What really grinds your gears?

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    Wanna know what grinds my gears?

    When I can't fucking sneeze.
    Like, I can feel it coming, and right about the time I make the stupid face and knock my head back, it goes away.

    Feel like that right now; been sneezing all day.
    It is so annoying.

    What really grinds your gears?
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  2. When I go to get hot water out of my Keurig for tea, and I have forgotten to take the K-cup out from before....

    When I stick my car key in my pocket, and completely forget about it. I spend hours tearing my house apart, and finally realize it after I've destroyed everything.

    When I forget to check to see if I have milk before pouring myself a bowl of cereal. I never do when I don't check.

    When my son gets a random nosebleed and I'm somewhere without access to toilet paper/tissues. Last time that happened I ended up letting him use the sleeve of my jacket because it was a three mile walk to the nearest bathroom and his nose was gushing. @_@ Had to throw the jacket away.

    My biggest one is when my kids hold open the door for someone, and they don't have the common courtesy to say thank you! I make it a point to tell my kids to grow up with manners and not to be a rude jerk loud enough for the person to hear me. lol
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  3. a lack of oil
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  4. "Oh hey, I'm going to join your RP!"

    *Two weeks later*

    A. No responses ever again.
    B. They respond in the OOC about constant delays and never end up posting.
    C. They quit.

    *Two weeks later, in a thread complaining about RPs/Elitists/GMs/et cetera*



    Every. Fucking. Time.
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  5. American toilets.


    Why are they so low?


  6. japanese ones are lower
  7. Have you SEEN the toilets in India?!?!

  8. i have actually!

    my wife's extended family lives out there

    so we visit
  9. Um...Guilty...Oh Also, of War.

    But seriously...What grinds my gears?
    When I buy milk and I swear the next day its spoiled and I don't realize it. I HAVE DRUNK AT LEAST 50+ CUPS OF SPOILED MILK THIS YEAR.

    The fact that people always want to touch my hair and then when they do they just put their hand in it whenever they want from that point on grinds my gurrs.

    Dicks grind my gears.
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  10. When my parents/friends think that I can hear them through my headphones. You know what I can hear? I can hear my music and a faint mumbling in the background that is your voice. I can't hear you. These headphones were specifically designed to keep outside noises out. You are an outside noise.

    Are you a mind melting David Gilmour solo? Are you Robert Plant's 'why-do-you-sound-more-feminine-than-me?' Vocals? Nope. You are not. Unless you or I am about to die, I don't want to have to take my headphones off. And when I do take them off, you say whatever it was that was so important, and I have to push my hair back and get them all settled again on my head.

    And then you speak again. Oh, no. No, no. I don't think so. I took my headphones off once for you - that in itself is incredible. But you just weren't satisfied. You just had to go for another random comment that desperately had to be voiced.


    And that's what grinds my gears.
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  11. People on the bus who for some fucking reason don't understand that headphones on plus book in hands equals fuck off I don't want to talk to you. Chatty motherfuckers on the bus in general irritate me, but those persistent once make me wanna choke a bitch.

    People who get on the bus reeking of body odor and/or shitty weed. Persistent nasty and irritating smells when you're stuck in a relatively small metal box on wheels with a bunch of other people are pretty fucking awful.

    Panhandlers who lurk at bus stops and ask for change under the guise of needing to buy a bus ticket to get home. I usually get little packs of pre-purchased but unmarked tickets to avoid having to fumble with money every time I get on the bus, and every time I've felt generous enough to offer someone one of those they're always super obvious about being disappointed that I didn't give them money, and a couple times they've just walked away without taking it. One time I gave a dude a ticket and then watched him go over to the other end of the bus stop and try to sell it to someone else, and ever since then I've been tricky with the beggars: I start by asking how much they still need while reaching into my pocket, they usually say just 50 cents or something near there, then I pull out my blank tickets and offer to trade them one for the two dollars or whatever they already have ($2.50 for a bus ticket, so I split the difference on what they asked for) because that'll be effectively the same as me giving them the rest of the money they need, and nobody has taken me up on my generous offer yet. Seriously, I have more respect for the dudes who just come by and ask for spare change, because at least they're not trying to bullshit me out of my money by making a pathos plea of "poor me I am stranded please help." Bastards.

    I ride the bus a minimum of 10 times a week now, to and from work 5 days a week, 35-45 minute trip each way depending on traffic conditions, not counting time waiting at the bus stop. That ought to be enough to explain the above gear grinding complaints.
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  12. When someone drives 5 fucking miles down the interstate with their blinker on the whole time.
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  13. Slow drivers.

    Fat women in rusted out mini vans who can't use their turn signal because they're too busy jamming a double cheeseburger in that small hole above their chin rolls.

    People who cut in front of me at the grocery store because they have less items. If you're patient, I'll actually be nice and offer you to go ahead of me. If you just do so on your own, I'll have a delightful exchange with you and embarrass you in front of your family. Not to mention make sure the cashier doesn't check you out. Get your ass in line like everyone else.

    Slow drivers.

    Loud people. Yeah I get you're a social creature, but for fuck's sake turn it down from foghorn level, please. Protip: Repeatedly speaking loudly into your cell phone does not improve the reception, dumbass.

    I'll probably add more in the future. Those gears just keep grinding!
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  14. Rats.

    No, not the rodents.

    Rats, the oversized rats that eat my lunch in the fridge at work. Rats that steal my pens.

    And chtspek (chatspeak).

    And People Who Capitalize Things That Don't Need Capitalization.

    And overly merry holiday carolers
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  15. Ppl hu typ3 lyk dis RLY grinds my gears.

    People who talk extremely loudly on the phone. My mum's an example. She speaks so loudly that the entire bloody house can hear her when she's on the phone. Ugh, there's no need to shout!

    People who try talking to me when I've got headphones on. Like, I have to pause my music to listen to something irrelevant or unimportant.

    Slow internet connection. Oh, I get so mad when the wi-fi plays up... I hate waiting for videos to buffer.
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  16. That vibration that some electrical objects give off when they're plugged in. It's like this very subtle high pitched ringing sound, that apparently I'm the only one who can hear it :/

    I can ignore it during the day, but at night before I go to bed, I unplug nearly everything, with the exception of my clock and anything else necessary.
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  17. Insert vibrator joke
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  18. when people screw up

    sour about this
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  19. Something just happened, and it's really starting to grind my gears once more.

    People who read their fucking books out loud.
    This girl is doing it as I type this in class, and at first I thought she was reading along with a classmate, but turns out she isn't because said classmate just moved away because he was also annoyed with her ass.

    Why do you feel the need to read your stupid book out loud?
    No one is interested in what you're reading.

    Especially if we have all read it before, and seen the movie.

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  20. You're not the only one. My family thinks I'm crazy when I point it out to them or mention that it's bugging me.
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