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  1. The whole point of art is to make you feel, whether it brings about happiness, sadness, or rage. While it is a rather bold statement, everyone takes a different opinion on it, everyone reacts differently and interprets the message differently.

    On a less serious note.
    What the hell is up with this guy's facial hair?
  2. ...that was a really unappetizing looking cake. =|
    Why would you even want to make cannibal-esque cake, anyway?
  3. Well...

    I'm more concerned about those drunk guys kidnapping penguins in the side-bar.

    Just kidding!

    I suppose it could be interpreted as racist depending on how you look at it. It could be a simple cake made into a piece of art by a strange lady. Personally, I'd walk out of there because I"d be kind of creeped out by the cake. Seriously... That's just... Um... It makes me ramble about strange things...
  4. ​Forever disturbed.
  5. [video=youtube;TG9oSZjX6Qo]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG9oSZjX6Qo[/video]
  6. I do not know whether that is clever, disturbing, disturbingly clever, or just dadaism taken to the extreme. Why would you do that, seriously? The answer to this question escapes my mind. It is certainly a form of art in a sense, but the artist could have chosen a better way to represent his feelings.
  7. Itis racist, but I think it is using racism to prove a point. Hard choice on this matter.
  8. MFW:

    Yeah I... think just having survivors like Mrs. Dirie talk about it is probably a better way to spread the word about female circumcision.

    Also not racist: racist propoganda/art is supposed to make you feel good about being an asshole to somebody of another race.
  9. Wow, a swede that does something kind of cool.. xD The cool part is that it looks like they are eating a human and I am a horror freak xD hahah I didn't feel so much from the art, maybe because I am swede and we swedish people doesn't rage for much xD I think it was a pretty creative way of showing a point actually, he didn't try to be a racist he just wanted to show racism in his art. At least that is how I understood it. I just half listened to it though, I'm to tired to focus on it at the moment xD I'll take a better look at it when I wake up tomorrow. But I like when people uses art to show something which can make people rage, but honestly, what in today's society doesn't make people rage? You can't talk about anything without someone complaining about it x)
  10. Well personally for ME, the lady had waaaaaay too big a smile on her face while cutting that cake.