What to Do When your Roleplay Dies

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    What to do when your roleplay dies...

    We've all been there but it doesn't ever seem to get any easier. You've created/joined a wonderful roleplay with just so much potential and now, it's stagnating. Maybe it's already died. This is a very sad, if relatively common occurrence so I'm here for you with a guide on what to do when this happens to you!

    First of all, check its pulse! The OOC is a good place to do this if the roleplay has one. Have people been plotting here about what to do? If so, perhaps you can try to add yourself into the mix to get the ball rolling with some gentle nudging. Are there several people who've posted that they're gone for the week on vacation or something similar? Then wait until they get back and try not to fret until they move into one of the two following categories: People who left and did not return or people who are online and not posting.

    If people are online and not posting, it is acceptable to politely ask for a post in their visitor messages or in the CBox/Messenger programs. Bothering them incessantly will get you nowhere. They might not post out of sheer irritation.
    If people have disappeared and haven't been online for over a week, perhaps check the absence thread. Are they really ill or cramming for exams on Friday? Then hopefully they'll return soon. If they haven't posted here, then it's time to get serious.

    If many people are gone, the GM can attempt to entice people into posting by threatening the well-being of their characters or offering to hijack them. If this does not work after several days, action is advised if you really want to keep this roleplay alive.

    Some people are willing to take over key characters that have been abandoned and sometimes people will create a new character if that will help the roleplay. If you are the GM of the roleplay, you can ask people to do one of these things by following the same general etiquette as advertising your roleplay to start with.

    Alternatively, if the characters can be written out to be replaced or simply written out in general, the GM can cover this. If there has been no response and the participant(s) have made no move in either answering in the thread or actually posting, the GM can hijack their characters. Killing a character off should be a final resort but sending them away on business elsewhere can effectively remove them from impeding progress while keeping them alive.

    If the roleplay if flatlining, you can always put it in stasis. The roleplay can be begun anew at a later date with variations made on it to try once more. It can be as simple as opening the idea again with new players or, if more is needed to make it successful, you can change aspects of it while respecting the same idea. The setting can be altered to change the feel of the roleplay and help with more methods of moving it along.

    Finally, when all else has failed and your roleplay is not revived, the final step is acceptance. Your roleplay did not fail because you're a failure. Plenty of great roleplays with good GMs end up dying. Mourn briefly for your fallen roleplay but don't give up! You can always try again (perhaps even with the same concept!) and really, wasn't it worth it after all?

    And now I'm glad I didn't know
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