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  1. Okay, so is this chat site officially dead forever, or are we just waiting for something to happen? Please let me know, I have been concerned about the deadness of all the chatrooms as of late, it's usually packed with people. So has there been too much fighting, or is everyone getting lives that keep them all busy 24/7 of every day?


  2. We kept picking on each other until mom took away everything. Now no one is happy.
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  3. There's always people in there when I take a look. o___o So most likely you're popping in there when there's not a lot of people online.

    Active chat hours always change from season to season depending on holidays, school seasons, and whomever our most active chatters are. @_____@

    Skype chat rooms where people can chat and hide only with the peeps they like are also really popular right now!

    Of course it's also possible that the chatroom era is over. 8D But since I always see people in there, I think you're just having shitty luck.
  4. Diana had to put everyone in time out? Oh, that explains it! Lol.

    And yeah i guess I'm not able to be online late enough anymore because crazy schedule says my nights are no longer for sleeping, or having fun, haha.

    I'll try to keep checking in : )

    miss seeing people during the day, but its okay, i'm so scarily busy it's driving me crazy.
  5. But looky! I learned how to make a new thread...yay! :D
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  7. Lol. I might make a rp thread or something fun to try if any ideas come back out of my tired, dried up brain :D
  8. Jump Ins are usually a great place to get some fast-posting roleplay in! Posts are usually a bit longer and more in depth than charps, but not often by much. Just keep an eye on the writing level listed in the tags; 'give no fucks' and 'beginner' are going to be the shorter, more casual post ones that move fast!
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