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  1. What was the first character you ever created for rps and stories? What is the character's name and what is the story behind the name and why you created the character?

    The first character that I ever created was a witch named Essence, who was also a vampire. The reason I named her that was- when I name my characters, I just write names down on scrap pieces of paper and put them in a hat. And that was the name that I had chosen for her. The reason I created her was because my best friend and I were collaborating on a story and I needed a character. But I wanted the character to be modeled after me as much as possible- except the witch and vampire part. I used her for years since 2006 when she was first created. But after about ten years of using her, I got bored with her and sent her to my character grave yard.
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  2. My first character was Seth Bloodmoon, an exiled ilarian elf who had forsaken the god he once worshiped. As I have stated in other posts I pulled his first name from Sephiroth, in a sense, by removing the 'phiro' part from the middle of it. As for the last name, I took two words and threw them together, lol. Not an overly imaginative way of coming up with a name, but yeah.

    I made the character for my very first dive into chat room rp back in the late 90's when I finally stumbled online for the first time. I have played him the most over the years, though lately it's mostly been solo stories. If I ever send him to my character graveyard then, well, it means I am done with rp and probably writing as well.
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  3. Wow that is pretty interesting and I would say pretty imaginative. I usually create characters on the spot.
    The second first character, I guess if you wanna call it that lol I created was a vampire named Dagger. I still use him today. And the same as I did for Essence, I just pulled his name out of a hat- I know it's random and kinda bland, but it works. I created him around the same time as Essence as a husband for her. He is an albino vampire, but what makes him special is that when he first became a vampire he was experimented on by his own kind- through the vampire council- to get rid of all the hereditary weaknesses like allergy to sun and a stake through the heart. But if you are thinking, how can be he killed well... hee can be killed, only by removing his head.
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  4. I think my first character for a roleplay was a Meowth named Shoo!, in a Pokemon RP on Yahoo Groups. Not much to say, and now I fear retribution from someone who may have been there too, because I totally did a sparkle flounce out of that group in the end.
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  5. Someone asked me this a while back and I can't remember him anymore. Give it some time and I'll remember, but I do remember another old one I made.

    His name was Silverblaze. He was a warrior cat in the clan Thunderclan from Erin Hunter's Warrior Cats books.

    He died when my dice decided that a hay machine was a good place to sleep.
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  6. The very first character that I REMEMBER and actually... uh... "developed" was Diana Jones! A refugee alien princess turned FBI agent. 8D Basically Mary Sue Diana. I'd put her in all of my daydreams and my stories and eventually I just had this whole Star Wars/X-files genre blend thing going on merging universes together. You can pretty much list off the entire DO NOT DO list of a mary sue character, and that was her. >>;

    I'd say I'm ashamed, but it was FUN! Since then I have split the original concepts and created new, different characters that make a lot more sense and work better for roleplay settings. :D
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  7. Ursa Moss


    Short dark hair

    Blue eyes

    White Raven


    all I remember

    I should resurrect her


    Ursa Moss was also my first Druid Character Rolled in my first DnD campaign with my Uncle and Aunt. My very first character for online Role-play and influenced the birth of the Fijoli you know today.
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  8. That one is easy. I started roleplaying as a sub-section to a flash website/game, when it got too hard and repetitious for me to want to progress anymore. His name was John, and he was a 4,000 year old immortal. In that story he was a constellation, (Scorpius, if I remember correctly), and had the ability to control the wind. But that story died really quickly, and a friend from that story and I took our characters, and sent them off on their alternative path together. That was when he became who he really is, which is a human man who has never found a way to die. We spent a lot of time flushing out his/their back stories, and I know him almost as well as I know myself.

    His name came from the fact that I was looking for a name that would be so common, no one would look twice at it. So, John.

    God, I miss roleplaying with him...
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  9. I share the name of my first character.
    Thomas McTavish was the author of a psychiatric journal recounting his own experiences with the unknown and his slow but sure decent into madness, which would be read by his doctor and the warden. I wrote the first entry as a project in middle school and tried to kick it off by writing more, but I got bored and abandoned it. The idea remains, however.

    As a person, Thomas McTavish is a very intelligent being, albeit he hallucinates on occasion and is prone to random outbursts of insanity, in which he does odd and occasionally frightening things, but quickly snaps out of it to be left wondering what he just did and why. He understands that his mind is fractured and he doesn't have full control of himself, but the things the 'mind fractions' make his body do still disturb him, even when he sees it coming. If he were in public and did something he would likely play it off and often claim he was insane in a joking tone, trying to playfully dismiss any notions that he was just plain weird and did the odd little things on purpose, while giving a hint that there is actually something wrong with him.

    One day I may find a place to use him here...
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  10. My first character that I can remember ever creating to use in RP was a back when I was like, 9. Her name was Rebecca Thompson and she was cool and badass bounty hunter that wore sunglasses and had little blonde partner just like Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats. I drew her ALL the time and even though I hate looking through my old art I'd kill to find one of those old sketchbooks.

    (Gunsmith Cats was my first anime/manga and a gigantic inspiration for lil' Crowsie)

    14 years later and you can still see those influences in my original characters. I sure do love my female badasses.
  11. The first character I played in more than one thread was this Demonic hit man dude that worked for a large crime syndicate. It was part of a semi-mass rp on another site. I really liked him and wrote a long and detailed background about his life before he was introduced into the rp. I was going to continue playing him when I came to Iwaku, but it didn't feel right, so I retired him. In one of the last threads I played him in he ended up going to the cold and desolate regions of the north western US to retire and live out his days in solitude. I think I have all the threads I ever played him in saved somewhere on my comp.
  12. My first rp character was called Elisa Crawford, which is a short version of my best friends first name, and a surname which I found pretty.
    She was a pureblood witch in the hp world, who's father left her mother before she was even born.
    When she was a tiny little girl, she accidentally pushed her best friend down the stairs, and he broke his neck when doing that. She tried to help him, but she couldn't do anything, so she ended up being an alcoholic.
  13. Those are all interesting characters and it shows that we have a lot of creative individuals on Iwaku. It's interesting to see how people use different methods of creating a character.
  14. The first character I ever created was for the first story I ever wrote. His name was Jake Thomas and he was a Shifter. A shifter is basically someone who can take on the traits and abilities of other creatures, because in the world he lives in there are other beings (like elves and changelings) that live side by side with humans. It was the job of the Shifter to keep balance and peace between the races.

    That story was actually the first time I was ever encouraged to write what I wanted. The binder full of paper given to me to write it in was a gift from my girlfriend. No matter what else she did for or to me (since she ended up dumping me in the end) that gift and her encouragement inspired me to write. The story of Jake Thomas, an average kid given incredible powers by gods he doesn't even believe in, was my first step in realizing the wild and crazy potential I could tap into.

    The story in its original context didn't work out. I still intend on writing Jake Thomas as a heroic character in a real book, but with a lot of edits and changes from the original version. (For starters, it won't be first-person narrative. That was just a mistake.) That being said, Jake Thomas and Shifters are my ideas so don't nobody go taking them.

    That last part sounded a bit spiteful and paranoid. I know a lot of people here have some very original ideas, and don't need anyone else's to get by.
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  15. Mine was a catgirl named Yuri who lived in a forest because human beings scared her and at the time that sounded cool. She was graceful, used dancing for her fighting style, and blushed a lot. I was like 11 years old when I made this character, so I didn't really know what the hell I was doing. The first time I put her into a RP, I accidentally got myself involved with lesbian romance. :| Being that young (and also a hermit, even at that age I was scared to leave my house) I had no clue what a lesbian was. So I freaked out when there was suddenly kissing going on. One of my best friends explained things to me and then I went to apologize to my RP buddy. XD It was an...interesting learning experience.
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  16. Mine was a stick-figure whom I called ''Louy'' I made many comics with him in them and probably made more than 1000. He was a blondie, spikey haired (which was inspired by Sonic), and he was usually portrayed as a normal guy that had to save the world occasionally and was put into weird situations. I can't remember how I came up with his name. But it was PROBABLY derived from the character Louis from L4D but I switched a part of it.

    Only once ever roleplayed with him and it was boring, may or may not ever bring him back as a full character. Anywho, that's Louy. :P
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  17. I rememberrrrrr. His name was Yamato. But then I thought, "Damn, I must sound SOOO unoriginal taking a REAL Japanese name, so let's rename him by changing a letter." Thus, "Zamato" was born. I cringe at saying that name cause it sounds like you're hesitating when you say tomato (as in "toe-maah-toe").

    I designed him kinda like Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia, except in male form, black clothes, and power over shadows instead of summoning spirits.

    I even had art made for me.

    I REMEMBER HIS FEMALE SIDEKICK TOO. Her name was Rikuya and she had power over water and she had a staff shaped like a--get ready for this--BUBBLE WAND. That's right a bubble staff wand (I thought of it before PowerPuff Z Bubbles got it. D:) and she was a clumsy dork.

    I am so embarrassed.
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  18. My first character.

    The first character that I ever truly made into something was a girl, actually. Even now, I'm still improving her and turning her from the basic person she was into a more complex, actual person.
    Her name is Anastasia Marie Evelyn.

    I made her, surprisingly, for nothing more than Realistic roleplays, and maybe with a touch of Supernatural writing somewhere in there. I have to admit that when I first created her, she was a really 'oh boo hoo be sad for me' character, a pity-party one. She was short, physically frail, and I believe that her eyes had a discoloration from brown to a muddy red. She was abused at home, bullied at school. Now that I look back on the old Ana, I cringe to think that I created her looking like such an attention-seeker. But nowadays, I've actually developed her into her own person, a person who is actually a person. I love her a lot. I developed her backstory to still be . . . erm, tragic, but it's gotten to a point where it's realistically tragic, not complete misery at every corner to the point that she looks like an attention whore.

    I'm real proud of her. And looking back on that horror of a writer I was when I was younger makes my skin crawl, but it means that I've improved, which is great.
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  19. Habit, Some times I too look back at some of my old writings of when I was younger and cringe. I sit there and think: What was I thinking? This is really horrible, I could of written this so much better. lol but I did see how I gradually improved over time.
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  20. Yeah, AntiFreeze, exactly! It's usually really motivating for me to think back to that time, though. Gives me a sense of accomplishment. I always elaborate on my really old roleplays and think of how I could've written them better, what characters I would've used for them. It's fun to do when you're bored.
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