What the Fuck...

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  1. Andrea fell face first on the floor, tripping on his shoelace. Well, yup, the day had gotten worse. Stupid fucking Murphy Law. He looked up and sighed. Thankfully today wasn't the day he brought his laptop to school.
  2. First, take a deep breath and try and explain what "rick rolled" means for me, I'm not familiar with the expression but I keep hearing it. Preferably in Romanian, or German, but even Gaelic or English will do I suppose.

    If it means what I think it means... What? You expect them to play good music in a public place? They aren't allowed to, it's a standardized chain company policy.

    Personally, the one that gives me the biggest hate-on is Desert Rose. I don't know who wrote it, or performs it, or even if that's the name of the song but I only hear it in Denny's/Ihop places and I hate it. HATE IT.

    HATE IT!
  3. Andrea got up and dusted himself off. " As okay as someone who faceplanted in the floor," he replied to her.
  4. Andrea groaned. " It means that I am fine. I just tripped, it hurts, but only thing that is wounded is my pride," he replied back to her.
  5. Sodika:Okay,good.Gotta go see you on the dark side*runs to school*
  6. Andrea watched her run and silently muttered under his breath. " This city gets weirder and weirder with each passing person I meet."
  7. Andrea hadn't even caught her name and did not feel the same way. He had barely gotten two words in besides a response and explaining what he meant. It wasn't much ground for anything.
  8. I love that song...

    Speaking of which, here's an awesome cover!
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  9. Ha! Paorou and I went to a convention where we were all rickrolled. It was concealed as "an announcement of a forthcoming anime."

    I smiled that day.
  10. I'd have murdered the announcers.

    Then the rest of the people at the convention, probably.

    Anyone who uses Rick Rolls outside of the internet should be beaten to death with a fish. 4chan's spreading fast enough, thank you; we don't need it outside the 'net.
  11. But.. but... he's never gonna let you down or desert you...

    Surely that counts for something.
  12. Negative, Asmo.

    We rickrolled and made everyone lose the game at our Geek Jeopardy panel this past weekend.

    And By the way,

  13. He just wants to tell you how he's feeling...

    You gotta understand!

  14. Well what do you expect? It's a song written by a faggot.
  15. Is true. Family Guy's dog, Brian even says so.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hYzpGWFPLo"]YouTube - FAMILY GUY RICK ROLL[/ame]
  16. Asmoman, you have new tasking...

    It is your job to write Iwaku related lyrics to this god forsaken song.
  17. *Beats Asmo with a fish, dressed in a suit of armour*
  18. *Sodomizes Grumpy with Asmoman.*

    We'll have none of that, Grumpy. Asmoman must not be disturbed.
  19. Nothing rhymes with love, and the Iwaku rhymes are getting old.

    So here's a dirty one instead...

    This is dangerous stuff
    You know the rules and so do I
    Condom ommitment's what I'm thinking of
    You belong to me, not any other guy
    I just wanna do some dominating
    Gonna fist with you with my hand

    Now I'm gonna beat you up
    Now I'm gonna say 'go down'
    Now I'm gonna feel your mounds and cum-spurt you
    Now I'm gonna make you whine
    Now I'm gonna hump you dry
    Now I'm gonna pulverize and hurt you

    You know my penis is so long
    Your arse is aching but you're too shy to say it
    Inside we both know that it's really wrong
    My roleplay game now you're gonna play it
    And if you wonder why you're kneeling
    Don't ask cos you're about to see

    Now I'm gonna beat you up
    Now I'm gonna say 'go down'
    Now I'm gonna feel your mounds and cum-spurt you
    Now I'm gonna make you whine
    Now I'm gonna hump you dry
    Now I'm gonna pulverize and hurt you

    And yes, "cum-spurt" is a word.
  20. One would think that getting Rickroll'd outside the intertubes would be funny.

    Sometimes, it is.