What turns you on?

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Now, with that out of the way:

What excites you about the opposite sex? A way they move, they smell? Perhaps a certain physical attribute, or even a mental attribute? A hobby, maybe?

What turns you on?

Inversely, what turns you off? What's something that, no matter how good-looking or "amazing" a person might be, they do or have something that just seals the deal of "No" for you?
Turn-ons: Intelligence, self-awareness and the ability to dream beyond the box.

Turn-offs: Dumb party-going princess-complex blondes with too much makeup and zero awareness of the world beyond their stupid little self-absorbed empires of sycophancy and gossip.
On: Brains, wit, creativity, similar interests, and blondes. Contact. Interest in what I do art-wise.
Off: Ignorance, unwillingness to see beyond their own face, disinterest and ennui. Too many piercings. Some, fine. Too many? Nuh uh.

(I happily have a partner, so this information is totally written for my own amusement)
All that really matters to me is that he's chivalrous, thoughtful, respectful and funny. As long as he can make me laugh and accept me for who I am, and can get along with my family, that's enough for me. He has to be himself, too. Not pretend to be somebody else just to impress someone, or myself.

"I'd rather hate you for everything you are than ever love you for something you are not."

I'm very attracted to eyes, smiles and arms, though. Those are simply bonuses; not requirements. Vibrant irises and clean, white, toothy smiles make my heart race, as do strong arms that can keep me safe. I have a strange attraction to red hair, too. (For both sexes, actually.) Glasses are also an added charm. And, I'm a piercing lover. I actually love them more than tattoos.

As for turn offs, well... The opposite of all I said. Disrespectful, thoughtless, rude and boring. lolol Also, being clean is important. I had a relationship with someone who only bathed once or twice a week, which was unbearable. :| And wouldn't use deodorant. Made me not want to spend time with him.
I'm also not a big fan of facial hair. Mustaches, mostly. I like beards if they're kept neat and short.

EDIT: Oh, and smoking. Smoking is very much a turn off.
So fluffy, what your basically saying is that we can't date until I'm out of the army.

Also turn ons, Biters are a definite hell the fuck yes, brunette or red hair, I can't pick an eye color really because I've seen every color look good and bad. Definitely smaller girls, but that's because they're easier to... never mind. A love for the arts is a must, and she has to be down to earth, I can't stand people who pretend to be better than what they really are.

I'll add more later
Nice to me, or at least able to put up with me. I don't think I'm THAT difficult but then again I'm not a jock-frat boy type which seems to apparently attract most of the girls around these parts.

Dental hygiene is a base requirement for my attraction to start at all. If they smile and it looks like some sort of monster I'm either outta there or about to shove a toothpaste nozzle in there. Smelling nice, I've found, is also rather essential. For the reasons Fluffy stated plus a certain something only girls really have to worry about keeping clean. Yeah, I went on that subject, but just briefly. Someone who isn't materialistic is also great. Smart and strong enough to handle themselves is also great because even though I'm totally fine with coming to the rescue it's still awesome to see someone who can take care of themselves. Or as one man put it:

"I only make passes at girls who kick asses."

[Random note: Want to date a girl with green eyes before I die! @_@;;]
On: Not being a geek (I flirt with geek girls and geek girls get massive crushes on me all the time, but i don't date them). Brunette. Not an idiot (though a genius-level intellect is not required). Practicality and earthiness to contrast me. Willing to try new things. Just being pleasant. Must be petite and not obese. Generally, I like my women like I like my beer: Dark with a lot of head.

Off: Bitchiness. Super-tall women over six feet tall. Being a super geek.
On's: Has to love hugs (a deal breaker for me), must love animals and not be the sterotypical asshole guy. I also like guys that are somewhat smart, not genius level. I don't really care about looks but I would like if he was a bit cute, and just someone who like a bestfriend

Off's: No assholes, no jerks, and no one who only wants to have sex(That is a sore topic with me... don't ask...)

A clever wit and sense of humor that isn't pretentious or at the opposite extreme of being TOO crude.

Ability to play pretend or an appreciation for "fantasy".


Men who know how to use a sword.

Long, dark hair.



Talking down to me like I am stupid.

Metrosexual dudes. .___.;


Being too short. Sorry short guys... D:

Being mean to animals. >:[
Things that turn me on: Girl has to similar interests to me, or understand my weird sense of humor. If she loves video games, as much as I do, then it's a plus (I was once corrected by a girl on something relating to EVs, for Pokemon. It was strangely attractive). She's gotta stay clean, of course. She's also gotta be as open with me as I am with her. I'm not a big fan of playing mind games in a relationship, and a lot of good relationships can end because of a stupid misunderstanding or lack of communication. Also, the more outgoing and crazier she is, the better. Also, being "rough" during certain activities is always amazing. Hehe...

Physically, I'm more partial to brunettes or, on occasion, redheads. It helps if she's as tall or a bit shorter than me, though being only 5'5", it's kinda rare. e.e Oh, the crazier the eye color, the better. While I don't mind regular eye colors, like browns and greens, if a girl has one of those rare everycolorevermixedtogether eye colors, it's just amazing. Also, at the risk of sounding shallow, boobs. I like a nice pair of boobs on my lady. (As if women don't like their guys well endowed either. Pfft.) Also, if she's strong and can kick ass or something. That's always awesome.

Turn offs: She's an insane gossip, and likes getting into other people's business. I don't mind helping people and stuff, but if she has to know EVERY SINGLE THING about a person's life, then it's no good. I'm also not fond of the type of girl who is ALWAYS trying to be right. I'm not the type of person who will go out of my way to win an argument, but if she's trying to ALWAYS be right, and, indirectly say I'm an idiot or something, no thanks.

Physically, I don't like the girl to be too much taller than me. I think it's a quirk most guys have. And women who over-accessorize, or something like that. Like, wearing a MILLION rings and bracelets, or something. Dunno why, it just annoys me (Though I'm okay with most body piercings. I'll just probably never get them).

Metrosexual dudes. .___.;

Being too short. Sorry short guys... D:


1) Yay for not liking metro dudes. High five!
2) You put that short comment just to piss me and my 5'7" frame off, didn't you? I KNOW YOU DID.
Oh, let's see here.

Turn ons: Intelligence, a sense of humor, a sense of wonder, a desire for joy, an appreciation for nature, fit frame, a nice smile, clean.

Turn offs: Non-stop potty humor, addictiveness (I don't mind hobbies or a tad bit of drinking but sports fanatics, serious gamers, nightly drunks and pot heads are out!), slobs (doesn't need to be a neat freak, but should know how to clean up), laziness, muscle builders (ewww!) or skin & bones, know-it-alls (Just because your smart doesn't devalue other peoples opinions and experience), egotist (Confidence is great, but there's a line!)
Turn-ons: Intelligence, self-awareness and the ability to dream beyond the box.

Turn-offs: Dumb party-going princess-complex blondes with too much makeup and zero awareness of the world beyond their stupid little self-absorbed empires of sycophancy and gossip.

More or less the same for me.
Turn ons: Red or blonde hair, blue or green eyes, preferably shorter than me, I'm 6' so that's not hard. Intellect rivaling mine (not saying I'm smart, saying she can't be stupid) I like tattoos but I'm not really a fan of excessive piercings. Bookish and a gamer but not super nerdy. I love music so singing/playing is a plus but optional.

Turn offs: Being a douche, hating ninjas, finding the second trilogy of Star Wars movies viable as canon. Enjoying Christopher Paolini's tripe.
Turn on: Physical Features: Long hair
Personality: Has a sense of humor, loves art and anime, has some actual smarts.

Turn off: Physical Features: Looks like a stick, messy short hair
Personality: Dislikes art, has no sense of humor and has the mental capacity of a squirrel
Turn on: Confidence, cleanliness, sense of humor, honesty, dedicated, open minded, 'The glass is Half-full' outlook on life. Likes metal. Physically: Dark hair and or eyes -crazy colored hair is nice too, piercings, shorter than me, good teeth (Creeeeepy, I know), I'm really not one of those 'smile' guys; I like girls who look good when their pissed off! That's just basics, I like all sorts of chicks.

Turn off: Negativity, drama queens, overly materialistic, self centered, excess swearing, drunks (although it is fun to party once in a while as long as it stays once in a while). liars, two-faced types.
Turn on: A guy that can make me laugh (which ain't hard, seeing as I laugh at everything). Also a guy that can accept me for all my bitchy mood swings and my jealous ways annd the guy has to accept my family, even if they are a little 'off'. OH an big dicks turn me on to.... LOL! Just kidding.... Sort of. ~.^;'''

Turn off: Short guys.... I just can't do it. You could have the most amazing personality in the world, but if you're shorter than me I'm out!

Luckily my boyfriend is a giant and I can wear heels and he still has a few inches on me. I'm 5"8 and he's 6"4. <3
@ Clover: In defense of all men under 5'8", I kick people who are over 6'0" in the shins until they're 5'4"!

We will not be repressed by the mutant giants! Viva la revolution! Dwarves for the win! For Edoras and the blood red dawn! CURAHEE!
@ Clover: In defense of all men under 5'8", I kick people who are over 6'0" in the shins until they're 5'4"!

We will not be repressed by the mutant giants! Viva la revolution! Dwarves for the win! For Edoras and the blood red dawn! CURAHEE!