What to do?

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  1. So, hello. I'm new in this site and a novice on "non-gaming roleplays", and I'm looking for someone to guide me through this dark valley of lascive kinks and epic fantasies.

    I'm used to fantasy settings with magic, no historical or steampunk.
  2. I'd say I could help guide you, but I feel I am a novice on these kinds of roleplays as well. Regardless, would you want to see if we could get through this together?
  3. We could try. Do you have any idea of game?
  4. I think I'd be fine with anything as long as it's in a fantasy setting.
  5. Let me think something and I'll post when I come back from college.
  6. That more than works, I was about to be headed for college myself soon.
  7. I would, but would one need more infor and I've never DMed before. Also with what your wanting it would need to stay in the threads and use digital dice with some type of D&D or other game logic.
  8. I'm more inclined torwards Fate than D&D, as Fate allows you to translate your character better than our loved d20 titles.

    Here you can see an incomplete hack/mod I am making with Fate Accelerated because yes: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxR_qRILuJkqdk53bDlDdi1xMGc/edit?usp=docslist_api
  9. I read the link. I understand most, but don't know the story form and the dice is confusing to me.
  10. It is incomplete, you can find more info about Fate on www.fate-srd.com. But, if you don't understand it, don't force yourself too much (I got to finally understande some concepts weeks after reading the srd, one page per day).

    I'm not looking for a long term game here, just... something new?
  11. So, no dice involved in Libertine.
  12. Well done, dice is back! I think this is some kind of a kink, to me.

    What kind of ideas do you have?