What Really Goes on in Admin Discussions

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  1. [video=youtube_share;yAZFO_-wghw]http://youtu.be/yAZFO_-wghw[/video]

    This is what happens between Diana, Vay, and myself almost every other night. We don't know whatever happened to Jack though.
  2. Diana is the guy in the suit, Rory is the chick, and Vay is t-shirt guy? This explains everything!
  3. Rory, you know the policy of sharing what does on behind our closed doors....

    Ocha, throw the book at him. Make it a big one.
  4. [video=youtube_share;LCvk2osVf6U]http://youtu.be/LCvk2osVf6U[/video]



    Sadly...Ocha is right.
  5. I only have ebooks. Someone took my physical books. WAS IT YOU?
  6. No it was my unevil twin..... Yav.
  7. I see that you doofuses haven't replaced me yet. Not in spirit or in INSANITY.

  8. ....The sad part, is that this really IS what happened during the last staff meeting.

  9. loooooooooool.

    (I didn't even watch the videos. But I've seen enough videos from Rory)
  10. Fel sucks. That is all. :D
  11. Sucking was invented by the government to sell dog food to china.
  12. It's ironic because in China dog is food! :D
  13. [video=youtube_share;K4Rx91N7BUs]http://youtu.be/K4Rx91N7BUs[/video]