What were your early days on Iwaku like?

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  1. Looking back, I never really expected or planned on joining a site that is dedicated to roleplaying. Before Iwaku I had only ever hosted private roleplays of my own as the GM on ffnet, which now feels so... Limited in terms of what one can do to help improve one's content.

    I joined because an old RP buddy of mine who was once a player in one of my old RPs mentioned Iwaku. I never really thought of it much since she only mentioned it in an off-hand manner, but since my old roleplay was beginning to go inactive I was finding myself more and more in need of something else to do. She did host a group rp on another site that I became a part of, but once that went more inactive I finally gave in to my curiosity about Iwaku and joined.

    That was in December 2014. Iwaku surprised me with the black background and colorful prefixes and usernames back then, it certainly looked different from what I was used to. But I liked it. The number of group roleplays, the threads and the forum posts were certainly much more varied and at times intimidating to look at, but it was also pretty exciting. There were a lot of new features and things to make posts look neat and nice, which was always a plus. The Roleplay Resumes though, now those are a great feature.

    Because I wanted to have a more dedicated and yet easier to manage rp, I looked more into the 1x1 forums. That was where I looked for partners, and I found some nice people to rp with. Back then I was just a little blue star so I remember seeing some teen members around a lot. xD I think some of them are already red stars like me now.

    I met @Sen in December 2014 as well. To be honest, I just stumbled on her partner search because it looked really nice. xD I never thought the RP would be more than just a liberteen roleplay but it turned out to be so much more, and I'm very happy with what I found and what I built with her. I also joined some group roleplays that I really enjoyed participating in.

    Back then I was never really very active on the more visible parts of the site, such as General Chatting. I think I only replied more in the Bored Games and Asylum section and only occasionally in General. xD But I remember noticing the people who appeared here often and they were - and still are - all very memorable characters in their own ways.

    It's fun to look back on early times here, so I would like to ask everyone:
    • How did you discover Iwaku?
    • What were your first impressions of the site?
    • What did or do you like best about Iwaku?
    • Did you have some pretty memorable happenings early on? Funny incidents?
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  2. How did you discover Iwaku?

    I honestly can't remember off the top of my head.

    What were your first impressions of the site?

    It was chill, the first forum where I was actually comfortable talking in the General Chatting area. It gave me the impression that this place was worth hanging around even if I wasn't roleplaying. And way too many took Asmo too seriously. Holy shite, I've been on here for three years. Huh.

    What did or do you like best about Iwaku?

    The atmosphere to be honest. I really enjoyed the lax roleplay rules, like you didn't have to have a character already made up to join the site. I still feel the same, this is my favourite site.

    Did you have some pretty memorable happenings early on? Funny incidents?

    Oh geez, I can hardly remember what I even did this morning. Hm, I remember getting a letter from Diana when we still did the card thing where she gave me a sticker and told me my name was cool. That's all I got.
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  3. A fellow rper who I knew from another site had asked me to join :)
    Lol. I was like "OMG I can justify my text here! So many formatting option!" and basically fangirled. I did think that everyone was way better rpers than in my last place. I was intimidated a little but I really wanted to rp with good rpers.
    Hm... honestly speaking? The fact that there are so many adults here, and I don't mean just in late teens early twenties. People my actual age, people older than me with kids! I've never met anyone my age with the same interests!
    Not really lol. I'm a very cautious person so nothing very memorable happens to me ^.^
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  4. @Kestrel is to blame. Thanks Kestrel.
    "So it's like the site I was on before, but the BBC works, the admins give a shit, the moderators are not power hungry lunatics, and it's LGBT friendly? Well bugger me sideways, I think I need to move."
    As silly as certain parts of the community can be, and as much as certain people retain hateboners for me that will apparently last until the last fiery star burns out in the nice sky? The community, actually. I like it here. It takes some getting used to, certainly, but, there's nobody running around screaming about how gays should burn in hell. There's nobody trying to convert me to Christianity, but at the same time, there's no "hurr durr atheism superior let's never stop talking about it" circle jerk idiocy camps. If I ever have issues, I can talk to the mods. If I fuck up talking to the mods like a complete idiot, I can talk to @Diana and she actually listens to me. I can write free of fear of the moral judgement of amoral people. The site always feels like something new is being made and tested and played around with, right around the corner.

    I guess I like Iwaku because I saw it as a new home. And here I am. Home. I may not have been here at its inception, and hell, it's existed most of its time without me let's be real here, but it's still home to me. I enjoy it here. I'm safe here.
    "The Great Migration."

    It was supposed to be a joke between me and the 20-something odd people I was bringing over to keep playing in my role plays. A simple "haha yeah we're all together, now let's join this community." Then a couple GM's asked me where I was going, GM's I respected immensely, like @Pachamac for instance. So, not wanting to be some elitist dick, I told them where I was going. So they brought their players, who told others about where they were going. And, before I knew it, I had people blaming me for the 100+ flood that swept through onto Iwaku.

    So, I'm gonna make this clear one more time.

    Whatever everyone else does, is not my fault, because I'm not responsible for it. @Kaga-kun and @Gwazi Magnum and others came here of their own volition--they had no idea that I was the one who started the cascade. And, hell, even that is kind of dubious. After all, @Kestrel was here before I was. @☆Luna☆ was here before I was. People like @Jorick were already talking about leaving the site we were on before I was. I just saw the discontent, realized I wasn't alone, and capitalized on it to bring me and my players to a more stable site with a better, healthier community. It didn't really stop me from getting blamed for it though, and getting vitriol over it, and being mocked and derided over it.

    So I suppose memorable... It was fun being thrown at the head of a movement I never meant to create, then getting verbally abused for it for months by people I barely knew.

    Not that I'm not at least partially responsible for it, mind. I could have just as easily joined and not said a word about any sort of migration and kept my business to myself. Ironically, it was my over-eagerness to interact with the community that made me think it'd be a funny joke to begin with.

    So I guess memorable was eating the pariah bullet and being bullied for it so nobody else among my group would have to sustain it themselves, then making a series of mistakes and fuckups that slowed my own objective of "integrate into the community" down.

    Still, that was months ago. It's been pretty good lately, and people seem to like me here. I finally succeeded at my objective of "fit in somewhere and feel like some place is a nice home I can write stories at." Some folks still whisper nasty, gnarly shit behind my back, but, alas, can't do nuffin' 'bout them, and it happens to everyone. (And I can't claim total innocence either.)

    @Razilin 's antics never got old though. He just seems to appear and disappear like the goddamn sex-obsessed Batman. I wonder if he's gotten his threeway yet.
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    • How did you discover Iwaku?
    A friend =^,^= She's no longer apart of the site unfortunately vnv Love you Insanity♡
    • What were your first impressions of the site?
    It was new and I wanted to touch everything o.o I spent most of my timeline in the Libertine section to be honest with another friend and it was a blast ^.^
    • What did or do you like best about Iwaku?
    I can touch everything now :D
    • Did you have some pretty memorable happenings early on? Funny incidents?
    Pfft, the list is still growing. I've met so many awesome people through Iwaku it's impossible to pin point favorite moments :3
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    • How did you discover Iwaku?
    When everybody from Moonwings (or was it AFTA? Whatever) moved over to Iwaku officially after the two halves of the forums finally decided to do a proper merging and bring together both communities to RP together, was when Iwaku as it has now come to evolve started. That's where I began, so in spite of my 2014 join date, I've been around as long as Diana has. :D

    • What were your first impressions of the site?

    • What did or do you like best about Iwaku?
    The community, oddly enough. The people and "familiar faces," as it were. As large as it is, there's still a degree of intimacy, and I've known so many people here for so many years. A huge chunk of time, really. I've known Diana since I was, what, 12 years old? I've known Kooriryu since I was 15. I've even met a number of still-active users in real life!

    • Did you have some pretty memorable happenings early on? Funny incidents?
    I might have gotten banned early. Though that might be an older memory of previous forums past. Hah! Uh, none come to mind, honestly... OH! Early in the Iwaku Mythos, I hit the Asmodeus character with a tree I uprooted. Just a good ol' SMACK! like a baseball bat.
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  5. I was asked by a former Iwaku admin to Iwaku's sister site. 8D At the time I was running a roleplay forum called Moonwings. It was basically "girl Iwaku", cause Iwaku at that time was super dude heavy. It was crazy weird how the two sites reflected feminine interests in a roleplay community vs masculine interests but still have the same "feel" to the different communities. O_O

    I LOVED IT. Iwaku reminded me what my site used to be like before I started having community issues. Everyone was still excited about roleplay and ideas. I loved the sense of humor and the kind of personalities it had. I felt like I was among my kind of people. Eventually Iwaku ended up kidnapping me after I shutdown my own site. >>;

    It's the people. The people attracted me to it in the first place, and I have worked very very very hard as an admin to keep that same "personality" of the community. The relaxed laid-backness. The chance to throw out that dark humor, or speak your mind, and be the kind of person you are without getting censored. And still keep it respectable and considerate of other people. It's a hard balance to maintain but it works for Iwaku!

    UUUUUUGGH. Okay, when I was running Iwaku sister's site, me and the Iwaku Admins planned an April Fools Day joke together. We told both of our sites that we sold the sites and that they were merging together. People FLIPPED THEIR SHIT LIKE FUCKING ASSHOLE DOUCHEBAGS ABOUT IT. Like legit lost their damn minds thinking the world was gonna end and everything would be fire and damnation. O__O I hid offline for a month.

    This HILARIOUS thing about it, though - it kinda came true a year later. I shut down my site, and then was asked to help Admin on Iwaku. A lot of people ended up coming with me to Iwaku. We then proceeded to hijack Iwaku from it's inactive admin, and then years later here we are. 8D
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  6. @Brovo

    I was probably a part of that little cascade. Never knew you started it.
  7. Yep. On the flip side, everyone's here of their own volition. Their own choice. All their contributions are their own and everything they do is theirs to be heralded as good or bad of their own rights. All I did was shine a spotlight somewhere and took a sizable number of people with me. So you're still responsible for your being here, obviously.
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  8. Lemme see here... my best buddy IRL told me that she had found an awesome website that did online story writing. RP wasn't something we'd done much of before.
    She linked me to it on MSN when we got home.

    It looked really fun and the people there were overall pretty nice. Homac explained to me how to make a character and set up roleplays and stuff because I was a stupid baby newb scared of making mistakes. I made a few RPs with my IRL friend and Xindaris and such until a bit later, I saw this really cool huge group roleplay thing that almost all the members seemed to be in and asked Rory if I could join and be a part of his team. The latter was how I count really coming into the community and I think that that was the real start of my Iwaku experience.

    Since the beginning, one of the biggest factors for me about Iwaku is the closeness and the community. Roleplay as the main focus really pulled me in, too, since I had only started a little on sites where it was something people did for one or two lines before chatting OOC or something.
    Well, there was a cool and nice girl that pretty much everyone liked and had a nice writing style and stuff. Who then revealed that they were just nervous about sharing personal information or something like that but wasn't actually a girl. Killed a few crushed, apparently.

    *Edited for easier to read
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  9. Nah man, give me a month and I'll have the queers purged.
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  10. Even if I haven't been here for years, it's the community and the people I met here that are what I love most about Iwaku. Yeah, I do know what you mean about how the community can be silly, @Brovo. :P I've been lurking on General Chatting and I can honestly say that I've seen a lot of both good and bad phases in the community. Overall, though, it still retains that feeling of intimacy and laid-backness that @Seiji and @Diana mentioned and that's honestly one of the best things about the community. I like seeing the familiar names and faces around, they're part of what makes Iwaku 'home'.

    The fact that the community is pretty open-minded and accepting about LGBT+ and religion as well as atheism is also a definite plus. ^^
  11. Well obviously, yeah. With how things were, something was bound to happen sooner or later. I probably wouldn't have known about Iwaku if you didn't start it though, so hey, thanks.
  12. Was looking for a roleplay oriented site because I was just sick of roleplaying chatrooms. I started off in chatrooms and just found most of them boring after I got into roleplaying. So I googled for top sites and stumbled across Iwaku and then joined :P

    Really complicated website. But I like that it had a dark theme because my eyes are pretty much shit and the old site I left was very bright. And I really liked the colors of the prefixes and how everything was sorted by genre (RIP) and how there were so many people wanting to do 1x1s and Group Roleplays.

    How everything was all nicely sorted, hoho. The people were really nice as well and there was something for everyone. Yeah, really liked that. Old site only had romance obsessed people who really wanted pure sxc times and that was just kind of off putting and boring. WHERE IS THE FANTASY??


    I made the mistake of joining way too many roleplays or getting into too many 1x1s and ended up jumping ship. Stupid idea since it was just rude. But then I started to be a little more selective and try to find people with some of my ideas. Then I met @Hana the ultimate bb and started a six million word creative story that's still ongoing and makes me wanna cry ahahahsgvfdhsajk
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  13. I'm one of the people who came to Iwaku because @Brovo moved his roleplays here. I was active in two of them, and the old forum was in a really shitty state that was making me consider leaving anyway, so I was happy to make the move.

    My first impression was "holy shit look at all the post formatting options," because the previous forum had been stripped down to just bold and italics and such for formatting. That site had actually died completely, all data lost, and the owner was very slowly rebuilding it from scratch. Closely following that first impression was "omfg active mods? admins who are actually present and active?!? yessssss" because of the looooong history of understaffed moderation and basically absent admins on the old site.

    My favorite thing about Iwaku at first was just the activity and newness of it all. I was comparing everything to the site I'd been using, and that place's out of character forum section was pretty shitty. Nowadays my favorite thing is, as others have mentioned, the general atmosphere of the place. I like that it's all calm and chill for the most part. It's great that I can just be me, whether I'm feeling like serious business discussion mode or being a silly shitposter at the time, and it's all good. Oh, and I also love the fact that here, unlike my old forum, I don't have a weird fan club that e-fellates me at every turn. Y'all are chill enough and/or have enough other cool people to obsess over that I can just do my thing without dreading the eventual swarm of dweebs coming to act like I'm their cult leader.

    The funniest thing I recall from early on was the Genital War. It was a dumb series of shitpost threads with people taking sides about which sexualized body part is the best. I believe this is where @Razilin started up his racks meme. I, being a contrarian goofball, declared myself the High Priest of Dicks and preached their merits to all the heathens who professed the superiority of boobs or buttd or cunts or what have you. And now I'm one of the people who handles the serious business of security issues on the site. Good times.
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  14. This! I mentioned the first part in my post. Being able to see mods and even the admin taking active parts in not only forum upkeep but silly threads really makes me happy.
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  15. Poked the roleplay sections, fell in love with the content sections, everyone was really nice, so I stuck around!

    I posted a LOT, especially in what was at the time called The Worldbuilding Guild, Diana kidnapped me to the CV team and after I kept up with that for a bit, suggested I apply to staff. The rest is history n_n

    EDIT: oh! There's a questionnaire!

    • How did you discover Iwaku?
    I was googling about for dedicated roleplay site. I was tired of casting about on sites like Gaia and Neopets
    • What were your first impressions of the site?
    Looked great! Not too sloppy, not too snobby! The rules were all stuff I could understand and respect, and it seemed to be thriving with activity
    • What did or do you like best about Iwaku?
    My favourite part was and still is the Content section! I loved that there was a whole chunk of the site for people who are crazy about writing and want to improve. Even better, the people in this section were genuinely just writing nerds nerding out together, not snobs trying to lord their eliteness over everyone.
    • Did you have some pretty memorable happenings early on? Funny incidents?
    I remember someone made a comment in my 'hi I'm new!' Thread about how my name made me sound so tiny they wanted to put me on their pocket or somesuch. Iwaku was also the first place to start morphing my nickname! After a while I started keeping a list. Y'all have generated over 50 recognizable variations of Minibit over the years! Minibunchesofoats is still my favourite n_n
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  16. How did you discover Iwaku?

    A few months before hand I had decided to finally get back into forum RP's cause I spent the next while absent. The only RP I was in ended up being @Kaga-kun, but as @Jorick already mentioned in his post it had suffered a massive wipe/loss of data. So not only were we working with limited tools but the site was also occasionally crashing, making managing the RP a pain. Eventually Kaga through a friend of a friend chain (that eventually led back to @Brovo @Kestrel) simply mentioned 'a' site to move to that actually functioned. I had no idea that others from the Guild had moved there, my assumption was that those who joined 4 months prior to me were gone for good. I simply jumped on the chance to have a site that could actually run RP's where there was at least someone I knew. So I was pretty damn surprised to later find out that everyone I assumed simply retreated to Skype groups of what have you had actually moved to Iwaku before me.

    What were your first impressions of the site?

    Ew, New place. I don't like the colours... Oooooh! Shiny Options!

    I spent maybe the first 2-3 days of the site keeping to myself in the RP's OOC just getting used to the site in general... But, I don't ever last long on sites where I'm not at least familiar with the community. It could be constant hostility like on the Guild, but if I'm not involved in any way I just feel like an outsider which makes my days numbered, so curiosity had me peeking into General Chatting. And like I mentioned above I was then shocked to recognize a lot of the Old Guild people up and about. My first reaction was to go "Oh sweet! I haven't seen you guys for a while! Hi! :)", and while some people like @Brovo was pretty cool/friendly about it most of the others initial reactions was "NO! FUCK OFF GWAZI! WE DON'T LIKE YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!".

    This put me in a rather unique spot. Cause on the one hand most people who knew me before me were being hostile, on the other hand most people on Iwaku didn't know me. And I could have been hit with the "Damn Immigrant" reputation others mentioned... But I think the way other 'immigrants' reacted to me counter-acted it in their eyes (That or I just didn't notice the hostility, cause the Guildies was that much higher). Which kind of led to me focusing my efforts of building relations with the new Iwaku people while hoping the Guild people would eventually calm down. This seemed to explode rather quickly... for reasons even I don't understand. o_o

    To explain, I think most people here will remember my first few months ended up being me starting 'revolutions' and getting crucified. But... I never actually started any of this contrary to popular belief. The Revolution thing was something Myrnodyn started, I just joined in one it as a lacky... But I guess I posted fast enough people assumed I had taken charge? Similar deal with @The Silver Paladin crossed me... But by then my shitposting leader reputation kind of got sealed, and I admittedly I had fun with it so I don't even find. XD

    Anyways, another thing of the site I liked now but was cautious with at first was the active/involved Mods and Admins. The reason for the caution was that with prior experience being the Guild, and leading an earlier actual (not a joke) migration of my own from one Star Wars RP site to another my only prior experience with active forum leadership was if they were being pissy, power hungry and/or going on a ban spree. So my gut instinct was "Shit, we got Zealots running the site...". But, overtime I didn't see that stuff happen, at all. What I saw was them interacting with everyone else, like everyone else, and it being far less of a "Them and Us" deal and more of just a community of friends and family. So as soon as a realized my concerns there were unfounded the site gained a ton of instant brownie points.

    What did or do you like best about Iwaku?

    The fact almost no one here is an uptight ass hole mainly. People can have fun here and be silly without most people getting cranky about it, or moving to make a debate thread of Christianity VS Atheism or what have you. We get the occasionally ass hole, but three of them all ended up to be the same banned person XD. Save for one or two people I don't feel the need to walk on egg shells to please them, and can simply be me and as well as basic respect and intentions are shared everyone is pretty cool with people (the one or two I just accepted there's no appeasing them. So I pay them no mind).

    Did you have some pretty memorable happenings early on? Funny incidents?

    I kind of jumped the gun here with the Revolution and Crucifixion stuff above. o_o

    I also remember the time my suggested Facehugger emoticon not only got accepted, but was promoted to a post rating. That was pretty cool. :3
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    IIIIINCORRECT!! (Or at least, not completely correct.)

    Take a look at my Iwaku join date, y'all. January of 2014. That pre-dates even @Kestrel's join date!

    Technically, I first joined Iwaku waaaay back during the massive downtime between oldGuild going down and newGuild going up -- back when no one could access the site and no one had any idea what was even happening. I was not only bored without the Guild but also concerned about it, and I was starting to give up hope that it would ever come back. That's when one of my circles of friends (who could not have been indirectly invited by Kestrel through a chain of friends, because that would be chronologically impossible :P ) told me about Iwaku and said that they'd moved there while the Guild was down, which is when I tagged along and officially made an account here.

    Then, when we learned that the Guild was technically back online but that the site had been wiped and had to start over from scratch, my friends were absolutely done with the Guild. They wanted to permanently move to Iwaku and never look back. And bear in mind that this was a rather sizable friend group -- but, because they mainly kept to themselves in RP threads as opposed to hanging out in GC, I guess they really weren't noticeable as a "Guild migration" in the eyes of the community at large. At any rate, I for one wasn't quite ready to abandon the Guild altogether. I was too attached to the community there, and, besides, during the first few months of newGuild's existence, it seemed like things were actually getting better and the site was really being developed! So I tried to balance my RPing between Iwaku and the Guild -- mostly only joining Iwaku RP's that my old friends invited me to -- but, overall, I really didn't spend a lot of time here. I was still mainly a Guild RPer. And, although I did sort of still use Iwaku, there were long stretches of inactivity in-between the chunks of time when I was doing anything here.

    Over time, though, it became clear that the Guild was falling apart and we'd been abandoned by our creator once again. I remained loyal to the Guild for a long time, but I just kept coming across so many debates around the Guild about whether or not it was worth staying -- debates waged between the loyal idealists who thought it could get better, and the slightly more cynical types who said "nah, let it burn -- we found a better site, anyway". And that's when I heard the name "Iwaku" tossed around a couple times (along with, I think, the names of a few other RP sites -- but Iwaku definitely caught my attention as I was already somewhat familiar with it). So, around winter of 2014-2015 (about a year after I already officially joined Iwaku!), I realized that I was being too loyal and too idealistic, and my RP's were becoming a pain to run on the Guild, anyway. DX And I decided I might as well go to Iwaku because I already had an account there and I was more-or-less familiar with the site already. So that's when I more "permanently" moved here by moving over my RP (which, yes, is how Gwazi got here), and it's also when I started to get more involved with the Iwaku community at large and got caught-up with all the other Guildees who were here. And I recall being one of the first people to say something about Brovo's supposed "Great Migration", as I most definitely knew for sure that he was not the one who invited everyone -- because me and a whole bunch of other former Guild members moved here way before Brovo did. XD I just didn't really become a full-time member until after the fact, thus making me look more like a "straggler" of the migration as opposed to being someone who technically had an account here long before the migration started, using it on-and-off up until that point. :P

    At any rate, even at that point, I still wanted to keep tabs on what the Guild was up to and remain connected to that community. In fact, I technically still had RP's that were running on the Guild! (They were just RP's that I had joined as opposed to being the GM of, so I couldn't exactly move them over, myself.) But, those RP's all died soon thereafter. And, without any RP's to give me a reason to come back, and without the Guild having properly functioning email notifications (therefore requiring me to manually check my thread subscriptions), I quickly fell out of the habit of checking in on things there. And, without spending any time on the Guild, that meant that I was spending even more time on Iwaku, so... yeah.

    And that's the story of how I very very slowly transitioned into being a full-time Iwaku member over the course of about a year, if not longer. XD
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  18. A rather infamous member of the community named Akibahara invited a number of people from a thing called the Traitor Games on a comic book forum. I got weird vibes from the guy (which would later turn out to be dead on), but I decided to give it a shot a try it out.

    Difficult to answer that one honestly. My first impressions of the site came from the Murder Group, which is not a very accurate judge of the site as a whole.

    • What did or do you like best about Iwaku?[stabs][/stabs]

    While my view of the larger community was largely nil, I did have the good pleasure of meeting some of the staff when Aki was banned. I've been on a lot of forums before, and let me say this succinctly. Most staff are something that rymes with mickheads. But, the staff here seem to have their collective act together and are very pleasant to work with.

    My bud @BarrenThin has probably cost me a few years of my life by endlessly making me laugh with his antics.

    Does my earlier writing also count? :|

    But for real, what I do find amusing is how crappy my rp plans were before I left the murder group to fully pursue them. We're talking Michael bay level shit here. Thankfully I've had some awesome help in improving them @Ringmaster @Cromartie Sarkissian @Mighty Roman @The Silver Paladin.
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