What say you of the last persons username/avatar ?

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  1. What do you imagine when you see another persons username/avatar, does the picture in your head change when you read the persons posts?

    *Do you see a string of letters and a mix of colors painted as something?

    *Does a movie start in your mind that tells a random story?

    So, then.
    What is your thoughts when you see the username and avatar the earlier posters uses O.O
  2. When I see your avatar, I think of that Steve Miller song Fly Like An Eagle (Time Keeps On Slippin').
    The username on the other hand, I'm not really sure. Wind Storm Ugly? Yeah, the aftermath can be pretty ugly...?

    Sorry, I'm not sure if that was what you were looking for or not. lol
  3. When I see Primordial Booze, I always think of a guy chewing on a game.
  4. Primordial Booze: You're doing it right ;)
    For me, your username makes me think of an arcane wizard heaving liquor from one humongous bottle...
    The avatar... you know those times when you are a couple of friends and one of you has brought a new game?
    Well, said person won't let go even though he can't open it xD
    ( by the way, you are one of few who thought of my name that way, the name is metaphors of concepts of ideas, but yours is pretty close O.o )

    Logicfromlogic: fine... I guess :)
    Your username is catch 22...
    Your avatar makes me think of a really annoying little elf that people try but simply can't get rid of -.-
    I have something against smug people... unless they are me ^^
  5. Username: Not really sure to be honest. I guess I think that maybe you have interesting thought process?

    Avatar: You have to much time on your hands OR You spend a lot of time roleplaying.​
  6. I'd say yes on the first and third xD

    For you then:

    username: I thought dragon, because shadow-fax (I know its a horse, but my brain short-circuited)

    avatar: ready to fight whatever is standing in the way, because stubbornness
  7. Avatar is think someone who has a interest in time, Maybe they want to rewind the clock but don't we all.

    Username is think some one who is chaotic, Maybe destructive on accident or means to be.
  8. Not sure what anime he's from, kind of reminds me of Dragonball Z. Has that look on his face whenever someone says something stupid.

    Username makes me smile every time I see it.
  9. The username LogicfromLogic makes me think of a paradox, and your avatar makes me think of YogscastSips when he plays Skyrim, he usually edits in a picture of Legolas making a really surprised face when he gets head shots with his spirit arrows.
  10. I'm pretty sure that's from Kingdom Hearts, I can't recall the character at the moment but he seems familiar, and is a member of the antagonist group Organization XIII.


    The username Jennifer.exe gives me the feeling of portraying like one feels as if they're just a program or a sort of robot, carrying out commands daily, like eating and sleeping and getting a daily dose of brainwashing from the tv.

    The picture itself seems somewhat related but not, and the text with the sickly background makes me think of a filthy aquarium, with the little characters being the fish that survived out of the others so far.
  11. I think something along the lines of rewinded justice... (read them as I feel them ;))
    The avatar though;
    "You wanna know what is underneath?"
    "Well, maybe I wont tell you :p"
    It had to be said judge. Your judgement is a trick for the masses xD
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