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What went wrong?(RWBY Rp)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by DemonicSoulz, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. It was night time in Vale. Few people roamed the streets and many of the shops were closed except for the one that stayed open late at night. A boy was in a shop buying a few dust crystals and heard the door open and saw multiple people enter the store before pushing the boy out of the way. "Hey watch it" The boy said before one of the various thugs pointed a gun at him. "Hands where I can see them" The man said causing the boy to laugh. "Alright..." The boy raised his arms before smiling and kicking the man and running outside before throwing a dust crystal at the men causing it to explode and freeze some of the store.
  2. (So do we post our characters coming in here?)
  3. *Ao Kaung was one of those few people roaming the streets. He saw the commotion as he removed his ear buds and pulled out his twin dragons (the weapons he uses). He ran over to the boy that threw the crystal* What the hell did you do that for?!
  4. "Don't blame me blame them they tried mugging me" The boy said catching the crystal and loading it into his weapon before changing it into a form where the middle was a beam of energy of the element of the dust crystal. "After all...that guy right there is my main problem" He said seeing a guy with a white coat come out. "Well that was unnecessary now was it" The man said as the boy point his weapon at the man.
  5. *Ao quickly aimed his twin dragons at the man that emerged from the store* it's also unnecessary to be pointing that gun.
  6. A redhead girl sat on a rooftop nearby, watching the scene unfold. What was a girl doing out at this hour you ask? Simple. She just didn't sleep. "I wonder if they'll be able to take 'im." she had a sip of water. "I'll wait for a good time to make my presence known." she said to herself, wanting to see if they really needed her help or if they were just fine on their own.
  7. "Wish now...there's no need to get violent." The man said putting the weapon down and using it as a cane since it was one. "I was just going to get dust then leave till your men decided to try and mug me" Kira said as he kept his weapon up. "Sorry for wasting your time but don't think I'll let you go that easily" Kira said before removing his hood. "I rather kill you Torchwik and get rid of the White Fang" Kira said
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.