What "Scientist" Means - A Study of the Imp OOC

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  1. For New Comers:

    Must Read

    I will be running this RP as a sort of DM. I will be running most of the plot, and NPCs. ( That doesn't mean I will shoot down any idea you suggest. IT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME if you messaged my any ideas you have.)

    I would prefer it if there wasn't a hundred posts daily, at most once a day, with a minimum of once a week. I want to keep it going but I don't want it to get to harsh to read, join, or catch up on.

    That does not mean don't write in detail. I would expect most posts at minimum to be 1-3 paragraphs long, and at the longest 8-9. If you have any questions as to what would happen when your character does A, B, and C, in the order of C,A,B, and you don't want to dictate a possible plot changing event, message me and I'll tell you what would happen so you can write it in your post and don't have to wait for a reply. ( I check Iwaku about daily if not more.)

    Where the story is now:

    We are just beginning! Thing's are hot, ripe for creativity. This is THE joining stage, looking for peeps to play, so go on ahead and make a post or character.

    Making a character:

    While bios are not required, they are awesome. (Also every one knows how to suppress their OOC knowledge so don't keep secrets in your character, especially from me.)

    If you have any questions about the world or the Imps, while everything is pretty open tech wise, I have a pretty clear plan for the plot and the Imps. If you think your character would have any foreknowledge of the Imps message me with a description of what you're thinking! I'll reply and discuss it with you.

    So I know it's a jump in, and to make it easier to jump in I am going to keep it pretty loose and non-railroaded.

    Other than that, there's nothing I can think of right now so go ahead and post here if you have any questions/comments/concerns/other.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.