What sentence did you never think you'd say?

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  1. Something you've actually said in conversation!

    "We are not going to have sex on your Pomeranian"

    Is mine!
  2. "Don't put on that ring Frather!" Speaking before fully waking up makes things preeety awkward >.< and yes, I did actually say "Frather"
  3. "This game's waaay too hard"
    Yeah, it's not funny...but this is in reference to Pokemon Black and White. I'm a big Pokemon fan but Black and White was WAY harder to level grind than it needed to be.
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  4. "You wouldn't want me going down there; it'll be quite bad for you when it happens."

    I didn't realise the double entendre until my friends were done laughing for quite some time. Preeetty embarrassing.
  5. "I watched Avatar. It was good."

    At the time the movie Avatar came out, it was all the rage. Everywhere I turned, people were talking about how awesome it was, and that I should watch it. This went on for almost a year. I swore to myself I would never watch this movie because I didn't want to fall in to the hype. I had a number of reasons to justify it, too. I had seen a lot of movies featuring blue people, and was just not into it.

    But, after two years, when the hype died down and no one was watching me, I downloaded it and liked it.

    I still feel a weird guilt about it, and strangely, I feel ... more relaxed now that I have told someone about it.
  6. "Um... You've got the pencil upside-down."

    Then I proceeded to watch my sleep-deprived friend scream as she realized she smudged around (wasn't pressing hard enough to actually erase) her art assignment. She still ended up getting a decent mark on it though, ha-ha.
  7. " Why do these wine bottles have bloody.."

    I am going to spare the profanity but lets just say I somehow swapped the word cork for something related to the male anatomy. This was one night a couple of years ago when I couldn't get the cork to pop out of the bottle.
  8. "Stop using the crayon to pick your nose."
    "No, you can't kill someone with hugs."

    And my all time favorite.

    "No, you weren't hatched from an egg."

    I have kids, so I have quite a few.
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  9. Oh, I have plenty of those. Most recently I found myself saying, "Maybe Hitler wasn't the bad guy" while me and a certain Dutch man were discussing the SS and their obsession with nordic runes and whatnot, and how Heinrich Himmler was the one who brought Aryan supremacy into the whole equation. We came to the conclusion that perhaps Hitler was an overzealous German nationalist with a charismatic touch; the puppet Himmler used to instill his beliefs on the masses, as Himmler is the psychopathic criminal mastermind behind it all.

    Never thought I'd ever say that, but that was an interesting discussion :P

    I have also said that I wanted to put butter all over my body and hop into a fryer so I could be crispy.
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  10. Mine was from a conversation with a homophobic buttface I knew at a school of mine

    "No just go shut up and masturbate in the corner you motherf***er"

    Now I am very quiet or sweet and bouncy in school and very rarely do I ever cuss or blow up in such a manner but he just got me so angry that I said it.

    My runner ups were:
    "well f*** me with a silver spoon" (I never knew where it came from it just kinda fell out of my mouth)
    "Digimon just made me cry..." (Season 3 man)
    "I am a girl" (I am very shapely in real life even though I'm a tomboy)
    I am deathly afraid of rabbits, was sleep deprived, && mind raped by a friend, so I had a minor hallucination.

    2. "I've gotten more play than you."
    Someone was talking trash about me never dating anyone.

    3. "My ass hurts like a black co** fu**ed it"
    ... I fell on ny bum at school ...

    4. "Yes, this is how I eat popsicles"
    My friend asked if I really eat popsicles" like im giving head

    5. " -Loud moans, like super loud- Harder! YES, SLAP ME MORE! SPIT ON ME! CHOKE ME! "
    My friend hit me in the school courtyard, to teach them a lesson, I let my inner masochist out, && an AP was near us.

    I has more but i'll save them for a different post.
  12. "Shut up Sara's just in a coma! Your gonna make her cry!"

    I had waaaay too much blood taken and my friend had a concussion and was being asked why she had sunglasses on.
  13. "It's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway." Is one of my most remember able ones. My friend was trying to properly word how his ex was in certain ways and I managed to sum it up pretty well.
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  14. I need the story behind this! LOLL
  15. @heliacalRebirth , want the honours or shall I?
  16. "I hate needles!" I was talking to a new friend and said this then procedded into a conversation about music randomly and he threatened to take away my music... so I was suddenly like "Um No I love needles!"

    Yup never thought I'd say that... -hides her music- don't takes it! DX
  17. Go for it. I won't be around much longer
  18. "Sometimes...you just have to take a shit in the face of life to get what you want"

    I was trying to help my friend that wanted something but was afraid to do it. I didn't even know what I was saying, just saying the words.
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