What speaks to you?

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  1. There are some songs that touch you deep with lyrics of gold. Some songs that inspire greatness in those that will listen. Some that help you push through those times when it seems all is lost.

    There are many different ways to say it but there is only one way to prove it. Post your song here...
  2. InB4 DMX - where da hood at
  3. I have way too many to pick just one, so I'll just go with the one I'm listening to right now....

    Witch Hunt (English Cover) by JubyPhonic
  4. Oh by the stars of Paradise, there's to many that speak to me. One of the ones that run off the top of my head is "Black Orchid" by Blue October.
  5. Beautiful, Beautiful by Francesca Battistelli

  6. this ;_;
    it's so deep
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  7. No lyrics, but an absolutely beautiful piece of music.
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  8. Dude, I love the Railgun series!

    thundere x touma ftw
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  9. And one for all you romanticists out there; myself included. :)


  10. Do you guys have any idea who much more epic my workouts are when this is on repeat?

    And here's a full version by a different guy.
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  11. I can't really explain why this song gets to me, it just does and I love it.
  12. this speaks to me, lots. OH TEH MEMORIES.

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  13. Raz's posts about Batman really speak to me.
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  14. Funny enough, I haven't posted ANYTHING about batman since a blog entry a few weeks ago about Batman Gotham Knights
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  15. "The Best of my Love" by the Eagles

    There's nothing especially deep or meaningful about it, but I find it touching in a way most love songs/break up songs aren't. There were no heroes or villains in this one, no one made any huge mistakes, no one begged for anyone to come back, no ones life is no longer worth living, it's just the way it happens in real life. Two people drifted apart and love died. It's written so simply and honestly that it's just heartbreaking to me, moreso than dramatic songs are.

  16. How Far we've Come by Matchbox 20. Kind of gives you room to think of where your place is in the world, and how arrogant people can be. How accomplishments, defeats, love, hate...none of it matters when it all boils down to the fact that most people can't see passed their own issues to see the world as a bigger picture than what we can actually interpret it.
  17. A favorite of mine.

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