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  1. Saddlebred - what about one where fantasy creatures live in the same, modern day world as humans?

    Nimh (Yes, I'm on saddle's account..hehe.) - uhm, that sounds good. We need a plot, and some conflict. And some amazing scenes.. What do you suggest? War? Death? Destruction? Drama?

    Saddlebred - It should be all of them, at once. And yes, we need amazing awesome fabulous scenes! I will play Erline and Emir (treeboy and djinnboy respectivly, as I have affectionately dubbed them) and there will be amazing things. But what things? Do we want it based on a song for the plot?

    Nimh - What awesome songs do you know about those wonderful topics? I'll play Rayna Vickor, and Tamara, a couple characters I have included in previous roleplays on this forum.

    Saddlebred - Well, anything by Rise Against is a big yes. Black Masks and Gasoline, Prayer Of the Refugee, Give It All, and Strength To Go On are all fabulous. Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars. And, of course, This Is War by 30 Seconds To Mars. There are a few Vanessa Carlton songs that have a nice disaster undertone to them, but most of those are also relationship based (White Houses is particularly nice).
  2. Hmm, I like the Rise Against choices... and well, all of them are good. Maybe.. just a couple of the songs? I'll be more specific in like the next post, but... If it is going to be war, and destruction and such, and modern, what is our twist that the song can't give us? Oh, and obviously it's fantasy.. So are these creatures accepted? As you said "live in the same modern day world as humans." So are they unknown to the humans or are they intermingled? Heh, utopia gone wrong?
  3. I think maybe...intermingled? Like, some of the humans know that they exist...but most of them don't? I don't know. I just picture, like, a vampire who runs a blood bank and elves that use smart phones. A spider queen that runs an inn, and things like that.

    As for the twist...what if they've /just/ been outed? Their existance has just been made public knowledge - and it shouldn't have been, wasn't supposed to be, and now all Hell is about to break loose.

    There's also the fact that we could have some creatures going against their natural grain. Like Emir, for example, is a djinn that has grown up watching his mother date and marry men, only to eat their memories and discard them when they are no longer of any use. His main character plot point is that he doesn't want to do that - and so he just refuses to eat. Which, of course, doesn't go well but that is neither here nor there, lol.

    I'm sorry, it was a long day and I'm kind of rambling. Which Rise Against songs were you thinking? I could form more concrete ideas that way. c:
  4. Lol, that sounds awesome!

    Which I agree, that sounds pretty awesome too, I mean who wouldn't be outraged that some of the blood is drank rather than sold to a hospital. I mean comm'on that stuff is expensive!

    Oh rihgt the dijnn, that confusing thing. So confusing, but he sounds like such an awesome character. We'll figure it out that that isn't a problem..

    Uhm... Strength to Go On,and Audience of One, though I don't think it was on your list. How does that sound?
  5. Saddlebred - Okay. so due to the rule of Pokemon coin tosses, you shall go first! Where shall we start?

    Nimh - Alrighty, I will go. So. If this is a war based roleplay..and only some of the humans know that abnormals exist.. And its a war between the two, just recently started. The few that know should be the soldiers who are enlisted in the war. Annddd I want a human character too. So I'll post that CS when I get the others up.

    Saddlebred - Yes, I shall also play a human character! I have this idea for one I've been wanting to flesh out anyway. So...you should show me how to do a CS on here. c:
  6. CS:
    Name: Tamara
    Race: Human
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Short about 5'5" and slim about 108lbs. She has freckles.
    Hair:, Red, more orange than red.
    Eyes: Green eyes.
    Typical clothes:
    Bio: She's sarcastic, lacks proper manners. Believes in being honest and partners should have nothing between them, as in secrets.

    Name: Rayna Vickor
    Age: 24
    Race: I'm a vampire
    Appearance (I have the actual picture I drew.. But.. I'm lazy..)
    Eyes: They're dark red
    Hair: Same as eyes, but with brown.
    Typical Clothes:I wear black and red, typically a long sleeve shirt with a hood, and semi-tight black pants. And yes, I have a cape. Can't have sun, now can I? My clothes do protect me from it. Surprise. Surprise.
    Body: Slim build, standing a whole 5'6".
    Accessories: A black lace necklace, tightly around the neck
    Bio: I'm snippy, I don't like people, but I tolerate them... Though not humans, they're sad and pathetic, more as... bait. I think non-humans are easier to get along with. I don't take orders from people I don't respect, and I refuse to drink most non-human blood, well it depends on the creature. I talk to myself, which means, don't respond. I can be more threatening than violent, but if I say I'm going to hurt you, then I will. My word is all you will need, ever. I care for people somewhat, just in a very introvert kind of way. When I'm happy, I act happy, just not the giggly kind of way. Being a vampire, I can in fact turn into a bat, though, that doesn't always last long. I'm also a tad telekinetic.. I'm a vampire.. it comes with powers. And so does more than human strength.. But who cares?

    Name: Melissa James
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Eyes: Blue eyes
    Hair: Dirty blone
    Typical Clothes: Blues and greys. Short sleeve-shirts; and shorts that go to her knees.
    Body: Slim build, tall mostly.
    Accessories: None
    Bio: Getting into the war regime was not her idea, it was forced of her for her economic situation. She lived on the streets since she was 18 and once the abnormals were revealed, she had to jump on the action. She is fresh out of boot camp. She's starting her first mission soon. She is kind and polite, but going through camp has made her more hardened. She doesn't reveal her emotions easily, but it is tough for her to adapt to military life. She's highly sympathetic and feels as though she will never be able to kill someone.
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