What should Diana paint on all the doors in the house?

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  1. I actually got this idea from one of my own damn characters. The girl is a little weird, and every month she would paint a new picture on the doors in her house cause she's a bored heiress.

    As for ME, well... I love color and pictures and I thinking having paintings on the doors would be a really fun way to add color and art to the house, especially when the walls end up covered with swords and axes. 8D If I get bored with the painting I can always paint them again!

    The problem is that there are a lot of doors and I'm not sure what to paint on them all. O__O

    So what are YOUR suggestions for things I can paint on my doors? >:]
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  2. Muses. All nine of them.

    Assuming she has nine doors in the house.

    It could be that she has said amount of doors on different floors.

    Make it a theme!

    Different floors, different themes on doors!

    But we should probably ask this...

    How many doors are there that's available for you to paint?
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  3. I would have 26 door canvases. Included all bathroom and closet doors, both sides. 8D

    Excluding the front door and garage door, because they are made of something weird and I dunno what kind of paint would work for them yet...
  4. It would have been perfect if you had 27 doors to paint instead of 26. Then you could draw 3 variations of the muses.

    Why wouldn't that work?

    I suppose it would...

    One of them would only have 2.

    You could leave that as your most/least favourite muse to paint.

    Would that help?

    Unless angels are more of your preference..

    Uh-oh, I hear the gears working.
  5. Hmm....You could do a Diana-style Zodiac. Or possibly scenes from Greek myths.
  6. Oh, 26? How about the 22 major arcana of Tarot, and the four element suites (swords, wands, cups and coins)? Each could match the purpose of the door in question.
  7. If your doing both sides, it would be really cool to have like night/day, opposite type themes for the different sides.
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    a safe
    a flowery path in a field
    another door!!
    a bookcase
    a closet
    a foresty stairway!!

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  9. How bout some Isabellas!

    Or better yet that wacky ass avatar! That is going on the huge garage door when you find out what paint to use!
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  11. You should paint profiles of every staff member of Iwaku/Moonwings, past and present.
  12. I got this idea from a book I read and also from my culture.

    You could paint blessings on your door? Stuff for good luck, good furtune, a safe home, things like that? You could try to incorporate the blessings into a painting or something as well.
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  13. Haha! She clicked it!
  14. Write a portion of a story on each door.

  15. I think that is a really fun idea and I might have to use it someday...

    So you have 26 doors... Hmm... I think painting them with themes matching the purpose of the room might be cool. Like for a bathroom, paint a picture of something with water running on it and washing dirt away, or a cat licking its paw. For a bedroom, scenes from a dream, something rapidly evolving, and morphing, etc.
  16. Hire Koori. Makes everything abstract.
  17. So many ideas! D: Deciding things will be impossibles!
  18. Make up your god damned mind, Di!
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