What role-plays do YOU want to see more of?

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  1. Is there any genre you've been wanting to see more of? Think of the iwaku prefixes. Be as specific as you want~
  2. I want to see an RP where only food is involved...


    You got to admit it would be challenging and funny all at the same time.
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  3. One's with me in them.

    -continual sobbing-
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  4. Like talking tacos and slipping bananas?:))

    Also melting chocolate..~
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  5. Tehe~
    You know it! Then the melted chocolate drips on to the banana making a move! -gasp-
  6. Yess!! OMG! @.@. And then the talking taco is speaking to a toaster. The toaster asking the taco :

    Do you wanna 'taco' about it?! Lol

    Something like that xD

    I wanna see... Talking trees and plenty Flying White and Black Tigers with huge wings!!>:D
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  7. I feel that.

    Also....Robots....or Reploids....or androids.....but damnit I have no ideas.
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  8. Robots living alongside humans, humans just don't know it. Utopian society. Until someone thinks somethings a little off about everything.

    Ala Ergo Proxy.
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    Like Fantasy World Apocalyptic!

    Elves in Space!

    Victorian Alien Horror!

    I love genre blends. O__O They always add this unique atmosphere to something.
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  10. I want to see more crazy things! Psychological imaginative creative explosions of horror! More psychedelic hallucinations! Voices in heads! Criminal minds! Gimme something to read that will make my skin crawl!
  11. We need more RPs that reach completion.

    Yeah I went there =DDDDDDD
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  12. ....I have a character that had voices in her head...but it wasn't anything creepy....it was more comical because it refused to give her it's name. So she'd talk to it out loud, calling it 'voice-in-my-head'.
  13. I usually like an rp that allows me to make a "evil within" character.
    For instance, in my sci-fi rp (TIA: Vampire Virus) which should be known as world generator exercise 2014, I tried to make a group of races that coexist more or less peacefully and the menace is the infection scourge that is a cross species pandemic. My character will lose control when she is severely wounded, and behave as an infected to those that harmed her after an incident years prior that left her resistant to the infection.

    I honestly do not think there are many in depth thought a Sci-Fi rp. It's literally 90% editing my first post for extra lore, 10% posting in the role play's IC. Or it's way too in depth and there are no colors or important information and it's all just skip-able. I don't normally skip thing unless it's tremendously boring which is a common theme I keep running into- people should use Colors, Italics, Bold Face and Underline to make things stand out and keep my attention. I may or may not have slight ADD, but my point still stands!
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  14. I believe Warhammer 40,000 Already did the Elves in Space... o.o
  15. Ahem
  16. I also would like RPers to not be so jittery or nervous.
    In some RPs where the storyline is as rigid as a rigor moris, it's understandable. However, in a sandbox rp where your character is not interfering with the story and other people have "concerns" that it will disrupt it...bleh. It really pisses me off.
  17. More off the wall rps. I would like to see ideas that are just out there, and make me reach for the katana behind my bed. I want to sit here, and be so scared to make any noise out of overwhelming fear. I AGREE WITH THE FOOD RP TOO!!!!!
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  18. I've really wanted more Steampunkish roleplays.

    I've been in a steampunk mood lately.
  19. Sci-fi. Just, sci-fi. Love it, but it's hard to find ones with a good plot or with a bunch of reliable characters and stuff. That and I just have a thing with spaceships, and then combat with spaceships. Most sci-fi is more like, 3598325904 years in the future and some high tech gadgets and NO SPACESHIP FIGHTING.

    Like if you're in the future what's cooler; a holographic TV, or a giant spaceship.

    ... I can see why people would say the TV but spaceship!!!
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  20. Sci-fi for the love of all that is holy. Every time I try to pass off a plot with my cyborg NO ONE BITES. Makes a sad Zizi. Also Diana...




    Anyways I have a HUGE back story for a sci-fi setting. Civil war, space pirates, epic new worlds, space ship dog fights. So many plot options but... ;~; Sigh... Poo on non-sci-fi loving people.

    Rainjay we should totally try and plot us a sci-fi adventure.

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