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  1. FFFFFFFF- *had headphones on* My poor ears...
  2. Holy mother of god that scared me.
  3. I am disappoint isabutt, so very disappoint
  4. Someone on Nationstates sent me that saying it was cute because they know I like cute things.. I had my headphones on jamming to Rammstein then FAAAACCKK!
  5. Link didn't work, what was it?
  6. What a totally innocent link.

    I am utterly positive nothing ill shall befall me should I click it.
  7. October is lucky..
  8. I think I died a little

  9. You listen to Rammstien???
  10. Wow, adrenalin.
  11. What the fuck would you do that for? Jesus Christ, are you hellbent on giving someone a seizure, or maybe some kind of fucking panic attack?
  12. Really? You clicked that without checking the comments first?

    Goddamn, son. Goddamn.
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  13. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, DEAR GOD I thought it was just going to be something just kind of weird, I was not mentally perpared for this.
  14. I'm too much of a baby to click that. Someone please tell me what that link leads to. ;_;
  15. Yea I love Rammstein!
  16. That was way too much for my old heart, ojou-sama.
  17. I do think you need a WARNING on that thing, because it may trigger a seizure for those who are epileptic.

    Scared the shit out of me, yo.

    But srsly, it'd be kinda awesome to put on a "Warning: May cause seizure for those with epilepsy."

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  18. X_X

    *Leaps straight up out of the chair and dies*

    Oh I am totally sharing the crap out of this link now. <insert maniacal laughter here>
  19. The ONE time I don't have my headphones on and I click this link. Dodged a bullet. ._.