What Sound Pleases You?

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  1. What sounds do you like the most? Music and musical instruments do not count!

    Also what sounds grates your ears and makes you want curl up and die?

    I love the sound of water, whether it be a stream, the ocean or a waterfall. Downside is a lot of the times I end up having to go pee. XD Other sounds include bird song, when it's not obnoxious. Sometimes I like hearing it in the morning, other times not so much. I love the sound of Mourning Doves; when I was little I thought they were owls so I kept looking for them whenever I heard the cooing. Popcorn is an awesome sound. Reminds me of the movies.

    Now sounds that I hate...

    I hate those assholes who go around the city in their car with the bass turned up. This actually makes me curl up in agony. My head feels like it's going to split.

    I love dogs. I absolutely love them and wish I could have them.


    Several of my neighbors have taken it upon themselves to keep their dogs outside for most of the day. So I get to hear an entire symphony of dogs barking at each other during the night. It's absolutely terrible when they are small dogs because their high pitched barks makes me cringe.

    But anyways... What about you Iwaku? ​
  2. RAIN AND THUNDERSTORMS (when the thunder is distant and not right over head cause then I cry. ;_;)

    The sound of a fireplace, fire pit, burning crackling wood.

    These are relaxing, wonderful sounds!

    What I HATE... I too hate the sound of bass from people's cars. >:[ That irritates the fuck out of me. I know it sounds good and awesome when you're IN the car, but it sounds awful to everybody else.

    And babies crying. Maybe it incites the protect and coddle instinct in other people when a baby cries, but for me.... I just want to kill, eat, destroy babies when they cry. .__.; I have zero mothering instinct.
  3. Like:
    the sound of fire is relaxing :) (As long as its not killing anyone xD)
    Some kinds of birds does really nice songs ^^ (While others is annoying, especially four in the morning during spring/summer)
    Rain, but not when it rains a lot and are very windy, it should be enough rain so you can hear it but it doesn't become a storm.

    High sounds like fireworks or thunder
    baby cries
    Dogs bark
    Well, anything really loud is bothersome to me xD

    -The sound of coffee being made
    -My son's heartbeat
    -The perishing screams of my enemies
    -That quiet humming of an air filter
    -The soft humming of my computer also
    -The voices of black guys, especially Jamaicans. That accent is the sexiest to me. >>;


    -ANY noise a dog makes [panting, barking, running, breathing, whimpering] because I pretty much just hate dogs enough to want to kill them all *grumpy cat face*
    -The laughter and screaming of children
    -When girls talk to each other in that stereotypical teenage girl way. Srsly, it brings on depression.
    - That constant clicking my lighter makes because it's out of juice when I really need it...
    Crackling plastic (water bottles, soda bottles)
    Jingling keys
    When my rat nibbles of food

    My dogs bark (it's more like a moaning whimper, so annoying)
    My cat clawing the door to gt out of my room
    The mosquito truck's noise (I live in Florida, and the truck goes around like twice a month)
  6. Sounds I like? The sound of rain beating on a roof, yes, I know people are surprised. I never said I dislike rain, it's I need more sun. Also baby giggles, so precious! Wind russling in tree branches are another favorite & string intruments!
  7. Hmmmm...

    I like the sound of rain (who doesn't?), even thunderstorms. Cats purring or playing. The ringtone on my phone saying that I have a text or an email. The sound of sewing machines. The sounds of pencils or charcoal on, preferably, cold press sketching paper. It has a rougher surface than hot press paper.

    I hate Mockingbirds. I fucking hate them. I don't care if I'm supposed to be all, "Mockingbird songs are a blessing and you should just be thankful that you have music to listen to!" Fuck that. It was a good book and a good movie, but I still hate those damn birds. Also, the sound of babies. I hate babies. They're gross and annoying. Anything screeching like nails on a chalkboard, forks on ceramic plates.

    Maybe we should do a Favorite Smells like this, too.