What role does TV play in your family life?

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  1. My family life is pretty busy. We have five people in our family who all do their own things most of the day. But one of the few times we'll all sit down together is when our favorite TV show comes on. For a few years now, every Sunday, whenever a new episode of The Walking Dead airs we all watch it together. It's the only show all of us like, so watching it has become like a family tradition.

    Does anyone else here watch anything with their families? :)
  2. What role does TV play in my family?

    Ranged DPS.
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  3. Really? Mine's the Tank.

    It draws attention and works better when you hit it once or twice.
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  4. I think a TV in a roll would probably not taste very good. :/
  5. Pretzel roll with honey butter.

    But, otherwise, it's the thing providing background noise and occasionally satisfying my need for trashy shows.
  6. LOL fixed the typo.

    I do tend to use TV as background noise most of the time myself. Other than the rare time my family actually watches a show together. XD
  7. Spring roll, generally. Aw, too late for the jokes.

    TV has a pretty non-existent presence in this family (thanks, Netflix). We're all pretty caught up in our own stuff to bother sitting down and watching something together, and it's usually just a movie or something of the like when it does happen.

    That said, my mother is usually the one to drag my brother and I over to watch something.
  8. My family used to have the TV on constantly but since my (now ex) step mother left we don't use it. To watch TV, anyway. We'll watch a movie sometimes when I'm bored, and we'll eat ice cream or potato skins with it, but otherwise it's usually off. Not having cable will do that :P

    Sometimes my dad watches sports though (and loudly, so I can't drown it out with my earbuds).
  9. Everyone else in my family uses TV stuff daily, sometimes for gaming, sometimes for watching shows (cable or Netflix via game consoles). It's the main source of entertainment and free time usage for everyone but me.

    I'm the odd one out because my computer fulfills the vast majority of my electronic entertainment needs. The only times I ever bother with the TV nowadays are for the infrequent times where I watch a show with someone else (although when Game of Thrones is airing it becomes a weekly event) and the even less frequent occasions where I play a console-only game.
  10. The occasional father-son bonding moment when there's football or darts on and beer in the fridge.
  11. Wife and I watch game of thrones together
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  12. The TV was barely even on when I was a kid/lived at home. Now that we're all moved out we bond over our favourite shows.

    S'fuckin weird
  13. There are a few shows that we all bond to.

    Football (American) Season is the most active time in our house. Now that we have money, my boyfriend and I plan on hosting little parties and cookouts for us and some friends. Whoot!

    Other than that, most of our shows come on on Sundays and Tuesdays. Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead are always times that my boyfriend and I will spend time in the living room. Tuesdays, my sister comes over and together we watch Face Off and Ink Master. I call my parents who are four hours away about a minute before Face Off to make sure they are ready to watch it. Then we call each other afterwards and talk about the best and the worst.. (If anyone watched the premiere on Tuesday, omg that clam. Looked like an STD you defo wanted to avoid at all costs.)

    If the boyfriend and I ever just feel like watching tv randomly, our go-to's are Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. American Pickers, and Pawn Stars. Or those things that come on Spike or TruTV where they count down the 20 Most Ridiculous or something like that.

    Most of the time, though. It's off or background noise. Or I'm marathoning CHOPPED.
  14. We occasionally watch movies together. The rest of my family watches far more TV than me. I watch mostly Youtube....to be honest I kinda hate the TV half the time. It distracts everyone else when we try to play board games and then I get yelled at when someone else stops the game because I was getting tired of their zombified looks as they stopped paying attention to what was SUPPOSED to be a fast paced game of wits.... *sighs* Anyways the TV is a Bard, distracting, occasionally gives buffs (like when I want to avoid conversation or want to actually watch a movie) but for the most part just distracts everyone.
  15. My parents watch shows on the television. I use it to play Skyrim. = ^=
  16. Family role? Zero.

    Personal role? Half an hour of stand-up comedy in the mornings on the days that I have placement.
  17. When I was living with me parents it was pretty much filling the void of "Tired to play outside and I don't feel like playing games" With a bunch of shit I used to love as a kid.

    Right now though? Mostly gaming, either me or my wife, and recently, Clara watches cartoons on netflix.
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