What superpowers do you wish you had?

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  1. What are the most appealing powers to you, and why would you want said powers? These range from games, to movies, to shows, to just about anything else, and there are so many powers people have thought up, that, I'm sure we could have a good books worth of superpowers listed, if we asked the world to contribute. So, out of all the powers we could think of, what are your favorites, and why would you make the decision to choose a power such invisibility, over the ability to walk through walls?

    Personally the things I would choose have to be invisibility, the power to shout like in Skyrim, and pyrokinesis.

    Invisibility, for pranks and not being bothered when I don't feel like dealing or interacting with people.
    Shouts, so that I can Fus Ro Dah someone straight through a wall when they piss me off.
    Pyrokinesis, because what pyromaniac doesn't want to control the flames they love to play with?
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  2. Telekinesis, so I can get things that I can't reach, and other more lazy reasons probably, but overall I think this would be swell.

    Illusion, just because I think it would be fun.

    And I'm sure there are more that would be quite amazing to have, like to be able to generate a force field, for example.
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  3. Teleportation. I wanna pop in on my friends and hug them to death! (Maybe instant transmission would be easier? DBZ forever)
    Maybe Super strength....Just for fun.
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  4. Flight.

    To fly where I please and see the world from a different view. Maybe even strength to match and nigh invincibility to visit another world on my own power. How fun would that be?

    Otherwise, shape-shifting.
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  5. The ability to make stupid people smart in an instant by just looking at them.
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  6. Flight: Because flying, duh.

    Power to copy other's powers: OPness for days, plus I'd be able to copy more than one at a time and be a God, basically.

    Invisibility: Fun shit could happen. That's all I'm saying.
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  7. My first choice would be telepathy, because the usefulness of it is beyond what I can explain.

    Second choice would be flight, because it would be quite fun!

    Third choice, I might like teleportation, because it makes some forms of travel easier, and one could get past things like a line to get into a show :D
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  8. Power of probability, forever and always.

    Probability of becoming a billionaire? 100%. Probability of waking up looking like a Calvin Klein model? 100%. Probability of finding the perfect man? 100%.

    Or, you know, some other kind of god-like power.
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  9. I wish I had The Force.

    Because it is basically all of the superpowers mentioned here so far, rolled up into one convenient package.
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  10. Teleportation because travel becomes a breeze and it gives me a dirty advantage playing paintball.

    Time travel along my lifetime because it's effectively immortality without the drawbacks and I can fix any regret I have. Also, I could easily win the lottery by knowing the numbers from the future and submitting them in the past.

    Also, you can go back and relive any awesome experience you had over and over again.
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  11. i'm fairly straightforward

    flying brick powers

    barring that, immunity to superpowers. because antimagic is cool.
  12. Reality bending, not so much because I have that much use for so much power, but I adore the concept of shaping reality itself to your will. The main drawback is I could break things--like a child playing with fragile toys. Whoops, there goes the time-space-continuum. Chances are I could fix anything I break, but I don't know if I could reconstruct people.

    Aside from that, I'd probably choose the ability to travel back within your own lifetime as an outsider that can manipulate things as they wish. If I could avert a certain few experiences maybe I wouldn't be a sociophobic recluse by today.

    And if not time travel (as that's a very generic answer to be honest), then I'd have to go for obscurity at will, for practicality. The ability to become so inconspicuous you fade into the background, and people may see you but they won't register you're there, no matter how out of place you are or what you're doing, and they won't remember you were there for more than a couple minutes. For example, casually robbing a bank vault while a worker in said bank is a few feet away. Obscurity is invisibility taken to the next level. Of course, it'd have to be toggleable, because being obscure all the time would be horrible.

    But as far as something that would just be cool to have? Perfect telekinesis or pure force, the ability to manipulate kinetic energy with no limits, and total control. Without other superpowers to contest it, that's basically the ultimate combat ability. It offers shields, flying, attacks, even a limited amount of object creation.
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  13. I love them all.
  14. The ability to punch people over the internet. It might come in handy.

    ...The power to summon a working epicly fast internet connection would be great as well. I'm looking at you crappy Wifi! >:[
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  15. Omnipotence.
  16. Ability to manipulate metal.

    It would make the entire civilized world my playground.
  17. Pure anonymity.

    Rob a bank? No one can really recall the face or their clothes. Cameras couldn't get a remotely clear picture of them, something was always in the way or perhaps they just appeared blurry.

    Mix that with some persuasion and bam. Best criminal.
  18. None. Because they would come with great responsibility. I have enough of that shit already.
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