What style are ya' all using?

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  1. Yo guys.

    So with the new styles avaliable since the update, which are you using? Why?

    I'm personally in love with Violet Queen and and Black Night, but I decided using Violet Queen. This is because this tone of purple is a like of mine, I relate it with darkness, madness, dark magic, etc. And those are all threads of my interest.
  2. I like Teal Owl.
  3. Teal Owl.

  4. After going through all of them and discovering the bright styles murder my retinas because I'm apparently a mole person who hasn't seen the light of day before, I decided to go with Black Night because the grey on black is pretty pleasing to the eye. I found the teal was causing some minor eye strain for me.
  5. Teal Owl.

    Everything else makes my eyes want to combust. Had Violet Queen been a few shades darker I would've used that instead, purple is badass. Black night is pretty cool, though.
  6. Yeah, agreed about Violet Queen. Just a bit too bright to be comfortable.
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  7. Not sure if this is better for the Help Desk, but I happened across this thread and have suddenly gained the knlowledge that there are some seemingly very cool new styles. Sadly, I apparently lack the simple knowledge to actually get to these style options, so if anyone's got a second to share how to access them via mobile, that'd be awesome.
  8. Sienna Hamster. Because apparently I'm hipster enough to think that orange is superior to the teal master race.
  9. Scroll down to almost the bottom of any page. Above the section with the 'About Us' information there should be a bar with 'TEAL OWL' on it to the left. Press that and you should get a menu for all the available styles to choose from.
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  10. ^objective betterness
  11. Thanks, mate. :) And Sienna Hamster for me as well!
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  12. Grey mist. It's the closest to Medium Light that I was using before
  13. I am loving the Violet Queen on my laptop but it is death on my phone. I will have to give the Hamster a try on my phone and see if that's better. I'd love something with red on the lovely dark background though.
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  14. Some of these are good.
    Others look like someone just threw a bucket of paint on it.

    I'm trying out Violet Queen for now though.
  15. Oh my god latest Sienna Hamster is amazeballs

    Holy shit, you plebs are missing out on latest Topic Text Color

  16. Violet Queen... Even though I think Ginger should win :(
  17. Thunder Grey, because both black and white strain my eyes.

    But man, it looks like the blackies are pretty popular.
    Also, shameful self-promotion in my siggy.
  18. Violet Queen. :D
    I liked it the best because everything is visible on it and it's the prettiest in my opinion.
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