What things are taboo to you in roleplaying?

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  1. Using the same character for every RP. I can't bear re-purposing and editing a single character to work for every single fandom. It just bores me and frustrates me when people continue to re-purpose the same character for different RPs.
  2. Not meaning to call anyone out or insult here - Just my own opinion. But refuse to try and understand or advocate the portrayal of abuse/violence in an RP in any romantic or glorified context... I see a lot of 1x1 stories where people effectively want to write an abusive relationship (some psychologically, but some literally). I understand (to an extent) the idea of a BDSM exploration... but straight up abuse in an RP just freaks me out... Coming as someone who dealt with that as a child, I just cannot for the life of me see the draw. Even with villains, I try to keep them from being too overtly creepy, because honestly, there is just no appeal in that sort of character.

    OH! Also... haha - While I wouldn't necessarily NOT RP it myself, I cannot fathom why people who have never had a kid or experienced pregnancy would want to RP it and 99.9999% of the time, it is so unrealistic that it physically hurts me in the soul. Pregnancy... isn't fun. It really isn't. It's awful, messy, smelly and uncomfortable XD

    I should stop hitting enter till I'm done...

    Smut/sex scenes/non-fade-to-black : Basically for me this is a two fold (maybe three fold) problem. The first being that I just don't find it entertaining. Dean Koontz once said something along the lines of when you start writing sex scenes clinically, you're no longer an author - you're a doctor.

    The second problem is that I am old fashioned and a married lady with kids XD and it's my opinion that the only person I want to engage in sexual activities with is that handsome baby daddy of mine - fictional or not.

    Third problem - which is less of a problem on this site, but a HUGE problem on other sites is that you just never know who you're writing with, age wise... and I am NOT getting arrested *lol*
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  3. It... depends. If by some miracle, there's some cross-canon stuff going on, then personally, go nuts. It might add some interesting interactions. If not, then there's always the possibility of an AU version of a character, but this only really works in a non-fandom setting.

    Myself personally? Here's The List™ (Non-Definitive Edition):

    • Too much edge: Especially to the point of trying to derail the plot. I don't give a shit if you're an edgy asshole and want to squeeze lemon juice into a grieving father's wounds (no joke, this actually happened to me and a friend in an RP), don't fucking ceaselessly disrupt the plot with edgy bullshit.
    • Power stacking: Especially with no explanation. You're telling me that Bobby somehow has all of those powers, and has mastered all of them without and form of training? I can understand being naturally talented in one or even two, but not 500.
    • Ragequitting because of a story event: This doesn't so much piss me off as leave me wondering why, but if you just up and ragequit because of a story event you got yourself into, then why did you bother joining?
    • Overpowered characters I can't stand these sorts of characters, whether it be me roleplaying them or someone else doing so. It just feels unnatural. This is especially prominent in roleplays that include fighting and stuff I roleplayed in 6th grade when I didn't know shit about writing good characters. Luckily I don't come across these "mary-sues" or "gary-stus" anymore, since many roleplayers I come across manage to give even the strongest or most well-mannered characters some flaws.
    • Characters with minimal personality traits: I absolutely can't stand these characters either. The ones of seen who fit into these categories are often put into apocalyptic or dystopian roleplays, where their writers would only focus on the situations their characters are in and not how about they cope or their personalities. In the past I'd often come up with characters and started roleplaying them without knowing all too much about them expecting to sculpt their character through roleplay, which always ended with me giving up the character entirely.
    • Real life people or canon characters: I don't mind roleplaying canon characters when I have completely run out of ideas, but I'm not all too fond of doing so. I just never feel like I'm doing them right, even if it is a character I love or identify with. When it comes to real people, I can almost never roleplay them. I can never know a real person well, no matter if I go into researching them or if I know them personally.
  4. Canon characters, for one thing. They've already got a personality, and as I see it, it's kind of like trying to wear a glove that was made for someone else's hand. Even if you can put it on, it'll always feel wrong.

    Another thing that bothers me is when my word choice gets repetitious. Sometimes I'll look back at a post and then go searching for synonyms just so I can change it up.
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  5. Oh gosh... I have a big list for this. But I can shorten it to this:

    - I only play OC as main char, I don't mind non-OC npcs.
    - I usually avoid fandom.
    - Most time I make characters based on the world, not putting premade chars on a world.
    - There is not much world that interests me.
  6. •Incest
    •Characters without flaws
    •Characters with no weakness
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