What supernatural creatures do you like to or want to play as?

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  1. Hello all!

    I'm currently working on a RP involving a city inhabited by fantasy/supernatural creatures and was wondering what kind of creatures I should include as playable.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Technical answer; a balanced cast with creatures capable of human thought. I mean you're not going to pit werewolves against ghosts in combat and no matter how cool a Roc might be, they're not going to be great to interact with. So for this you will probably want to set a standard with one creature and don't let your other creatures deviate too far from that curve, or adjust these creatures with magical GM powers so it's more balanced.

    Things I have really enjoyed playing-answer; I loved the Tarrasque, a hivemind of insects capable of combining into human form, a fire-breathing, six-limbed lovechild of a dragon turtle and a bear, a centaur and a djinn. Not necessarily in that order. Granted though, many of these were heavily altered or by my own creation
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  3. Thanks, those sound pretty cool. I actually had a similar idea to that hive mind thing, where it was a bee-like insect that build their hive in a way so that it can move as one larger being.

    I just need more of general list of creatures, and then if someone wanted to be something else I would look over the creature and integrated into the world. I like all sorts of creature of different mythologies and cultures, so the entire concept of this world was more or less: what if they all existed in one area/world? How would they interact? What kinds of conflicts would arise and how would they be solved?

    Of coarse the initial problem is balancing the creatures so that each one has strengths ad weaknesses, which can easily be done if you have an open mind. But since I want this to have variety, I want too get the ones people want too see out of the way so I won't be overwhelmed if people start wanting to play lesser-known or made up creatures.
  4. What creatures I would suggest for you depends on how powerful your Players should be, and a bunch on the settings cosmology and the tone of the work.