What Pokemon Type are you?

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  1. Dragon type.

    It was kind of hard to see where most of the questions were going, I haven't played all but two of the games in the series so I felt like Steve Rodgers being all, "I understood that reference."
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  2. You and I are legends, Dervish! 8D


    You'd be a Dragon-type Pokémon! Your story is the stuff of legends, and your power is beyond compare!
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  3. Flying....huh. flying type. interesting.
  4. Quiz is not legit enough.

    What profession do you want in the Pokemon world?

    No one wants to be a Department Store owner and no one wants to be a miltank rancher either.

    I want to be a Gym Leader
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  5. Bleh.
    I got fighting.
  6. What kind of pokemon are you
    How do you do the things you do~

    I got bug type
    my buzz is as strong as my bite n_n
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  7. Grass. Blah blah serenity, something about loofing in the sun. Tbh I feel more like Ice, but I can't say I inflict the Frozen status condition mostly, because have you seen the odds for that?

    I do like plants tho.
  8. To all those complaining, it could be worse.
    ..I got normal..
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  9. Ground type.

    That's a solid result
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  10. I didn't realize this was a personality quiz when I saw the thread title. I thought we'd just be giving our own answers.

    That being said, I'll go ahead and dub myself bird/normal type.
  11. You'd be a Fairy Type Pokemon~! You'd spread happiness wherever you go!

    ...Sure... As long as I'm not Slurpuff, its all good.
  12. I got grass. I guess they're right on, my ego was a little bruised but I'll live. (I never really use grass anymore tbh).
  13. Grass, Im happy since its my favorite type.... granted nearly everything fucking kills me, but hey. Im usually pretty or badass looking. Sceptile Mvp.
  14. @Xnijmai got Flying type

    I got.....

  15. I... got flying. Guess I'm not steel enough.
  16. Bug. Huh. Lol
  17. I got Dark type. Coincidentally, that is my favorite Pokemon element. And once upon a time, I was named Umbreon here on Iwaku. An old friend "caught me" and named me Fluffy. lol

    Also, there was a lot of shit in there I did not recognize. o__o I haven't bothered to learn anything Pokemon related past the Ruby/Sapphire ones.
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  18. I got flying ^^ Not bad :)
  19. I got dragon, which I guess I'm okay with (Garchomp and Rayquaza are a two of my favourites) but... I would've preferred dark, poison or fairy...

    Meh, not gonna complain.
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