What type of roleplay have you always wanted to do?

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  1. There's ALWAYS that one roleplay we wish we were a part of. Post here! We can discuss, and possibly start one!
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  2. Wheel of Time

    I have wanted to do a Wheel of Time RP since forever. I have a plot idea in mind, how we could weave together multiple players/characters, the works!

    I just... I'm a terrible GM. I'd need to build the RP, and hand it off to someone else. I'd also want to have multiple boards to post in (much like Illium has with a dedicated OOC, and dedicated threads for each area/faction).
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    I have in all of my bazillion years of roleplaying have never done a Highlander fandom rp or even one based on the concept. O_O Why? I don't know. Not the right time, right plot, right players...? I've even written up a plot for it and everything.


    each player plays a god/goddess and each god/goddess picks a human champion, the god characters play chess with each other and the human champions save the world.
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  5. Because my dad loves Highlander, he made me watch that movie a million times. The concept and everything is stuck in my head! T.T

    Also...the RP I have always wanted to do...a Dragon Age one (Not one based off shitty Two >:[ )

  6. So you're saying that one day... There can only be one?!

    Holy crap that sounds like it could be actually really, really fun. Each player plays his god, and his own champion? Or is the champion another player that writes accordingly to his god's wishes... or doesn't? O_O

    I call Harry Hamlin!

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  7. I would be all for this, seriously. It'd be awesome! The human champion can be another RPer too, to make it more interesting.
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  8. Sly Cooper -esque. Not a fandom, persay, but a similar cast of characters going on zany adventures.

    Also, something like Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire where a small group of people (no more than five) each control half a dozen or more characters in various locations with a variety of subplots focused around a central power struggle. O.O It's just so hard to find people willing to take on large numbers of characters, and who are active enough to keep the RP alive.
  9. Well, I started watching The 100 because I thought it looked sort of interesting.

    It's not going to be really a fandom-ish thing, but the idea of sending a bunch of criminal/innocent humans to a radiation soaked Earth would be fun. There would be fights over dominance, supplies, and the threat of something other than them lurking out there. Other humans? Or a monstrous creature? The Earth could be changed drastically, all previous modern cities blown away and everything a vivid, wild-grown world. The radiation would've created new plants, weather, and animals too. I always found these types of ideas really fun, but people never seem to be really into the whole sci-fi sort of thing.
  10. [​IMG]
    Harvest Moooooonnn~!
    I'm One x One exclusive, but I love playing multiple characters, so populating the town would not be a problem. It would be a simple, slice-of-life-ish roleplay with plottiness going on in the background (curses, quests, natural disasters, the Harvest sprites/goddess, etc)

    I keep getting my chain yanked on it V_V​
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  11. I'm interested, if you want to...
  12. It'd be way easier for me to decide if I want to take you up on that if your roleplay resume was filled out ;)
  13. Scott Pilgrim!

    I've always wanted to do my own version where the girl has to defeat her boyfriend's previous exes. Those are some of my most favorite comics, and I adored the movie, so it would be a dream come true to play out a story of my own based on these. It's never happened because either I forget to suggest the idea, or people aren't interested. I'd more than likely make it a 1x1 because I'm not a fan of group RPs. It just looks like such a fun universe to play in.
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  14. Ermegerd, Scott Pilgrim. I would so be willing to do that, I love the Graphic Novels and the Movie ^^. I also like your idea.
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  15. I have an idea in my head based around a company creating dreams and… such plot twists that I wanted to spin. ;n;

    I have almost the entire storyline hammered down, with a few malleable points depending on what the characters do. I also had a partner for this idea, once, but they were dragged away by real life before with got more than a few posts in .__.
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  16. Done :)
  17. Stargate Universe! Because I freakin loved Eli and they ended it way too soon! Anything to do with Stargate actually....except Atlantis.
  18. All that Seiji said. WoT game would be lovely. Like him, I have my own ideas and such. I'm just not a RPer as much as others, nor a good GM. So it's just a dream
  19. Anything and everything horror. Preferably grimdark and/or bump-in-the-night.

    I like weird things. I am slowly building my own little world that has to do with dreams and nightmares. I hope I get to use it soon. :)
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