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  1. [​IMG]
    The clock kept ticking, even as the inside of my head screamed for it to stop. I could hear the bombs falling in the distance; listened to them screaming from planes that ironically never made a peep. Listened to their impact and my brain lit up like a fucking projector screen with the brilliance of the blast. They came out of nowhere, like a thousand hornets swarm--or killer bees. Missiles and machine guns, blasting away at what was once our ordinary, high school lives.
    I thought a pimple or two before the prom was bad--I just had to outrun a fucking humvee! At least I thought that's what it was--couldn't make sure cause I was ducking and weaving into place I hoped they could never go. But damn it all, if their jeeps couldn't go there then their damn tanks could! I was safe, for now. I wondered how many other students got out when the North Koreans came.
    1. No God modding. I don't care how bad ass your character is. He can't fight alone​
    2. No controlling another person's character. You may suggest that they feel a certain way, but it's up to them to reciprocate. If its an action, take it up with them.​
    3. No arguing outside of the game. I realize the truth of the situation between N.Korea and the U.S. No need to get into political debates over it. Its just an anchor for the story.​
    4. All the players will be students. The end. No former spec ops, no outrageously coincidental characters. Just try and think of atypical kid on a typical day--just when WWIII starts.​
    5. Romance is fine, if it involves sex--post a warning first. But this roleplay will have violence in it, and I'd like to see some characters going through trauma as they adjust to the war. You don't just say "Hey, its a war!" and pick up a gun. It doesn't work that way.​
    6. Write more than one or two sentences. This is a paragraph paragraph story. Third person perspective.​

    * Edit:

    I'd like to add to rule #4. This won't be liked "Red Dawn". This kids will not be trying to willingly engage the N. Koreans who are active and highly trained combatants. They fight only when they need and have to. They don't know any combat strategies and many won't know how to use a gun right away.
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  2. Oh now this sounds fun. I'm in.

    Also how detailed are we allowed to make these characters? Cause I commit the tmi crime a lot heh.
  3. You should be at least detailed enough so that others can get a good grasp of your characters life. Any other small details, I'll leave up to you. :)
  4. This looks cool. I love the idea of being pretty typical people in this kind of situation, and I'm definitely interested! Is there a specific character template forthcoming or should we just do our thing?
  5. Well, we all know the typical info:

    Name (Last), (First), (Middle)
    Age (16-18)
    Hair color
    Eye color​
    Distinctive scars or marks (optional)​
    Overall general description​
    Overall general personality​
    Overall background​
    But you can also add things like:​
    Civilian Occupation​
    Parents Names​
    Flaws/ Merits (What hes's good at and what he's bad at)​
    I've been working on my character, developing him as I waited for responses. My character will likely be the unwilling leader. Someone generally looked to as a leader, but he just doesn't see it. He'll more often rely on everyone rather than be the first man out the door. He may be older than some characters but he's just as scared as the rest of the group. This group aren't soldiers. They won't try and take back the town from an army. Nor would they have the means to. But they do comprehend the situation when people are getting shot on the streets, flags are being burned and replaced-that this is an actual invasion and it hits them very hard to realize they are at war.​
  6. Sounds good. I'll start putting a character together and have it up as soon as I can.
  7. [​IMG]

    Name: Dyson, Miles, (F)redrick
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'4 Ft
    Weight: 230 lbs
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Distinctive scars or marks:
    He has a detailed tattoo, on the upper part of his forearm.
    Overall general description:
    Miles is a Caucasian male, with dark brown hair and eyes. He has a muscular physique, and a tan skin-tone. At 6'4 and two hundred and thirty pounds, he's pretty impressive, even for a senior his age. Dyson's face is square and angular, with a cleft-chin and squinty-eyes. His hair is short and spiky, and he usually sports a five o'clock shadow. He usually sports blue jeans and some ind of shirt that usually--is covered in grease and oil. A pair of worn, and torn at the knee blue jeans, heavy black biker boots. He also has a sporty pair of shades he wears when he's outside the auto club taking a smoke break.
    Overall general personality:
    Disinterested with every day life, Miles usually seeks some new kind of danger or thrill. In school he's surprisingly very smart holding an I.Q of 183. Because of this his minds always active and sometimes he can't always sit still. His hands are always doing something in class. Even if its folding one origami shape after another, or even go so far as to buy and bring a whole bag of combination locks from all shapes, sizes, and difficulties and literally sit there--already done with his SAT and 'pop' one lock after another. But once he''s memorized the combination he doesn't want to play with it any more he usually just sells or gives them away.
    Eccentric has always been the word passed around the school when referring to Miles. Despite this, he constantly surprises people with not only his intellect but his athleticism. However, despite having the ability to take the lead in the sports he participates in--he falters. He sees the pressure of being in the lead not as a chance to make one's own decisions and follow them with people supporting him--but as something that tries to pin him in place and it aggravates his over active mind. When he becomes a sort of leader to a ragtag group when the North Koreans invade--he feels increasingly isolated.
    Still, there are things he does wish he can slow his mind down for. One in particular is Alani Rain. She's in none of his classes, shes not even in the same grade. This strong infatuation or crush--whatever you wish to call it often has him bumbling. Usually into things like a door or wall when he's watching her from afar. You'd think that am an with such high potential would have no problem talking to a girl like Alani.
    You'd be sorely mistaken.
    In fact, it is highly likely hat's taken notice of him other tan the passing commentary of how...strange he is, yet also turn around and remark how fast he's gone through tests of advanced learning and still sat in a classroom trying to memorize over a hundred locks that could have thousands of combinations. But o matter how odd he may be, he always anonymously leave Alani and origami on her desk before she gets to her first class that morning. These aren't your typical half-hearted attempts. he once made a bouquet of multi-colored roses with all the colors of the rainbow.
    Overall background:
    Likes: Origami, swimming, running, thrill riding, music
    Dislikes: Not being able to move freely, being the 'leader' most times. He also doesn't care for racism, though he can sympathize considering the situation but won't hesitate to step in if it goes too far.
    Civilian Occupation: Wal-Mart stocker
    Parents Names:
    1. Georgia Dyson (Mother)
    2. Anthony Dyson (Father)
    Flaws: Has a very high tendency to do something unorthodox like be obsessive compulsive and random things like the way the canned good goods are stocked. Has has a hard time communicating to Alani, to everyone else he can sometimes talk to fast. to be understand.
    Merits: Is amazingly gifted, intelligent of course. His most potent merit is his ability to adapt quickly to a situation and evaluate it with a cool headed resolve.


    Derrick Edward Evans
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  8. This sounds really interesting. I think I have a charrie that will be fun to play with in this one. :)
  9. This sounds fun. Can I join?


    General information:

    Name- Alani, Alaina(Ah-lane-ah), Rain

    Age- 17

    Height- 5'3"


    Hair color-A light brown

    Eye color-Blue
    Distinctive scars or marks- She has a dark birthmark on her neck that almost looks like a heart.
    Overall general description-
    With long brown hair and peircing blue eyes Alaina has a kind of natural beauty about her. She doesn't wear very much makeup and her hair is usually its natural wavy self. She is usually wearing jeans with worn hole in them and a plain t-shirt that hugs to her curvy body and wears moccasins with most of her outfits. Standing at 5'3" she is rather short and petite, she doesn't have the most curves but her body still has some curve to it.
    Overall general personality-​
    Fay is kind of a mixture of a tomboy and a hippy. She loves life and she is very natural about everything, she loves natural foods and is very picky about what she puts into her body. She loves being outside and doing photography, its her favorite hobby and she always has her camera with her. She believes in things such as spirits and souls, but she believes that there is a deeper meaning to it. She doesn't get into arguments with people, like at all, if someone is mad or wants a fight she is always calm and cool about it and just lets it go until they are calmed down. She loves going new places and going on adventures, she also loves to party but she doesn't try to influence or push it onto other people.
    Overall background-​
    There is nothing very special about Alaina's past, she grew up in a hippy kind of family and learned to love life and always look at the bright things. She has okay grades, mainly B's and C's and she has never really gotten into much trouble at school. She has always been against war completely, but she has accepted and taken in the attacks without much trauma.​

    Likes-Photography, animals, art, music, partying​
    Dislike-Rude people, cats(She's allergic), cake, seafood​
    Civilian Occupation-She works at a high quality thrift store
    Flaws/ Merits-She is great at art and photography, she isn't very good at fighting or listening to rules​
  10. can i still join?
  11. Very good Jez! :D Accepted!

    Of course Akuma. But be aware that that this roleplay requires good grammar and capable writers than can do multiple-paragraphs and should be written in third person. :)
  12. Okay awesome!(:
  13. Lol you say it as if i cannot do it..well my good friend i will give it my best shot....
  14. May I join? This sounds awesome!
  15. Sure thing! I'd love you to. More the merrier! We'll be starting soon, within the next three days so get your haracter sheet in and be descriptive! I'm sure you've already seen mine and Jez's so I expect no less! :)
  16. [​IMG]

    ((Will be editing this later... Just had to get it posted.))

    Names: Seong, Leuis Clase & Seong, Mai Ambriel (Ambri)
    Ages: 17 (Twins)

    Parents Names: Nathan (Nam Ki) Seong & Minsi Allie – Seong

    Twins Overall background:
    Born on September 12 in Chicago, Illinois. Their family’s homeland is Seoul, South Korea. They come from your typical American Heinz’s 57 families. Their mother is a Filipino American; their father is a Korean American. What does this make them? A ‘KoreFilOrean American’. That’s their special word for what blends their blood.

    When they were 10, their family moved to Seoul to tend to their ailing grandfather. They attended Elementary school during that year. After their grandfather's death, they returned home due to their mother’s sudden fame in her fashion career. At age 12, Chase and Ambriel started a career in modeling for a while. Her new job at Ungaro Couture in New York City caused the family to split – their father remained in Chicago with his job, and they headed to the Big Apple with their mother. Clase wasn’t too thrilled about the whole fashion thing, so he left at age 13, returning to Chicago to live with their dad. (He’s regretted this move ever since.) Ambriel remained with their mother until their careers allowed them to return to Chicago.

    Clase Seong

    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 156 lbs
    Hair color: black
    Eye color: dark brown

    Distinctive scars or marks:=====================
    Clase has a small birthmark on the left side of his chin. His mother and sister call it a beauty mark and the reason why he’s so photogenic, but he refuses to claim that term.

    Overall general description:
    He’s a clean- cut, well spoken young man destined for good things only if he follows the right paths – according to his father – which means do exactly what his father tells him to. (When he’s around.) When his father is not in earshot, Clase seems like any American out there – born and raised, with a little Asian tradition mixed in there.

    He tends to wear white collared shirts around his parents, but wears a screen printed tee of his liking underneath to reveal later. Slacks…all the time, until he’s at school, then he’ll sport a pair of jeans or cargo pants with a pair of sneakers. His hair is always in perfect harmony with his features – when he’s home. But, he’ll let his bangs go where they want when he’s away, covering his right eye like some J-Pop punk (one of his father’s colorful statements.)

    Clase is thinned-framed, but totally muscle. He works out in the high school gym from time to time and has made a few friends from various varsity teams, especially the football team. He would love to try-out for wide receiver, but he knows his parents would kill him if he did.

    Overall general personality:
    Down to earth spokes model for the average white-collar worker – forget that fact that he’s still in high school. He proves to all that just because you wear a stiff shirt, does not mean you have to act like one. He tends to lighten up a room with his fun-loving eyes, and happy go lucky attitude, but it very resourceful, in tune to his environment and other’s emotions, and will turn into a military drill sergeant during dangerous times – all thanks to his father’s influences.

    Very overprotective of his sister, family, and dear friends; Ambri tells him constantly that he either needs a friend, or a dog - anything to get him off her back. Ambriel completely dislikes the drill sergeant side of him. He's so much like their father, who was brought up in a traditional South Korean manner to always obey, to never lose your focus, and to always maintain a status of peace through sheer blood, sweat, and tears. “Work for it, work for it hard, until your body dies in pain. Then, get up and work for it some more, for perfection has not been achieved just yet”.

    Overall background:
    At age 17, he’s jumped into engineering studies, prepping himself to enter MIT soon - because his father pulled a few strings. Clase works now part time at Laerdal Global, a Norwegian-born medical corporation that specializes in Human Artificial Intelligent Medical Modules: HAIMM. He father, Chief Medical Engineer for HAIMM, keeps his new intern close to his side so his son can learn everything about his job. But, Clase inspires to become a plastic surgeon – something his father seriously disagrees with. If he does decide to follow in his father’s footsteps, he wants to study Biomedical Engineering instead of Mechanical Engineering.

    Clase likes pretty much anything and everyone, unless they step on his toes or harms his sister. He’s into football, but hasn’t really chosen his favorite team, and he’s big on 80’s American Rock – go figure, right? He dislikes being an engineer and wishes his father would just leave him alone so he can decide for himself what he wants to become. He also dislikes the taste of cheddar cheese, for some reason…

    Civilian Occupation: Works as an intern medical engineer at Laredal Global. (Which means he follows his dad around and watch what he does, while fetching anything he ask for).

    Flaws/ Merits:
    Has a great public speaking voice, but tends to forget having such talent when dealing with the opposite sex. His sister is one thing, but girls in general are a mystery he’ll never understand and believe will never relate to. Although his sister has given him enough to know their negative ways, he knows that all girls are not the same; thus, tends to treat them differently and equal to him. This is definitely not one of his father’s philosophies – which tend to show themselves at times in how he handles himself around women.

    Ambriel Seong

    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 148 lbs
    Hair color: black (sometimes, depending on what photo shoot she’s doing, she’ll have a variety of different colors, but prefers being a red head or brunette from time to time.)
    Eye color: dark brown

    Distinctive scars or marks:
    A very faint indention circling her upper left thigh like a bite; from being bitten by a pit bull when she was five.

    Overall general description:
    Would you believe that this tiny sweetheart was the first born – holding her brother up until she was born. Some days it seems like she’s still holding him up, even though he’s several inches taller than her. But now, they've completely flipped - he's holding her up now.

    Her baby-doll features are what makes her a fashion star behind the camera, but Ambri is becoming bored with being just another pretty face. Although, she loves being pampered and getting her way all the time, it just that she feels there’s more to her talents than just beauty – reason why she wants to try her hand in acting.

    Overall general personality:
    She is a bubble of pure energy and happiness. A very yin/yang person, Ambriel maintains a balance within herself of positive and negative emotions, not allowing one to overwhelm the other. A major overachiever who has learned to not over-tax herself in the duties of her life; she always finds time to enjoy her friends and family, to take pleasure in sand angels at the beach, or playing harmonious music with the rain.

    Her new school/career conflict is causing her to lose her control over her environment. It’s starting to weigh heavily on her personality and attitude now. The always chipper Ambriel is now slightly clumsy, confused about what she should be doing next, and snappy – biting off people’s heads for no reason. The stress in the lack of balance in her life is – stressing her out. Clase takes care of her as if he was the first born, something his father stresses at every hour – “keep your sister safe and happy”; but he has no clue why his sister is becoming more and more frustrated and absent-minded. Usually, she’s the one that keeps him up on his schedule. Now, it’s the other way around.

    Overall background:
    At age 17, Ambriel is one of the new, young faces of Ungaro Couture in Chicago’s new line of perfumes and prêt-a-porte couture design named distinctively – U; a creation of her mother’s. She wants to continue modeling, but it’s beginning to affect her school career and defeat her goals in maintaining control of her life. The idea of stepping away is now considered more and more with the realization that her senior year is soon approaching. She wants to go to college and complete a major in Business with a minor in Linguistics, but there’s no way this will happen if she doesn’t get her math and science grades up.

    Now, she’s trying her hand in Drama this year, hoping that her job won’t get in the way of her doing some sort of school activity with her friends. She’s already had to drop out of Cheerleading, the Culinary Club, the school newspaper, and the Fashionista Club because of it. All she had left is Drama, which is a class, and the Language club.

    She’s not a dog lover, that’s for sure – deathly afraid of them after an incident she had when she was 5 where a dog attacked her and her toys when she was outside playing in her front yard. She is fond of meeting new people, and loves to people-watch. That’s the best way of getting to know someone before meeting them – observe them a random moments in the day.

    She's not happy at all about how her career is affecting her general life. A lot of her friends have disappeared because she has stopped talking to them due to time... It's irritating for such a well-balanced, overachiever. The stress had become a distraction she wishes to get rid of.

    Civilian Occupation:
    Works part time as a model for Ungaro Couture. Her hours though have been added on to due to the new line of clothing soon to come out in stores. Due to this, her grades are slipping, which will throw her out of Drama if she is unable to pull them up.

    Flaws/ Merits:
    Besides having an ear for languages, with five under her belt so far, besides English: Tagalog, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian, she also has an ear for narrating beautiful stories through fine instruments. Ambri plays the violin, but also plays the Korean Takyeonggeum.

    Her major flaw is being too dependent on her brother. She is truly spoiled - a true pageant princess with a heavy dose of diva and prima dona. Her parents treat her like porcelain, and she's come to expect everyone to do the same. Even though she's rather sweet and respectable to others, her old ways becoming less and less a problem in her social life, every once in a while she'll forget that there's not a lot of people around her that appreciated being bossed around.
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  17. Jax Pereyra (open)
    Name: Pereyra, Jacynthe, Novia
    Preferred Name: Jax, or Nova
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’6. 5”
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Green
    Distinctive scars or marks (optional):
    While Jax doesn’t have many distinctive marks aside from the occasional beauty mark along her caramel skin, with the most visible being the one on her left collar bone, she does have various small cuts and scars as a testament to an extremely rambunctious and playful childhood.
    Overall general description:
    Jacynthe is a pretty girl if you look at her close enough… and past her mop of extremely curly, brown hair. She just doesn’t care to go out of her way to do things to herself, even at such a late time in high school. Makeup irritates her sensitive skin, so in her book it’s not even worth it to experiment with the stuff. She’s always been a tomboyish sort in the first place. Her eyes are a round-almond shape and a distinct forest green color, probably from her father’s Brazilian genes. She also gets her smooth complexion and golden-brown skin tone from her father as well. She is a bit tall at just under 5’7”, but the height is all the better for her athletic lifestyle.
    Her body hardly has any excess fat on it from her sports and recreational activities, but she has managed to balance her exercises in such a way that her feminine “roundness” has not melted or given way to hard muscle. She loves to do anything that tests the strength and stamina of her body. She has curves- very nice ones in fact- but does not accentuate those any more than she brings attention to her face. However, her smile tends to bring attention there anyway.
    Jax's smile (open)
    Her style is, for lack of better words, frumpy. Baggy pants and even baggier shirts with a too-obvious-to-miss love for hats. She can’t go a day without her mother nagging at her for looking like a boy. And of course the question of her gender preference comes up eventually as well. Recently, she has finally started indulging her mother and begun to use makeup along with wearing more colorful and female-tailored clothing… with mixed results. More often then not she ends up putting on too much and looks a little outlandish, but eventually she’ll get the hang of it. Despite her usual lack of trying, she does in fact like boys. She’s just bad at doing anything aside from befriending them is all.
    Jax's style everyday (open)
    Jax's style when she's trying too hard (open)
    Overall general personality:
    Jax is playful and very outgoing. Of course she has never gotten herself in trouble, but sometimes that has only been by the skin of her teeth. Life is a giant arcade in her opinion. The invasion surely has been a time that forces her to grow up. She has always claimed to be a kid at heart and truly is on most occasions. She believes in not acting like an adult until you absolutely have to. Being 17, she gave herself at least another year of cartoons, hanging with her buds, and goofing off. Of course, it didn't quite go as she planned considering her next year will be spent trying to survive the coup of America.
    But she does have a serious side. She can play life on hard mode; she just won't enjoy it nearly as much. She has the ability to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. If she deems it necessary, she will follow orders exactly as they are given to her. However, more often than not she will tweak the command to make it more to her liking. Sometimes the hard decisions have to be made, and she can do that too if she must, even if she really hates that part of the game.
    Generally, she is quirky, ambitious, loud, happy-go-lucky, awkward, lazy, and, sometimes, slow-on-the uptake. She also loves people and making friends. Her heart is big and she has a tendency to be extremely sympathetic and motherly. All thanks to her younger sister who she is usually made to take care of. Thankfully, she is cleverer than she appears on the outside. She has her wits about her most of the time, but ask any of her friends and they might think you were looking at someone else if your comment is ever along the lines of “Jax is pretty smart.”
    Overall background:
    Jax is a typical American hybrid. Simply her mother and father do not share the same ethnicity. Her father is Brazilian, and her mother is African-American. She loves the cultural mix that she gets to enjoy at home from music to food, her house is like a melting pot, especially with her own personal love of anything Oriental. She was born and raised in the United States, but her father has taught her some of the language of his homeland. In no way is she fluent, but she’ll get there eventually.
    She leads a normal, high school existence, doing homework the morning that it’s due, playing as many sports as possible with a focus on Track&Field, Basketball, and Soccer, and trying to maintain her 3.5 GPA so that she’ll get into a good college.
    Likes: Sports-like activities, dancing, music, singing, anime, manga, attempting to create manga, skateboarding, gaming, being lazy, astronomy, free-running, and eating
    Dislikes: Idleness, Being bored, stressful situations, girly clothing, being mistaken for a boy, too much homework, exams, fighting outside of videogames, not knowing what to do in a situation
    Civilian Occupation: GameStop clerk
    Parents Names:
    Davi Pereyra (father)
    Porschia Jameson-Pereyra (mother)
    Davi Maximiliano Andres Pereyra, Jr. (elder brother)
    Jax and Davi (open)
    Meleni Charo Pereyra (younger sister)
    Charo (open)
    Flaws/ Merits:
    Jax is good at things that require athleticism and spontaneity. She is bad at things that require analysis or thinking before doing them.
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  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Sophia, Leanne, Whitacre​
    Age: 15​
    Height: 5'1​
    Weight: 120​
    Hair Color: Red-brown (Brown with red hints in the right light)​
    Eye Color: Green​
    Distinctive Scars or Marks:​
    She has a tattoo of a swallow in red, green, orange, blue, and black on her lower right back.​
    There is a long scar on her left arm extending from just above the bend of her elbow to the palm of her hand.​
    Overall General Description:​
    Average Caucasian with medium brown hair and a tint of red. This is Sophia. She isn't muscular and she isn't weak. She's just average, despite her short status. Standing 5'1 and at one-hundred and twenty pounds, she doesn't stand out in a crowd. Her face is elongated and narrows near her chin, giving her a pointed appearance. Her shoulder length hair is most often worn in a ponytail with a single bow resting on top. Generally she wears a tank top with some ripped jeans - the store-bought ripped jeans. On her left pinky finger, she sports a simple silver ring. Around her neck hangs a silver chain with the initials SW on a charm.​
    Overall General Personality:​
    Too kind for her own good, Sophia is a loving and passionate individual. She won't let you kill a bug in front of her, and often will take ten minutes to save an insect in need. Unable to stand seeing anyone or anything in pain, she goes out of her way to make them better. Even if it messes her own plans over. You will always see Sophia with a book in her hands. She is a bookworm. Though she doesn't seem to have any special talents, she does love to indulge in books of fantasy. Friends and family tell her she has a talent for writing, but she doesn't agree. Writing isn't a career unless you are famous. Not something that could ever happen to her. The only thing setting her apart from the rest is her kindness. Granted, others will often walk all over her due to it. However, she is learning to recognize when this is happening and standing up for herself more.​
    Likes: Books, animals, running​
    Dislikes: Sweat, insects (though she won't kill them), arrogant individuals​
    Civilian Occupation: Works in a small local deli​
    Parents Names -​
    Mother: Jocelyn Finch (her parents are not married)​
    Father: Johnathon Whitacre​
    Flaws: Temper. She has a terrible temper that explodes for the smallest of reasons - often without warning. She considers it a flaw, while others think it what makes her a great person; Sophia will be kind to her enemies, no matter how horribly they treat her.​
    Merits: She can easily sympathize with just about anyone. She is a people person, so as long as she is near people, she is content and at peace.​
  19. I've been blanking on just what kind of character I want to make for this, but it seems like you've got a pretty full roster alright. I think I may actually bow out on this one.
  20. Geez, another guy will definitely be a good idea. I'm holding two charries, but that might not last long as all. *hint*
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