What Shall We Put on Your Tombstone?

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  1. Oh good golly I don’t really know what to do

    Any tips?
  2. Orion

    October 25, 1989 - December 27 2041

    He was a born Scorpio. . . should have seen it coming.​
  3. Faramond
    March 13, XXXX -- July 12, XXXX

    And finally, the solitary wanderer's journey is over.
  4. Tang Wee Boon
    March 21,1990 -- March 21 2045

    Died in a bizarre death on his birthday when Faramond came over.
  5. It's all good Teal :) take your time.
  6. Julia Jean Rudes
    March, 27, 1991 - December 23, 2020
    Ate one too many icecream snicker bars ​
  7. Motherfucking Darkness

    31, February, 1875 - 24 December 0 BC.

  8. Tang Wee Boon
    March 21,1990 -- December 21, 2012

    He fought the Moviepocalypse till the end. Remained to be unheard.
  9. "Here lies an atheist: She's all dressed up with nowhere to go."
  10. Vay
    23rd September 1988 - 1st January 2010

    He died like he lived, pointlessly
  11. Grandmaster Karsikan Banrae

    9 October 1988 - 16 June 2010

    The fallen shall forever be remembered as the emperor's finest.
  12. (Hey there Mobley! Aw thanks :)


    Demi slowly moves my hands away from my scalp, and I look at her with wide eyes, horrified that she witnessed me doing such a horrible thing to myself. It was only something I did when I was truly anxious and distraught, and I am surprised that I hadn't done it earlier. I just realize it was all collapsing onto my head, branding the pain and realization right into my skull.

    "O-oh G-god...y-you shouldn't h-have h-had t-to see that..." My hands grasp onto hers as she starts speaking once again. She tells me I don't have to be scared of Penny, and I feel my eyes start to burn as I realize she's right. I don't have to fear her hurting me. And I know she is strong, Penelope is so strong, I know she is, but its still going to hurt her. I can't live with myself knowing that I hurt someone that I love.

    "W-why c-c-c-cant I-I j-just l-love her?" I gasp out, feebly biting my lip. "W-why c-c-cant I j-just d-d-do that? O-oh G-god...D-demi...I-I don't want t-to hurt her...I-I know s-shes strong b-but I-I c-cant h-hurt..."

    She counters my previous claim of being a horrible person by pointing out what I did today. She calls me her own hero, and at that point I do feel tears start to trickle down my cheeks. I know it's foolish to feel like this now, but it was a release from all the chaos inside my head. It's water cleaning away the dark. But the dark of today was strong, and I just wanted to force myself to see the light. But I know I can't.

    "D-demi y-you're m-my h-hero." I laugh softly, holding a small sniffle back as I claim "Y-you do m-make me f-feel better too." Once she lets go of my hands I use it to wipe my face, sheepish with my cheeks gushing red.

    "Ive heard you can force yourself to love someone else. But it takes a long time...and that it hurts." I turn my head away from her. "I don't know what to do Dem. I can't hurt her. I just can't. But I know I can't hurt myself either. It may sound selfish but..." I exhale slowly "If I do lie to her its going to crush us both in the long run, isn't it?"
  13. Helen

    "Love hurts like a bitch." I grumble softly under my breath but I do smile "But...I-I think if its done properly its worth it. It's so worth it. I just...I just wish I didn't love a certain person, and that I could love another." My face loses its color as my speech loses its stammer. I look at her somberly. Sometimes, I truly do hate how my brain makes its decisions. It feels like it is always trying to hurt me. Make me feel nervous. Make me love someone who eventually hurt me. Make me feel no romantic connection to a girl who was truly good for me.

    Why? Why all this?

    "I won't force anything. I promise." She hauls me up to my feet and I scan her with blank eyes. She tells me I am going to need a nap. Sudden tiredness hits me. My eyes droop and I don't bother to argue. I allow my head to bob once. "You need rest too Demi. You bled a lot today...oh God, so much...so much blood..." It comes back in flashes and I put my hand over my mouth as I hold back the illness. "O-oh I don't know if I can sleep Demi...oh God...nightmares. I am going to have nightmares I just know it." I glance down, feeling weak. Nightmares were a common thing, even since I was a kid. But I fear they are only going to be worse. Hesitantly I bring my pinky up to shake hers.

    "O-okay. I will try. b-but please don't leave me. P-please." My eyes set back on her. I feel so pathetic. Perhaps crumbling would be the best.

  15. Stop campin' on my body, Satan!
  16. Tang Wee Boon
    March 21,1990 -- XX, XX, XXXX

  17. I'm not gonna die.
  18. I'm not dead, I'm getting better!
  19. 4got10angl
    october 24 1988 - whatever date this is!

    Front seat on the bus! Hell here I come! :D​
  20. Ampoule
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