer his free time for this.
Nodding to him she pushed through the other students who were blocking her way, scowling at them as she passed and ran up the stair case stopping she looked at the numbers, these were in the fifties.
She walked on and took a turn down the hall where the doors were labled '61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71' she sighed with a slight smile and opened her door.
The room was empty and she took this opportunity to claim her bed first, she threw her stuff on the right bed.
She walked around the room then examining it.
It wasn't as good as the room she was in last year, although last year the rooms were same gender.
She sat on her bed and crossed her legs waiting for her new dorm member to arrive.
Juri yawned and stretched from where she sat on the windowsil of her dorm room. She was curious about her new school and thought she'd explore it soon enough, but right now she was more interesting in who her roommate was. Someone thought it was a good idea to room girls with boys, yasha with yatsu, basically. It spelled disaster. She wondered if her roommate was someone she'd fought with before, if that was the case she would have to lay down some ground rules right away, even if it involved a confrontation and truthfully, she hoped it did.

When she heard the door open she looked back at the guy who stood there. Well, it wasn't anyone she knew, he wasn't even japanese, the weird accent made that more obvious. He introduced himself in such a polite manner too, it made her frown with a look of disgust. "So you're, like, irish or something? And what's with that hair? Don't you think you're waaaay over due for a trim? Some man." She looked at him for another second, "you are cute though, but otherwise boriiiing." Having lost interest, she hopped off the windowsil and outside to the ground, heading off to explore the campus.

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"Co-ed rooms~ I'd like to meet the genius who thought this heaven up." With a grin firmly planted on his lips, Kenzo climbed out of the limo and stretched his arms up over his head. "I can't wait, big brother. I hope my room mate is a babe. We'll never leave our room, haha-- OOF!"

They'd only just arrived at the school and already his little brother was lost in far-fetched dreams. Having heard more than enough, Mamoru had grabbed up Kenzo's luggage from the trunk of the limo and swung it into his gut. "Cut that out. You're not as charming as you think you are," he grumbled, grabbing up his luggage along with a black, cylinder case made of leather. It was meant for collapsible pool cues but in reality it held a metal rod, about two feet in length and two inches thick. He'd been about to tuck it under his arm when his brother muttered a comment under his breath. Mamoru only heard "jealous", "room mate", and "gay" but it was enough to make him crack Kenzo across his shoulder blades with the weapon case and stomp off yelling, "Find your room by yourself, brat!"

Arriving at the registry office, Mamoru inquired about his dorm room number, then headed straight for said room. He had a lot of luggage, two bags with wheels and another, smaller bag attached to each one, and he really wanted to unpack and get settled before 'little brother' found himself in trouble.

"Room seventy-six. Finally~" Mamoru sang as the numbers came into view. It was a bit of a challenge to open the door with both hands full but he managed, pushing it open wider with his rear as he dragged his luggage in through the doorway, turning the scene into a humorous spectacle as he kept getting stuck. In the end, he managed the remarkable feat and collapsed onto one of the beds for a moment to recover and regroup. "What a struggle that was..." he whined to no one in particular. "I really hope my room mate isn't a Yasha. I'm in no mood to fight."

Still sore from that cheapshot Mamoru had given him, Kenzo grumbled all the way to the office and even more so as he headed for his room. He had a terrible memory, often forgetting things that didn't seem all that important. You know, like math or science or his manners. So now he had his room number written on a piece of paper clutched in his hand. "Seventy-one... Seventy-one..." He kept repeating it to himself like a chant, probably making himself look like a bit of a moron. But Kenzo was never one to care about what others thought of him. He happened to like himself very much and that was all that really mattered. Well, okay, his brother's opinion mattered too... But only a little!

"Aww man! The rooms are so small!" he complained the moment he entered the dorm room. It was a full thirty seconds before he noticed the cute little blonde seated on one of the beds and suddenly his sour mood vanished. Well at least the room came with a complementary babe. "Please tell me you're my new best friend?"

Cocky, charming grin.
"Who runs this school? You'd have thought they'd be more organised, not to mention sensible" The whispered comment was spoken in a bored neutral tone, as if the speaker didn't really care, and was simply making an observation. Standing near the back of groups of people carrying luggage and trying to get their dorm number, Karen was still trying to figure out whether the co-ed rooms could be used to her advantage or not.

"It all depends if our roomates are yatsu I guess..." She muttered, talking mainly to herself. Next to her, Alex glanced at her, unsure what she was talking about, something which happened quite frequently.

Noticing the glance Karen looked up and smiled. " If our roomates are yatsu, it'll be better than then just being normal boys" The comment just drew a confused look from the taller girl as they made there way to the counter.

"Boys are boys. Sharing a room with any will be a pain, however if they are Yatsu it will be an oppotunity to try and find information. Or if necessary take out some pieces if a fight is about to start" By this time they'd reached the desk, and her calculating face dissolved, instead turning into a sweet smile. "Hey, we're Karen Woods and Alex Heart"

The guy gave an annoyed look, as if he had better things to do, before looking down the list. For a second the look dissolved into surprise as his looked at the list, to Alex, then back to the list, apparently surprised that her full name revealed her to be a girl." 76 for... Miss Heart, and 69 for Miss Woods"

Karen nodded in thanks, smiling again, as she turned away walking down the corridor, Alex in tow. The surprise of the man had not gone unoticed, and it was a good thing. "You know, not all Yatsu members know you. Perhaps you could use that to your advantage if your roomate turns out to be one"

Alex didn't answer, she rarely did. She knew what Karen was suggesting, that she try and pretend to be a boy, but she didn't see how it would work, after all everyone knew the rooms were co-ed. Karen would happily give suggestions to help it, but it involved lieing. Decieving she could manage, but not lying. Not unless she had to.

"69. I might as well see if my roomates here yet, or at least check out the room. Good luck with yours Alex, think about what I said" Karen was smiling again, as she pushed open the door to her room. She caught a glimpse of Alex nodding briefly before the door closed, as sshe was left to look at her room.

It was empty, her roomate apparently having not arrived yet. Sighing she dumped her bags on one of the beds, and began sorting through it, all the time thinking through ideas about what to do when her roomate arrived, and what action to take if he was a Yatsu.

After Karen has entered her room, Alex had simply continued to her own. She wasn't happy about the co-ed rooms, but for a completely different reason than most. It meant she would be dorming with a stranger, someone she didn;t know, and Karens mentions about it possibly being a Yatsu member put her on guard.

Upon raching the door she stood outside it hesitantly for a minute, before she gathered herself, and pushed it open. The first thing she noticed was the luggage. She herself had only brought one case, and she couldn't help but thinking how her roomate had managed to carry it all the way up here.

Her eyes continued to sweep the room, looking for dangers, until they finally rested on the figure on one of the beds. Was he Yatsu? Karen would probably have been able to tell her, but she wasn't here. So instead Alex just nodded to him, her free head lightly curled, just in case. Hovering by the door she was unsure what to do. Talk to him, ignore him, she didn't know.
"Well that could of bloody gone worse. I don't think a woman as ever complemented me and insulted me in the same sentence before." Ray commented after his room mate dropped out the window. "Well I guess it's time to look at the bathroom and change my bandages." Ray had gotten shot by some random gang punks back home before his flight here. Changing his accent to an American Midwest Dakotan mix like normal he was glad the room was clean.

After changing his bandages Ray went about unpacking his luggage. "My M6A2 goes here my favorite STI goes there..." and he said this so on and so forth as he unpacked. He had been warned by a friend who'd been here before too bring his weapons. Why? He didn't know but if one of his friends suggested it it meant bring it. "All put away now... except you I need to clean and repair you." Smiling ray picked up his Crusader arms Templar and began disassembling it. (This is gonna take awhile since I also need to slipstream it.)
Mamoru was gazing up at the ceiling, wondering if it was a good idea to stick a poster there, when the door opened. Instantly, his sense of hearing tuned to the visitor, though the rest of his attention stayed where it was, on that ugly plain white ceiling. "Do you think," he said to the other in the room, "that I'll have to use duct tape for a poster on the ceiling? I don't want it falling on my face when I'm sleeping, you see." When he got no real answer, he sat up and inspected his room mate, pushing up his glasses on his nose.

What lovely green eyes~ He felt like they were peering right into his head, reading his thoughts. "Um... Hi~ I'm Mamoru Yamaguchi. You are?" he asked with his slight Japanese accent. He wasn't too sure about this person - not even about the gender! The body said male but the face stated otherwise. And then he remembered that the dorms were co-ed and mentally kicked himself.

I wonder... Is she Yasha? he thought as he looked her tomboy clothes over with slight amusement. She could be my opposite... If she liked girls, that is. He almost chuckled to himself but still managed to keep his cool, smiling softly up at her.
Aamori looked up as her new room mate walked in, analyzing him.
She raised her eyebrows.
"Stranger things have happened." she said quietly lifting her self up and extending her hand to shake his.
"The names Aamori Evangeline Del-Desotta" she smiled slightly. Attempting at least to show some form of friendship.

Aaron walked through the hall now and walked to the desk.
"Hello." he said to the receptionist warmly.
"I am Aron Everett which dorm am I staying in this year?" he smiled again, this time the guy on dorm duty did to , it seemed Arons smile was still infectious.
"Room 69, have a nice day."
Aron nodded in thanks and walked up the stairs taking off his coat he grasped the handle and pulled it down walking into his new home for the next year.
A look of surprise flickered across Alex's face as her roomate, who she'd been expecting to either ignore her, or ask her name instead asked about how to stick a poster to the wall. "Ah, I..." Caught off guard her eyes flicked up to the ceiling, unsure how to answer, as was often the case when a random question was asked.

However before she had to think up an answer, her room mate sat up and looked at her. She just looked back, subconciously fixing her eyes on his and trying to figure out whether he would pose a threat, a habit induced by all the training her father had pushed onto her. When he spoke, she snapped out of it and looked away, reminding herself that he wasn't necessarily an enemy. For a minute she just stayed there, before remebereing he had asked her name. She gave a shy smile. "Ah, it's Alex. Alex Heart."

Allowing herself to look at him again, she took him in, forcing all ideas of Yatsu and Yasha out of her head. She didn't want a fight, especially not with someone she'd be sharing a room with for a while. He seemed normal, at least what she could think of as normal from the limited interactions she had with people out of fights, though he's clothes seemed slightly differently from what she'd often seen on boys.

Finally relzaxing enough to allw herself to properly enter the room she walked to the untaken bed and sat down, placing her single case on the floor, before once again resuming looking around the room, once again waiting for her roomate to continue the conversation, instead of risking saying something that didn't work.


Karen was half way through sorting her stuff when she heard footsteps outside. Swiftly hiding the knife she had just picked up on the inside of her sleeve, she ensured all other weapons, and articles that may betray her nature where hidden she urned around, a smile on her face as the door opened and her roomate stepped in.

The first things she noticed was his smile, which seemed to mirror her own. He was somwhat tall, with a willowly build, and in genral uninpressive, but that didn't mean he wasn't fighter. She of all people understood how easlily looks could be deceptive. Deciding for the moment to put thoughts of gangs behind, and instead focus on winning trust she stepped forward holding out a hand, her face still wearing the smile.

"Hey. I'm Karen Woods." She fixed her eyes on his, hiding her tactical thoughts behind a look of innocence and friendliness. "It's nice to meet you. I have to admit I've been worried about my roomate, after all our school does have some scary people in it, but I hope we'll get along okay."
Finishing repairing, cleaning, and slip streaming his Crusader Arms Templar rifle Ray put it back in its case after testing the trigger a few times. (That wasn't too bad just had to put a new firing pin in.) Ray sat there for awhile looking at all his weapons. Ray then started to put them away in their collective cases, except a couple of his STI pistols, and put them away under and around his bed and dresser. With that finished and not having any thing to do in the main building that day he just changed into his pajama pants and laid on his bed reading, with his bandages on his chest and abdomen uncovered. He began waiting for his roommate to come back or to cook dinner down in the kitchen which ever happened first.
Juri was bored, she had walked around most of the school had yet to see anyone she recognized. She really hated having been sent to this school. She ended up just buying a snack and heading back to her dormroom. Upon opening the door she noticed her roommate reading a book while laying on his bed. She watched him for a second while chewing on anpan, noticing the weapon cases around his side of the room. Maybe he wasn't entirely boring. Anyone with so many weapons must have a decent back-story. "Oi," she started with a mouth still full of bread, "are you Yatsu?" She asked bluntly.
Ray saw his roommate walk in out of the corner of his eye. (I guess she decided to come back.) When the girl suddenly asked, "Are you Yatsu?" Ray started. "No. Um... what's Yatsu anyway?" Ray stated. (Okay what the hell is or are a yatsu?) He was confused. (Is it a gang and is it why my friend told me to bring my wepons?) He then sat up exposing his bandages to her sight. (So what should I do now?) Ray then looked at his roommate quizically.
Rough, callused hands. The hands of a fighter.

Still working his charm, Kenzo's interest in the girl suddenly doubled once he realized she was the enemy. Actually, now that he thought of it, she might have seemed a little familiar... Maybe.He was terrible with faces and even worse with names. Speaking of which: "What kind of name is that?!" he teased and, bringing Aamori's hand up to his lips, he murmured, "May I call you Mori? I think it sounds much cuter."

But with the girl being Yasha, he was perfectly prepared and expecting a violent reaction, his free hand well aware that it was only a few inches away from his kendo stick should he need it.

At the sound of his room mate's voice, Mamoru received a bit of a shock. He was expecting her to have a feminine voice but instead, he'd plainly heard a voice that was more androgynous. Even her name 'Alex' was enough to make Mamoru second guess himself. But her face... He was certain Alex was a woman. He just couldn't be wrong...

Again, he wondered if she was Yasha. She'd make a very valuable asset if she were, tricking Yatsu boys into thinking she was one of them. Suddenly, a light turned on in Mamoru's mind and his inner self grinned with mischief.

"Alex, huh? Well I guess they made a mistake at the office and put two boys together," he laughed, cocking his head to the side as if he were just a little airheaded. "No complaints here though~" With that said, he went to work, sticking posters of rockstars and horror movies to the walls, making sure only to cover his half of the room.
Aamori pulled her hand back probably a little quicker than most would and rubbed her neck.
She knew his face, and she had a gut feeling he was Yatsu. She let a smile play on her lips at his comment but shrugged it off.
"You can. It's my nickname anyway." She brushed her fringe to the side slightly so she could see his face clearer.
Yup. Definitely know him from somewhere.
She stepped back a step and let her hands fall to the side, her arms were rarely crossed, it meant she'd be ready for an unexpected attack.Her instructors words flashed through her mind.
"expect the unexpected "
Aamori's eyes flashed back to Kenzo, she knew she could not trust him, not with his face seeming so familiar.

Aron was still smiling, his seemed to grow once she introduced herself.
"Hello" he stepped into the room more and shook her hand gently looking into her eyes.
"I am Aron Everett, pleased to meet you miss woods" he nodded to her and let go of her hand stepping around her to put his stuff on his new bed.
"Yes, there can be some scary people here, but once you get to know them. They're not so bad as they seem." his voice was light and warming, and he turned again to face her.
"I think we'll get along fine."
For a second Alex's eyes flickered with surprise. She hadn't intentionally been going for tricking her roomate, after all she still didn't know if he was Yatsu, or just a bystander. Yet it appeared he had indeed just been fooled by her appearence and name, despite the idea of co-ed dorms. For a second she considered correcting him, but she knew she would be reprimanded by Katelyn if she knew she'd just passed up the chance. Lying she couldn't do, but playing along, she could manage.

"Ah yeah. Maybe there were more of us" She smiled back at him as he turned away to go back to work. His last words caught her interest, unsure what he meant by no complaints...He would just probably feel uncomfortable deeming with a girl. Seeing the conversation had closed she absentlymindedly fiddled with her case, debating whether to start unpacking. Unlike her roomate she had no posters or other decorations, just clothes, and supplies. She found her eyes resting on the boy, as her thoughts wandered off elsewhere, hoping Katelyn was getting on alright with her own roomate.


"Aaron, thats a nice name" She held his gaze with her own friendly one before he walked to his bed. She watched him as he did so, her eyes fo a second turning analytical as she took him in again as he spoke. 'They're not as bad as they seem?' Is he one of them? A Yatsu? She asked herself, before allowing her friendly face to snap on again as he turned around.

"Maybe, but I still prefer to keep my distance if I can. I don't like the idea of people hurting one another" A definite lie, though it didn't show. She couldn't care less, but if she could keep her roomate in the dark about her affiliations with the Yasha, especially if he was Yatsu, getting information would be so much easier. "It just seems pointless, when it can be talked out instead"

She smiled again. "At least there are no problems here, if you're my roomate. You seem nice, and I'm sure everything will be fine"
Sensing hostility, Kenzo backed off and took a seat on his bed. For a moment, he stared up at Aamori, trying to remember when and where he'd seen her before... Maybe during the last year-end rumble? But that was three months ago and as he'd stated before, his memory was crap. You'd think I'd remember such a cute face though, he thought to himself.

Eventually, he gave up and instead picked up his bokken sword, inspecting it for damage like cracks or chips. Satisfied that it was still useful, he set it beside him on the bed, next to his kendo stick, and unzipped his suitcase. On top of his clothing sat his most prized possession: his Meitou katana, given to him on his fifteenth birthday by his so-called 'father'. Though he disliked the man, he very much loved the sword, for it was an old, masterpiece of a blade, passed down from father to son for generations, each one using it rather than locking it away to collect dust. Tenderly, as if holding a newborn child, Kenzo lifted the sword from his suitcase and placed it on his knees. This baby's tasted a lot of blood...

"So," he said to Aamori, keeping his gaze on his sword as he slid it from its sheath. Light gleamed from it's flawless body and Kenzo found himself smiling. "You're Yasha...right?"

Once he was done decorating, Mamoru stood in the center of the room, staring at his work. He was admiring a poster of his favorite rockstar when he got a terrible chill down his spine. He hated when that happened! Putting a hand on his hip, he cast his gaze over his shoulder at his roomie and cocked an eyebrow. "Alex... Staring is rude you know. Plus, it's kinda creepy..."

He smiled though, turning to face the window this time. "Still light out. Wanna go explore the grounds?" He was more interested in finding his brother but knowing his way around the school would serve a purpose incase he needed to avoid certain...err...circumstances. "And maybe we can make some new friends while we're at it."
Aamori watched him as he lay his weapons down and became deadly silent she sat on her bed and crossed her legs fiddling with the ties on her bag, if necessary the gun inside would find it's self useful for a quick response.
When he asked is she was a Yasha she let her eyebrows raise higher and a shocked gasp escaped her.
"Me? A Yasha" her her skin paled and she looked at her hands.
"No. I can't fight" she laughed quietly.
"Unless you call pulling hair a fighting technique."she peered at him through her fringe.
Yup. He's Yatsu, so what does that make of our arrangement.

Aron nodded.
"I'm as nice as you find them" his eyes lit up.
"Anyway, since the fight last term I'm sure everyone will be glad to get a new roommate." he laughed.
"But some things can't be talked out" he pointed out his eyes serene.
"I am a strong believer in self defense." he smiled and began to unpack.
Self defense, murder...same difference to me at the end of the day.
Juri finished her snack, "really? you came to school without even knowing about the Yatsu and Yasha?" She grinned after staring for a moment. "So whats all the weapons for then?" She asked, but before waiting for an answer she pulled her weapon from its holder on her back, suddenly throwing the chained weight into the wall near the boy's head. "You're pretty heavily armed for someone whose not Yatsu~," she said with a sinister little smile, yanking the chain to pull the weight out the wall and casually swing it in a circle at her side.
"HAHAHA! Just because I'm not familiar with the yasha and yastu doesn't mean I dont come prepared. I've had friends here and all they told me was bring my weapons so I did and btw nice weapon, a little unconventional but what ever works right?" Raymond quickly and calmly streamed out. "By the way my name is Raymond and yours?" Raymond asked and waited for her to respond.