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  1. No one is ever up at this time its pretty annoying c:

  2. Hey! Don't ditch the Swedish time zone. Of course I'm up at 10 AM. I'm lazy, but not that lazy D:
  3. Hello.
  4. Im in silly NA time, and I figure the majority here arent... NA.
  5. I'm at +7 GMT Southeastern Asia, ooooh, I also got that vibe that Iwaku is pretty mixed in terms of member nationalities. Germans, British, Swedish, etc, etc.
  6. I'm more or less around at this time every day despite living in Oregon. Working graveyard shift is fun like that.
  7. I was up then.
    I was just playing Dark Souls because forum activity had seemed to die out a few hours before.
  8. I was up and playing video games. I'm always up at that hour.
  9. I'm almost always up at 4am. However, I'm almost always getting ready to pass out when I am up at that time.

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  11. Maybe you should wake up at better times then! 8D.
  12. Or inslave some of our members to always be online.
  13. Like yourself, @The Silver Paladin, and @Minibit.
  14. If you can get a General into Servitude I'd be highly impressed.
    Only two Iwakuians ever pulled that off. :P
  15. /me grumbles about liking to hang out in a place where she's good at things and understands how stuff works >.<
  16. Someone brought up a good point, why not try being up at a decent hour instead of whatever weird ass hour you're currently at.
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  17. Because that's so booooring! ;A;
  18. [​IMG]
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