What the Fuck...

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  1. Andrea fell face first on the floor, tripping on his shoelace. Well, yup, the day had gotten worse. Stupid fucking Murphy Law. He looked up and sighed. Thankfully today wasn't the day he brought his laptop to school.
  2. Two Wolverines!!! Yay
  3. Andrea got up and dusted himself off. " As okay as someone who faceplanted in the floor," he replied to her.
  4. Andrea groaned. " It means that I am fine. I just tripped, it hurts, but only thing that is wounded is my pride," he replied back to her.
  5. Sodika:Okay,good.Gotta go see you on the dark side*runs to school*
  6. Andrea watched her run and silently muttered under his breath. " This city gets weirder and weirder with each passing person I meet."
  7. Andrea hadn't even caught her name and did not feel the same way. He had barely gotten two words in besides a response and explaining what he meant. It wasn't much ground for anything.
  8. Is it time for Chapter Beta?
  9. Harmony smile and kiss him back.
  10. Sodika:*puts book away*looks at board in curiosity*
  11. SodikaUhm okay that's fine.
  12. I look around , a very modern if not futuristic city. Most noticeable is a theatre, The Monarch, very art deco-ish.
    I need a drink.
    I spot a local watering hole, Fritzi's, good enough, so I walk over and push through the naugahide padded door into an Irish Pub, what the hell?
  13. Soika:*smiles*This might just work out.
  14. Just read up in the discussions and feel free to ask in chat or the drawing board if you have questions!
  15. "You better. Lyra misses her playmate."
  16. He seemed completely calm, "I think it's cute when you are feisty. You still seemed to enjoy it, wouldn't be only fair if I let you mark me?" he said sticking his chin up. This body wasn't his, his soul was already eternal and he would just need to find another body in the mortal realm if the body was damaged to severely. However he made it clear that he didn't mean to harm her, and that he was acting on impulse. His member was still hard, and this situation just made him want her a little more since he now knew she would not let him have his way with her.
  17. "Just make sure you wash up. You've had a long day."
  18. Astorath pulled on his shirt and buttoned it before walking over to Harmony.
  19. Assassin's creed beat you to that idea.